The Beaumonts (D) - Round 10


Guillermo Chan, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Aurélie Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children


Last time we saw Aurélie, she was graduating university and coming to join Guillermo in the house he bought for them in downtown Rosebud. When Guillermo first moved in, he had so little money, he couldn't even afford a kitchen table. With a lot of hard work, he slowly earned paychecks to pay for additions to the house, and by the time Aurélie finally moved in, the house had the basic creature comforts they needed to begin their lives together. Let's see how this new couple does.

Guillermo was beyond delighted that Aurélie had finally come to join him in the real world. They'd had a good life together in college, but now it was just the two of them in their little starter house, both working together to make money and build their lives together. He couldn't remember a time in his life when he enjoyed having a simple meal with someone quite as much as their first meal together in their new house.

Of course, there were other perks to having his fiancée living with him too.

Aurélie, knowing they needed some more cash to really finish their home, began at first to supplement their income with her flower arranging skills, selling her bouquets to ladies in the neighborhood for a small fee.

But eventually, she realized that she needed to get a "real" job...something that could really help support them. Especially if they actually achieved their goal of having six children and seeing them marry. The house would need a lot of additions, so she figured she'd better get cracking. She got a job in the well-paying paranormal field.

It turned out to be a wise decision for her - she excelled and came home with her first promotion that week.

They used the money from Aurélie's promotion to put in a tree-lined walk on the hill beside their house. It really added to the value of the land, and it was beautiful. They hoped it would also help draw some of the local wildlife to their lot.

It also didn't hurt that it provided a romantic little getaway for them in the midst of downtown.

Life proceeded as usual in the house, which meant Aurélie and Guillermo were up to their old naughty tricks with each other. They were so alike that any outside observer couldn't have helped but laugh at them.

Turnabout was definitely considered fair play between these two, and they were so well-suited to one another that life in the house was always interesting...and amusing.

Aurélie continued her career in the paranormal field to great success. Plus, the outfit was pretty fun.

She quickly zoomed to the top of the paranormal career and decided she rather liked being worshipped as a guru. She thought this was a pretty cush job, and fun too. If all those people were dumb enough to think that she was some sort of paranormal guru, that was fine with her. She didn't have problems exploiting their silly superstitions.

In reality, she was just a simple woman, arranging flowers, making turkey for Thanksgiving, and enjoying time at home with her future hubby. They were waiting for spring for the wedding, and living in sin didn't bother either of them, so life hummed along quite nicely for these two, their troubles in university forgotten.

[[Author's Notes: This house is so much fun. I have something in store for them that should be pretty interesting, if I can swing it. I don't know about their LTW, I've never tried it before, so I guess I'll attempt it. Here's hoping they get Aurélie's cheekbones instead of Guillermo's. -.- No bloopers, so stick around for the next house, which is the first installment of Imelda and Marquez!]]


You don't have another Guillermo, do you? (Imelda and Guillermo? Well, I don't remember I must admit)
I loved to see both Aurélie and Guillermo cheating at the chess table :)

LOL, no, I just typoed. It's Imelda and Marquez. Whoooops! That was a pretty big slip. :x

Haha, yeah, those two are a pair of punks. :)

Lol, these two are funny... They would fit in really well in a "My Name is Earl" themed hood :p I kinda want them in my game so I can torture them, hehe. Being a cult leader really suits Aurelie, what does Guillermo do again?

I promise, as soon as I learn to package them, they are yours. :) Guillermo wants to be a world class ballet dancer, lolz.

Yeah marry off 6 children is NO FUN. I probably won't do it again...probably.

We'll see if I actually manage to achieve it with this family! I dunno, though. I'm gonna shoot for three sets of twins. I always hate when the LTWs of the parents REQUIRE something of the getting married or graduating college or having a certain number of children. It always seems unfair that the lives of the children are dominated by their parents' LTWs. :\ But such is the nature of family sims, I guess!

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