University - Round 10: Urele Cham House


Willow Vinci, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW ?

Takeru Tanaka, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law

Taye Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon

Gemma Vinci, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW ?

Leo Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW ?

Cosmo Tanaka, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become the Mayor


Last time we were at university, there was a whole passel of kids there! The Vinci twins, Conor and Liam; the house full of couples, Silvio, Beth, Neal, and Tessa; and the Urele Cham house, Takeru, Aurélie, Alexandre, and Marquez. Everyone graduated except Takeru! So he held down the fort at the greek house, and this round he is joined by former Rosebud teens Cosmo, Taye, and the Vinci siblings: Willow, Gemma, and Leo. How will this large crowd do? We'll find out... [[Brief Author's Note Before We Begin: I'm narrating this as an omnicient narrator speaking to my characters because I think it will be easier and funnier for this uni round. I am starting to understand the frustration some people feel with uni; sigh. Also, this is the first house where ACR was installed and active, so if my sims seem extra horny, you'll know why, lol. That's it! On with the show.]]

So, it's that time again, huh? Paolo: *sniff sniff* YES. MY BABIES ARE GOING TO COLLEGE. AGAIN. Willow: *gasp*

Nice makeover, Cosmo. You look very Mars meets Miami.

And Taye! How handsome you are as a YA. Taye: Thanks, but you're a little old for me. Me: *harumph* Watch it or I'll give you the clown outfit.

Leo, you little nerd! How cute are you! You're kind of like academic-chic. Leo: Um...thanks?

Willow, how do you like your purple hair and kind of crazy outfit? I thought you'd enjoy it. Willow: I look HOT! That guy over there just totally checked me out! Me: They have to do that. You're a romance sim. Willow: And they also have to because I'm hot! Me: Yes, dear.

Hey Gemma, what's up? You look all co-ed-alicious. Gemma: Thanks. This college air is so fresh and lovely and free of the smell of dirty diapers and roommates...

Awww, how cute! The greek house that studies together stays together. All: We secretly have comic books and fashion magazines hidden inside these books. Leo: You do? Guuyysss......

All: This is so much better. Willow: Yeah! The house that tokes together, um... chokes together? Me: Willow, have you ever considered writing greeting cards?

Cosmo, I see you've decided to take over Meadow's old garden! That's nice, it's been lying fallow for a while. Cosmo: Yeah, it's fun, and I like the fresh vegetables. Also, it's a lot quieter out here than it is in the house.

That looks...really not fun, Gemma. Gemma: I *pant* want *pant* my *pant* butt *pant* to look *pant* good! Me: ...ooookkay. I'll leave you to it.

HEY! Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's happening here!? Willow: *guiltily* What? We were just...hanging out. Me: Nude!? Take: Hey, don't blame me, she started it.

Sigh, this just gets worse and worse. Alright, get it over, you two. I'm going to go check on someone else.

Taye! Aww, you're such a helpful boy. Taye: Do you remember how I grew up? I didn't just come to college to party. And read comic books. Me: Touché. Carry on, young man.

GEE, TAKE. DON'T YOU FEEL ANXIOUS? I mean, after all, you just cheated on your girlfriend with Willow, and now they're both in the same room at the same time. I wonder if your girlfriend would accept "she started it" as a legitimate excuse? What do you think, huh? Take: *gulp* Please stop. And don't say that stuff too loud. My girlfriend might hear you. Me: Don't worry, she's an NPC. But if you ever move her in...she's free game.

Oh come on. Taye, you too!? Taye: She started it. Me: Yeah, yeah. I thought you were the good one.

Taye: Just because I'm the good one doesn't mean I'm a eunuch. Me: *sigh* Go forth and woohoo.

Ahh, Cosmo, you are such a breath of fresh air. You aren't humping anyone, you're bettering yourself by learning about aren't humping anyone, are you?

Cosmo: Nah. I still kind of miss Sadie. I know she's a little younger, but she'll be here in a year or so! She's so gorgeous. Plus, she's got a brother like me, so she's totally cool with it. Me: I commend your choice. She's gorgeous. You two would have lovely DNA combinations. Cosmo: Weird, much? I'm only a freshman, and she's a junior in high school. Me: Sorry. Carry on.

Me: Is that all you guys ever think and/or talk about? Leo: Is what all we ever think and/or talk about? Take and Cosmo: *guilty silence*

Yay! First semester is over! And you all managed to stop woohooing enough to get A+ report cards! Congratulations.

Gemma. Really? All you were doing was boiling pasta. Gemma: AHH! FIRE! MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP! Me: I CAN'T make it stop. Stop flailing around and call the fire department.

Wow, Willow, that's really helpful. Willow: AHH! FIRE!!! Hey! Is that a fireman? Gemma: I CAN'T GET OVER THE COUNTER! I'LL BE BURNED ALIVE! AHH! Fireman: You chicks are crazy. Good thing you have a fire alarm installed. Be more careful next time, yeah? Gemma and Willow: AHHHHHH.....ew, I smell bad! Me: *sigh*

Oh man, Takeru, I bet you feel EXTRA guilty now!! Take: *whimper*

Cosmo, I love you. You're such a nice, productive boy. Cosmo: Has anyone told you you're sort of strange? Me: *pets Cosmo*

Take....seriously? Take: She started it? Me: You're such a horny young adult. Take: ...yes. :( Me: It's okay. Live it up while you can.

