The Tanakas (D) - Round 9

Author's Notes: You may have noticed that I skipped the Tanaka D house in the round 8 blogging. This was because I lost these photos in the computer crash, along with the photos for the Vinci D house (Inari and Sal). I have no excuse for lacking photos for the round 9 blogging except for the truth: when I looked at my previous listing for round 8, these two families weren't on it, so I skipped playing them by accident.

I apologize for completely forgetting these two households for a round, but I will offer some pictures for the Tanaka D household (Tara and Aki) to prepare you for their round 10 blog entry.

As you may recall, romance is practically non-existent between the two college sweethearts Tara and Aki. Despite Aki working hard to resurrect Tara after her unfortunate leaf burning accident, things were no better between them, and they pretty much just co-existed in the house together, building a business without any passion at all. So, I made an executive decision this round to split them up and set them up in new digs. Following are photos of their new single-person residences. From here on out, Tara will become the Cleary B residence, and Aki will remain the Tanaka D residence.

On with the pics! (I'm pretty proud of these houses as I didn't use a pattern and built them myself. I was going for definite themes this time.)

Tara Cleary - Her Mediterranean Loft

The kitchen, done in mediterranean coral colors. Very open, airy, and warm.

Her new bedroom, in mediterranean blue, the color of the sea.

The bathroom, in shades of grapes and wine.

The living room in sky blue and olive green, with open half-walls to promote a sense of larger space.

The ground floor grotto, with a large pool (with slide and diving board), a stereo and grill, and privacy hedges in front.

An aerial view of the apartment, showing the peep-window in the floor that goes down to the pool below.

Finally, a front view of the mini-villa.

Aki Tanaka - His Urban Bachelor Pad

The kitchen, in clean, crisp, modern black and white. All tile.

The front side of the split-level, showing stereo, art area, and bookshelves.

The right side of the split-level, showing Aki's computer desk and sewing machine.

The living room: very spartan, retaining the black and white theme of the kitchen. Glass front door.

Again, a very clean, simple bedroom with white floors and blood red paint.

Matching bathroom off the master bedroom. Very manly. Yes.

Aerial view of the top floor: long hall plus bedroom/bathroom.

Aerial view of ground level, including raised "activity" area, sunken kitchen and living room.

And an outdoor view of Aki standing in front of his new pad.

Sorry again for my complete lack of taking care of blogging these two. I just noticed that I didn't really blog them in round 6 either. Maybe my computer has an aversion to them the same way I've had an aversion to playing them because they're so bland and loveless and uninteresting. Hopefully this new setup will mean we see more of these two in their new cool places!


Sinles are fun to play. You can concentrate more on their wants, without having someone else to look after at the same time!

Agreed. Sometimes I really like single sim households. Like Vinnie... he's never boring, that's for sure!

Oh yeah, the house looks really interesting and unique, and I love the Mediterranean theme and downstairs grotto.

Holy crap, I love those houses, especially Aki which would look right at home in an older industrial area. I'm glad you split them up, they'll probably do much better separate than together, though I'm glad you fixed them up out of college so Aki could save Tara!

Thanks for the compliments! I still consider myself a pretty lame builder (all my houses are square or rectangular unless I go from pre-made house plans!), but I'm having fun playing with it. I think both of them will be a lot happier apart than together. Especially now that I've installed ACR, lol.

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