The Vincis (C) - Round 10


Paolo Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Caitlin Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From College

Willow Vinci, Teen Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Leo Vinci, Teen Family Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Gemma Vinci, Child Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Gina Vinci, Child Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Giovanni Vinci, Toddler Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last season at the Vinci house, a whole ton of stuff happened, which isn't really shocking because the whole house is always jam-packed with kids! As always, the primary activity is either giving birth to children or celebrating their birthdays. So, here's a brief summary of births and birthdays: Gina aged from infant to toddler and from toddler to child, Leo and Willow aged from children into teens, Giovanni was born, and then Giovanni aged into a toddler. Whew. Caitlin got pregnant again with unborn child number nine, and that's where we jump back into the story. Not much happened besides breeding. O.o

Leo, when we last checked in with him, had become the first sim in Rosebud to actually have all ten skills at level eight before he went away to college; of course, having spent all that time studying, he didn't have time to earn a scholarship for dancing or employment, but he was happy with the large chunk of money Sim State would provide him.

Figuring there was nothing left to wait for, he packed his bags and headed off to Sim State. The house was getting pretty crowded with girls, and though Leo loved his family dearly and even enjoyed being around his sisters, he was ready for what he felt certain would be the relative quiet of college after their always-busy house.

Willow, in the meantime, wasn't quite ready to let go her attachment to home yet. She was still closest to Paolo, and the two often watched The Yummy Channel together or simply had a meal matter which one cooked it. Paolo listened to her concerns about heading off to college and encouraged her lovingly, assuring her that when the time came to go to school, she would succeed and excel.

Willow truly felt blessed to have been adopted into this family. She was the only non-biological child, but Paolo and Caitlin had never made her feel like anything but a 100% pure flesh and blood daughter. She tried her best to help them out because of it, especially with Giovanni since he needed extra attention at that age.

After all, with Caitlin pregnant again and scarfing down desserts like they were going out of style, the house could get a little bit hectic. The children had all grown up with a pretty decent concept of helping out, though, and the chores always got done with little to no reminding.

They even continued the Vinci tradition of excellence in school thanks to the ever-present homework sessions in the evenings. If Caitlin and Paolo had ever put their mind to it, they probably would have made great teachers. But they were happy being great parents and cheering for Gina when she brought home her first A+ report card.

As always, there was always something going on in the way of birthdays or births, and this time, it was Gemma's turn to join the hormone-ridden world of teenagerhood. She grew up looking simply like a more beautiful and mature version of herself as a child. She even kept the same haircut...which was nice because it suited her so well, her family thought.

Perhaps inspired by Willow, Gemma decided she would live for romance as well. In this family, the love was so strong that she found herself being quite a love-a-holic. Of course, with the addition of puberty, she couldn't help but wish for a little less G-rated love...

Maybe it was the birthday cake, but baby number nine suddenly decided he wanted out, and NOW. Caitlin braced herself for the now-familiar pain, and after a few short hours, there was a new addition to the Cleary family.

Doyle Vinci joined their home that day and became the newest tiny member of the birth and birthday club. He had his mother's coloring and bright, observant green eyes.

But a mother's work is never done. Finally, as if to complete a trifecta of celebrations, Giovanni was ready for his transition into childhood and out of the wobbling toddler stage.

Around what must have been the Vinci's hundredth birthday cake (they should have bought stock in Betty Crocker), Giovanni grew into a handsome young child with a terrible haircut and effeminate pajamas.

Fortunately, his personality was sweet enough that it made up for these "defects," though. Though shy and somewhat serious, you couldn't have met a more kind and neat child.

Oh Caitlin....again ALREADY?

After her last pregnancy, her OB-GYN had informed her that her stomach muscles were getting considerably weaker in her older age and from all the traumas of child births past. He encouraged her to take up some low-impact exercise to strengthen and keep flexibility in her body so that this pregnancy would come off with little to no complication. She frequently did yoga in the nursery with Doyle so that she could listen for his cries and quietly work her body to the sounds of his tiny snifflings and snufflings.

