University - Round 9 - Part 1: The Girlfriends House


Silvio Vinci, Young Adult Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Neal Cleary, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Tessa Ramirez, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Beth Thayer, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last round at the Girlfriends house, the four young adults moved in together and began to adjust to college life. Silvio and Neal fought almost constantly for no apparent reason other than Silvio is a grumpy guy. The couples remained close, and the girls even became good friends. They all maintained 4.0 GPAs, despite the fact that they threw their fair share of house parties. At the end of the round, Tessa found out she must have missed a few of her birth control pills. How will the house manage their second half of university with a baby on the way? We'll see.

It wasn't but a few days into the YAs' junior year that Tessa woke up in the night with intense cramps. Neal lay sleeping a few feet away. "Neal! The baby is coming!" she gasped, as he blearily rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Sure enough, a few hours later, Tessa brought a brand new baby girl into the world, who the delighted parents immediately dubbed Tallulah. The only major concern they had was that they would never be able to take care of a child and complete their educations.

After an intense amount of soul-searching and phone calls home, they came to a mutual decision to send Tallulah to Neal's parents in Rosebud to live until they completed their educations. It was agonizing to part with their baby daughter so soon after she was born, but they weren't far from Rosebud and could visit every weekend. Plus, she would get all the love and affection she could handle from Colm and Michelle, so they knew she was in good hands.

Still, both Neal and Tessa thought of their baby often while they were at school. They tried not to let the distraction disrupt their studies too much, though.

And the YAs succeeded - they maintained their Dean's List averages and finished their first semester without incident.

And, of course, they had a party to celebrate. It was tradition in this household to celebrate their accomplishments by inviting over everyone to have a few drinks, some barbecue and food.

Sometimes Neal even broke out his violin and played a little bit of his beginner's fiddlework on it, much to the distaste of the party guests, who mostly plugged their ears.

Almost before they knew it, two more semesters passed, and they were entering their final semester of college. It was a little heartbreaking knowing that their idyllic existence on the college campus was about to come to an end, but Tessa and Neal had reasons for wanting to go home too. They missed their baby girl and were anxious to start their family.

Before they left, they all joined the greek house, which was a fairly simple feat since they parties with the Urele Cham kids from their home town all the time. Beth, little Ms. Popularity, joined first, but the rest of the house shortly followed after, even grumpy Silvio.

They had a last party before the beginning of their final semester and went into their last classes in great spirits.

The semester passed quickly, and the four Young Adults found themselves on the brink of entering the adult world. Life in their little house on Sim State Campus had gone smoothly, but they were all worried about how things would go in their new lives. They could only hope they would do just as well as they packed up their things and headed back to Rosebud.

[[Author's Notes: This house is so lovely and simple, and the kids are so much fun once they get their grades up for the semester and earn their autonomy. The semester obviously went pretty smoothly as I see that I barely took any pictures in between parties and the completion of semesters. The decision to send Tallulah home was a rough one for me, but Tessa and Neal are moving back in after graduation to the original Cleary house, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Family will be happily reunited next round. I can't think of anything else relevant, so I leave you with a few bloopers.

Beth apparently suffers from the rare and untreatable "Greek Amnesia." // Come on, EAxis. This poor townie could be pretty if not for the hellacious cheekbones you gave her. ]]


It seems like a good decision to send Tallulah home--but definitely sad for Tessa. I also enjoy the YA's more once they get their grades up each semester, although I'm trying to play them more by their wants than making them all dean's list kids, which I used to do, so that makes it a bit more complex but interesting.

I'm sure I commented here already - that Beth probably want to ask someone else to pledge, but that´s not as fun of course. :)

And Tallulah, what a fantastic name!

Welcome baby Tallulah, I can't wait to see her grown up! How'd you send her back to Rosebud? The teleporter? I'm glad to see that Silvio and Neal managed to get along this round and save you some stress at least.

I couldn't really deal with having a baby in the house while I was experimenting with giving them more autonomy. I worried about the baby getting a billion bottles or being ignored completely.

I actually got the name "Tallulah" from one of my favorite bands, Jamiroquai. They have a song named Tallulah that is just fantastic. :)

Liz...I know, I couldn't stand them fighting anymore! I admit I forced them both to apologize at least twice, then let them free of my grips again. They seemed to get over it after that.

Oh, and yes...teleporter shrub at the Cleary house imported her in. :)

Interesting decision to send Tallulah back home. In reality, that is the more likely one than raising her in a college house though. So will she grow up with more loyalty to her grandparents than her parents? Hmm.

Rachel - I'm not sure about the loyalty issue, though so far in the new round, she seems perfectly delighted with both her parents and her grandparents. I already had one YA raise a baby in college, and it was mostly really annoying. I figured this time I would try something different, and it actually worked out quite well.

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