The Vincis (D) - Round 10

Author's Notes: So. The last time you saw Sal and Inari Vinci-Chin, they had just moved into their new house and gotten married. They became the hippiest of the hippie granola crowd in Rosebud, growing a big garden, fishing all the time, raising fruit trees and generally providing themselves with all the food they could ever hope to want. You didn't see them for the last three rounds because (a)my fraps crapped out (b)then my computer crapped out (c)then I completely forgot to play them because I hadn't blogged them for two rounds.

This is what you missed! They both got jobs in really hippie careers, like Oceanography and Natural Science and Environmental Science. Gold fishing and gardening badges were earned. They bought a tent! Salvatore was briefly changed into a plantsim while spraying his orchard trees, but because I couldn't stand how high maintenance he was, I changed him back. They also got down with the woohoo and had a little girl named River, who is currently an infant at the beginning of round ten. They bought a big fish tank. Dakota, the beagle, is still happy and healthy and spoiled rotten. So Sal and Inari are way younger than they're supposed to be in the 'hood, but that's okay because I love them, and they can stick around for a while. Enjoy this forgotten household. :p


Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Hand of Poseidon

Inari Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Thanks to the birth of River and all of Salvatore's various successes in his natural hobbies, Salvatore found that he had enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration. Since their family had just grown, family was the obvious choice for him. He couldn't believe that this girl he'd loved since she was a teenager fishing in the park was now his wife and the mother of his child. What a miracle.

He even managed to max out his lifetime wants panel, getting maximum family benefits for his new fam. He couldn't wait to make chicken soup...but only if they bought free-range organic chickens and used the fresh herbs and vegetables from their garden.

But his little girl wasn't going to be quite so little anymore. Her birthday came up, and it was time for River to grow from an infant into a toddler.

She grew up into an adorable toddler who definitely reflected both of her parents in looks. Her mother's eyes and her father's jawline were very prominent in her even at this early age.

Her personality left a little something to be desired...she was grouchy, messy, and serious, but it didn't really matter. Sal and Inari would love her no matter what.

Thus commenced the early toddlerhood training. Sal and Inari worked tirelessly with River to teach her all her basic skills, but the truth was, she learned pretty quickly.

In no time, she was wandering around the house upright, calling for her parents or telling them she had to use the potty. Dakota didn't even mind her toddling over and cuddling him, but then he was a very patient dog.

In between her job and taking care of River during the day, Inari decided to take over Sal's garden. It wasn't that he didn't have time for it or anything like that...she just wanted to match his skills with their vegetables. She'd always been the stronger fisher, and he'd always been the stronger gardener. Now they switched their roles and attempted to even up their skills.

Salvatore, after a lot of dedication and hard work, finally got promoted to the Hand of Poseidon, achieving his lifetime wish and adding a fat chunk of change to River's college fund. (They assumed she would go because they'd both gone, and after Inari's stint as the education minister, they believed very strongly in education.)

And after all, they could mold their little girl into an amazing adult who understood why this education was so important and how she could put it to use protecting and preserving the earth they all depended upon for life.

Because, after all, River was SO accommodating. Except just the opposite. River was so single-minded that she refused even to grow up on time. Her mother helped her blow out the candles, and she promptly wandered off in search of something. She had one last thing to do as a toddler...

Eat dog food! She'd had her eye on the dog food since day one of her toddlerhood, and no stinking birthday was going to keep her from eating it now.

But eventually, once she'd done what SHE wanted to do on her own agenda, she grew up into an adorable young girl.

Her parents couldn't help but grin at the continuation of their shared features blending in her face. Perhaps it was their love of nature, but something about creating a new human life together amazed them to the core. River was their little miracle.

Of course, the house wasn't exactly built for children, but they loved it so much that they opted to renovate rather than move. Their house on the hill was too precious to them, and they'd put SO much work into their gardens and landscape. So River got a little bedroom off of Sal and Inari's bedroom, even giving up their balcony access to her.

After all, she was so adorable, they could hardly resist anything she asked for.

And it turned out to be a wise idea for her to be closest to the balcony anyway. The house wasn't exactly bursting with extra space, and the previously mostly-unused upper balcony provided her room to play and get fresh air just outside her bedroom door.

And of course, along with her play, she got plenty of work too. Inari and Sal insisted on her learning the proper ways to study, albeit gently. They were slowly coming to understand that their little girl worked better with gentle manipulation than outright commands.

And it paid off. River really did love both of her parents madly. After all, they were totally awesome when it came to their jobs. Her mom cloned DINOSAURS. And her dad was at the beach like..all day with the dolphins and whales and stuff. And whenever she wanted a piece of fruit, all she had to do was just run out and grab it off the tree, or go pick some strawberries. AND they let her sleep in the tent sometimes at night. She had to admit, she had the coolest parents in the neighborhood. And if anyone disagreed, she'd beat them up.

Inari, back to work on a regular schedule now that her little baby was a little girl, decided to spend her days studying hard and trying her darndest to reach the top of the natural science career.

Within a month, she'd achieved her goal, and she planned on sticking with that career for the rest of her life. It paid well, she loved it, and it helped the planet and the world. There was nothing she'd ever like to do more.

Salvatore was also becoming more and more in love with the "natural." So natural, in fact, that clothes were optional in his job. And Poseidon was a very generous boss. The Vinci-Chins had come a long was from a father who'd been taken by the social worker as a child.

[[Author's Notes...Again: Yay! They are back on the rotation, and I love them more than ever, my little commune hippies. :') I think River's going to be gorgeous based on the way Paolo and Caitlin's girls with Paolo's jaw structure turned out. It worried me at first to see it, but if that facial structure worked in Vinci C, it should work in Vinci E. Dakota wasn't in this entry, but he is definitely one of the more fun things in this house. On to Guillermo and Aurélie next!]]


awww, I missed Inari and Sal I feel bad that I forgot about them but am glad to see they have been keeping to their crunchy granola ways :) River is a cutie, she seems to be very opposite of her parents though. Nice job being creative with the balcony playroom... just be careful to watch her if she's out there in the winter so she doesn't freeze and get taken by the Social Worker!

I didn't even know I missed these guys, but now I remember I did!
No more kids for this couple???
I love how you made use of the balcony for River!

Liz - Ha, I forgot that I missed them too until I blogged them again. They're pretty darn cute, and I think I might keep up this green tradition through their family line. River's kind of snotty, but she likes doing nature things. As for freezing, I micromanage WAY too much for that to happen, haha. And with only three sims in the house, it's easy to keep track.

j68 - I don't think so. The house is already crowded since it was only meant to be a starter house, and I think one is good. There are plenty of Vincis in the 'hood already thanks to Paolo and Caitlin, so I know the family name won't die out, lol.

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