The freshly-teenage Gemma pointed out to her parents that she had never had the opportunity to try out for private school and that she would like to do so before she headed off to college. It would be great on a resumé or application, after all. Of course, Paolo and Caitlin agreed, and their old friend the headmaster came over to welcome the latest batch of the Vinci brood into Rosebud Academy.

Shortly thereafter, Gemma applied for and racked up a healthy set of scholarships, heading off to Sim State to join her brother Leo thereafter.

Willow wasn't far behind. Though she didn't have the same amount of scholarship money as her siblings, and though she was hesitant to leave Paolo and her safe home, she thought it would be best to join her other two siblings while they were in university. At least they would have one another to rely upon. Also, there was no way she wanted to be the only teen in the house; yuck.

The house was unusually quiet. With only Paolo, Caitlin, Gina, Giovanni, and Doyle, Caitlin began to grow what she felt certain would have to be her final child. Ten altogether, she felt like her life goals were finally within a hair of coming to pass.

[[Author's Notes: This house is so fun to play, but it's got to be so boring to read in blog format. All it is is birth and birthdays. I love to play it, though, because I love the genetics, and this house ALWAYS has some new kids transitioning into older kids. :) Poor Caitlin has got to be worn out after birthing eight babies and one more on the way. I got rid of all the teens because I thought it would be best for them all to go together, even though Willow was pretty far behind the others in her skilling, and even though she and Gemma were both pretty young. I figured this family seems to raise geniuses, so they'd probably go off to college early. Also, yanno, space is an issue. O.o Birth 'em and boot 'em out, that's my theory! Can't wait to see what the final baby will look like. Also, just as a note, Caitlin should have her LTW fulfilled next round because Silvio, Conor, and Liam all graduate! Woo! Now if those graduates would just start having babies, Paolo might eventually become perma-plat too. Only one last note before bloopers: I put an updated 'hood photo on the table of contents page, so if you're curious what the 'hood looked like at the beginning of round ten, you can see it here!

Giovanni...maybe not the brightest crayon in the box. // Paolo looks a little befuddled and wide-eyed at life with two teenage romance girls. // It's okay if the alzheimer's is starting to set in, Paolo. You're getting close to elder-hood. Just FYI: she already left. // Caitlin through clenched teeth: "AHEM. Gina, dear, I don't think that's proper behavior for the Headmaster Visit. *flaming eyes*"]]


The hood pic is awesome, I love how you have family "pods" of houses. Gemma turned out beautiful, she really is stunning after all those stinky boys, lol. Congrats on (almost) getting Caitlin and Paolo's IW, that's an awesome feat and you made it look easy. Remember when you first started the challenge and were afraid of large households? lol

Hm... only one baby? I clearly saw Caitlin dig into a cheesecake somewhere... MAybe the house was full?

I think you're right J68 -- if Caitlin got pregnant while there were 7 sims in the house it will only allow 1 baby, even though Leo left for college bringing down the house pop to 6 it still wouldn't register the cheesecake... does that make sense?

Liz - HA, dear lord. I can't imagine how I ever stood playing only a single sim in a house. Now when I have one, it's on super fast-forward almost the entire time because it's so easy! I can't believe how easy this house was. I really, really can't. I think that Paolo and Caitlin must have some pretty magic sim parenting skills. I have to tell you, though, when your kids try it? The key is totally queue queue queue! I frequently had to pause the house, queue everyone up, then hit play again. And whenever there are babies in the house, they always break queue to go "hold youngster." Gah. Fortunately, this house has had lots and lots and lots of super-neat sims, too, so the kids took care of autonomously cleaning up a lot while Paolo and Caitlin were doing child-rearing things.

As for the cheesecake...yeeeahh, I got really eager to get the 10 kids IW out of the way, and since she needed two more, I had her scarfing the cheesecake constantly. I thought that if I moved Leo out right away, the game would allow it, but apparently not. Boo.

I love the picture of Gina doing her homework, unaware that Caitlin is giving birth in front of her.

Haha, I didn't even notice that! Yeah, birth is so common in that house, nobody bats an eye. Caitlin just pops 'em out, and life goes on. :)

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