Wow, you guys really made a nice donation to this year's "improve the greek house" requirement. This Year's Freshmen: Well, we have all the stuff we NEED, so we figured we'd get some of the stuff we WANT. Me: No arguments. Job well done. Is that the level between the top floor and the roof? This Year's Freshmen: Yup. Me: Nice.

I see you guys are really enjoying your new hangout. This Year's Freshmen: Totally! It's what this greek house needed to bump it up to the "supercool" level. But can you figure out a way to put in some lights that DON'T only light from the bottom? Me: I'm sorry. :'( I'm too stupid to figure that one out. This Year's Freshmen: *sigh*

Seriously? Taye: We already did it once. And I don't even have a girlfriend. Me: Good point. Willow: I'm too hot to resist! Me: *sigh* Carry on.

Yay! It's that time again! You guys are zooming through this round. Take: Yeah, all the woohoo makes it seem like it's going really fast.

Why is the cow here? Taye and Gemma: He has money. We're trying to take it. Me: Smart kids. Proceed!

Oh! Hey, Leo! You still live here? Leo: -.- Me: :-\ Congrats on your success with this semester? Leo: -.- Yeah, thanks.

Willow, you are SO SEXY! All that woohoo wear you out? Lololol. Willow: Zzzzzz..... Me: Sigh. My humor is lost.

Cosmo, you are a little angel. You're the best one in the group.

:O COSMO!!!! Cosmo: She... Me: Just don't even say it! You are officially in the dog house, young man.

Another semester down! Excellent! Take, you're almost there, and the rest of your housemates are close to being upperclassmen. Great news.

Take: Yeah, I feel pretty awesome! I think I might even reward myself for all this hard work with some well-earned pleasure. What do you think? Me: They're your aspiration points to spend, my dear. Go for it.

Cosmo. Are you trying to make up for sleeping with Willow? Trying to make me think you're the good kid again? Cosmo: Maybe. >.> Me:'s maybe working a little bit.

FAIL. Your brownie points are revoked. Cosmo: *looking at Gemma* Um...that's okay...

Woot! One more semester to go, and you're the king of the hill, Take! Take: Sweeeeet.

Cosmo.... oh, never mind.

Gemma, you are a bad influence. Gemma: Maybe. But it's fun. Me: Just try not to deflower innocent minors, yeah? Gemma: He won't be a minor next year. Me: Sigh.

Aw, how nice, you guys threw a party....and invited all minors? House: We missed our friends from home. Plus, they may as well get used to what college life is like. Me: Well...I actually can't argue with you there. Just no woohoo at the party with the minors, okay? House: Yes, ma'am. :\

Hey, seems like everyone had a great time! You didn't let those teenagers have alcohol, did you? House: No, ma'am. Me: Do I sense sarcasm???

Woot! Hey, Leo, still looking academic-chic! Leo: How do you even remember my name? Me: Um.... it's written in my log of playabales? Leo: *sigh*

Congratulations, Takeru! You are the man. And with a summa cum laude grade point average. I'm very proud of you. Take: Finally. Me: Just go take care of your old mama, huh? Take: That's an order I can handle.

You're an adult now, dear, so enjoy life back in Rosebud! Give Kimi a kiss for me, and BE GOOD. Take: No promises, but I'll try.

Bye, Take! And as for the rest of you...I'll see you next semester. House: *collective groan*

[[Author's Notes: Ha, so I hope this new format wasn't terribly distracting. I decided to jam all the kids into the greek house so I wouldn't have to blog multiple uni houses, which really wears on my nerves and my patience for blogging. This was a fun (and interesting) round, thanks to ACR. I really like the addition, especially in uni. I can't wait to see what happens when some of the new kidlets arrive from Rosebud! And now, on to the bloopers...

You're acting like a crazy stalker, Taye. Really. // Nice sideburns, Taye. Except just the opposite. // Why not? He's there all the time anyway. // Yeah, Take doesn't even really think she's pretty. But she is an easy lay! Score!

Also, this round, I removed the pixelation from the woohoo scenes. It's not because I had a major jones to see nude sim bodies, but rather because the pixelation kind of screws up my pics with ACR. See the following examples: 1 and 2. But no worries. I will self-blur anything offensive in the future. Your virgin eyes are safe. :) On to round 11 next! Woot!]]


oh that entry was pure LULZ :) I like the format, and I like skanky Willow! Also poor invisible, Family sim Leo, he must be so embarrassed of his Romance sim sisters I laughed so hard at the revoking of Cosmo's brownie points, luckily when I read this in the office this morning I was alone :p Can't wait to see more of these crazy kids.

Haha I was so depressed at the idea of another uni post that I decided to do it in a format that amused ME so I could get this entry over and done with. Unfortunately, I'll have to have at least two houses next round since there are so many joining and so many still there. :\

I liked the format, and you know I love Uni and ACR :) And also cramming all kids in one generation into the greek house.

About the lighting on the half-floor: If you have a fence instead of a halfwall you could use the fence lights. Maybe it works now too?

Willow looks great! I officially love her now!

Thank you! I wanted to get this post over with. I love PLAYING university, but I hate blogging it because it's usually so long. :p Next round, there will be a full eight in the greek house, so I'm sure I'll go insane.

Great idea about the fencing! I might have to try it.

Isn't she cute!? I love her too. :')

Take doesn't think she's pretty, but she's an easy lay. HAHAAA. I don't have uni, but I like having ACR...stirs up more drama than I would do on my own.

I couldn't believe all the woohoo going on in this house!!! But yes, I'm definitely loving ACR. I'm way too much of a micromanager to allow stuff to happen on my own or cause it. ACR helps me be less tight-fisted about controlling them. :)

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