The Vincis (E) - Round 9


Imelda Vinci, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time we saw Imelda, she was graduating from university after having proposed to her long-time boyfriend, Marquez Villalobos. How will she fare while waiting for him to graduate and come marry her? We'll see.

The first thing Imelda did upon returning to Rosebud was to secure herself a very tiny house in the downtown area of Rosebud. There was barely enough room for her, but it would have been worse moving back into her parents' house: after all, they had two new twin girls that would have driven Imelda batty. No, she'd rather be cramped than harassed, so she settled into her new home and tried to make the best of the small space. At least it was all her own.

Against her better judgment about lack of space, Imelda did agree to do one thing: adopt Pumpkin and Cinnamon from her mother. She'd grown up with these kitties, and her mother's house was getting so full of younger cats that Imelda felt it was her duty and pleasure to give them a calm, lazy retirement.

Admittedly, Imelda's parents had helped her with a bit of cash when she got out of university, so she could afford more than the average new graduate. It didn't hurt that her mother agreed to pay for all the boarding cost for the two kitties at first, until Imelda got a job and got on her feet. Pumpkin and Cinnamon were truly living in style now, even if there wasn't room for beds indoors.

Of course, Murphy's Law dictates that anything that CAN go wrong WILL, and so shortly after Imelda moved in, she was unpleasantly woken in the middle of the night by a burglar.

Thankfully, she had a burglar alarm, and the police were quick to respond.

It didn't do her nerves much good though, especially when the burglar beat up the cop and ran off into the night. Imelda felt terrified. She'd never lived alone before, and she shuddered at thinking what the man could have done to her. She couldn't WAIT until Marquez graduated and finally joined her.

The only lucky thing that happened to Imelda that season was that she almost immediately found a job in her chosen field. It wasn't at a bad level either... not the top, but not an entry-level position. And besides, the outfit for International Sims of Mystery was HOT.

Her passion for her job and her commitment to reaching the top of her career skyrocketed her very quickly through the ranks, and before the fall season was over, she'd achieved her lifetime goal of becoming a space pirate.

That goal achieved, she thought that maybe, someday, she might like to write about her adventures...or maybe talk to other sims about their experiences in similar fields. She'd revel in her space piratey goodness for a while, but there were definitely other things she could see herself getting into later on in her life. If only the rest of her life, especially Marquez, would come already!

[[Author's Notes: I kinda love Imelda. I don't know why, but I'm very fond of her. She's turned out so pretty as an adult, and I suspect that both Grace and Leah will look very much similar to her when they age up too. Not too much to report here...everything was pretty much as described in the entry. Imelda wouldn't adopt the kitties until she had enough money to do so, so Fiona had to give her a bunch of crap from her backpack to sell for cash before the adoption would go through...that's why I mentioned her parents helping her out. I'm not sure how this house is going to tolerate two humans and two cats next round...they may end up moving since this was only intended to be a temporary residence. I can tell you that next round, when Marquez joins her, this house will become the Villalobos E household, though, so don't be confuzzled when you see it! Only one blooper for you...

Synchronized swooning. ]]


Holy Crap, Imelda is so pretty! I hope you can keep your sanity with all those sims and cats in such a small space next round. You can move Marquez into a new lot and then move Imelda in for a Cash infusion and to get the name of the lot to reflect the Villalobos name... I can't wait! ::squee::

Isn't she gorgeous? She was my first born-in-game sim who turned out really gorgeous. I'm so proud of her. I think she and Marquez are going to have to move out of this house next round, though; there isn't even room for a double bed!

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