The Villaloboses (E) - Round 10


Marquez Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Imelda Vinci, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time we saw Marquez, he was finishing out his last two years at Sim State, hoping to join Imelda soon in their new home in Rosebud. Imelda, in the meantime, was cooling her heels in a tiny rental house in downtown Rosebud, with her two new kitty acquisitions: Pumpkin and Cinnamon, whom she adopted from her mother, Fiona, to take care of in their old age. Now Imelda and Marquez will be reunited in a new home they've built in the Villalobos section of town. How will they fare? My guess is pretty well, but let's see.

Marquez and Imelda pooled their money together...what they had between Marquez's stashed college grant money and Imelda's money from the sale of her tiny downtown house and the cash her parents had helped her with. They were able to buy a large, if not fully-furnished, home that was every bit the spanish villa they'd hoped to someday own.

With that major hurdle overcome, the pair were desperately cash poor and knew they had to get working as soon as possible. They decided, in the passion of a new adult life together, that they both wanted the same thing. And so, both Imelda and Marquez took jobs in the journalism field so they could go to work together every day and work toward the same goal. Imelda, having already achieved her want to become a space pirate, was ready to move on to something different anyway.

She knew she was lucky in some ways, though. She'd gotten out of college two whole years before Marquez, and that allowed her the time to really master some essential skills. So, instead of spending her time trying to perfect every skill necessary to advance in her job, she worked on more leisurely her grilled cheese art series.

Marquez, having done a lot of studying in college, quickly rose to the top of the journalism career track and earned their family a big jump in cash with the bonus he brought home.

With that success, he decided he might like to try his hand now at Imelda's former occupation. After all, she said it was really fun, and he needed a new challenge. So Space Pirate it was.

He decided that if he was going to work in space, he'd better start learning more about it, though, so to the telescope he went.

Life wasn't all work and no play in the Villalobos household, though. Imelda and Marquez found pleasure in the simplest having dinner together or watching a movie together on the couch. Because it was so new to them, they almost felt like they were playing house instead of actually living in their own home. That gave their lives an air of excitement that they couldn't explain, even during the most mundane of tasks.

Of course, there was also the added excitement of feeling like they were getting away with something naughty when they were able to woohoo with abandon, no roommate or parent close by to overhear something. Life was grand.

And they weren't the only ones enjoying the new house. Pumpkin and Cinnamon were loving every minute of having the run of the big villa and not having to compete with a bunch of snot-nosed kittens for affection. This was truly the retirement place of choice.

They were truly hitting "retirement" age, though Fiona had never forced her kitties to work to earn their keep. Pumpkin first aged into a handsome graying cat.

Next was Cinnamon, and the two old cats with their new gray hair spent their days lounging, playing, eating, and partaking of a bit of the catnip mouse. It was a plush life for a kitty.

Imelda didn't believe in the idea that you couldn't teach an old dog (or cat for that matter) new tricks. In an effort to relieve herself from the unpleasant duty of cleaning litter pans, she taught Pumpkin to use the toilet. With two kitties able to do this trick, she hoped the litter pan would stay mostly clean.

About a week after Marquez achieved the same feat, Imelda came home with her own promotion to the top of the field. Now they could go to work together and be twin towers of media magnatism. Plus, the cash from the bonuses finally allowed something they'd been wanting to do since college...

They were finally able to get married, in a big beautiful ceremony the way they'd always wanted to. Almost everyone from both of their families came, and it was the best day of both of their lives.

When they got back from their honeymoon, the first thing they did was something of a practical matter: applying for new jobs to recup the money they lost on the wedding.

But then it was time for something a little more fun... first woohoo as husband and wife was as lovely as they could ever have imagined.

[[Author's Notes: I can't wait to get back to these two! The house is really fun, and the wedding was a blast to play. I think they have both turned into such gorgeous adults, and I want to breed them like RIGHTNOW to see what their kids will look like. :) They have one bedroom in the house that is completely unfurnished (i.e. still has grass for a floor), so when they have a kid or two, that will be the children's bedroom. And I think I'll have to add another bathroom too, as one just isn't cutting it, especially with kitties using it too. Not much more to add besides I LOVE THESE GUYS! And I love this house! Thanks, You're the bomb diggity. Stick around for uni!

Elderly Cinnamon totally pwns Leader of the Pack. "You should try growing up in a cat house, bub. Then you'll understand scary." // Is this considered a bad omen at a wedding? // The mothers of the bride and groom are twins, sorta. :) // Not really a blooper, I just think she's so breathtakingly lovely for a sim. <3 ]]


Very good-looking couple indeed, I loved the wedding slide show. But who has a black face in the wedding smustle? It looked a bit fun! :)

I love this couple. They're so cute. And in the wedding... I think it's just someone facing away from the camera, so you see their hair. From L to R (not counting the red jacket almost out of the shot), there is... Imelda, Guillermo, and Inari. With Marquez facing away from the camera and not smustling.

That hair is so stunning on Imelda, she's such a beauty. I'm surprised there is so much going on with two Knowledge sims, usually they are a complete snore. I hope these two get to producing some beautiful spawn soon!

I'll look up that style and see who designed it. Though I'm not as organized as you, so I hope I can find it! I know, they're fairly interesting, right? But then, I've always loved knowledge sims, so maybe I'm just biased. :) Haha, you know they will! ;)

They are good looking...but super-intense. I guess that's what happens when two knowledge sims live together.

They're not intense so much me. I dunno. They play with the cats, but they're definitely more serious than playful. Hopefully the kids will lighten them up a bit. :)

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