University - Round 9 - Part 2: The Vinci Brothers


Conor Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From University

Liam Vinci, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero


Last time we saw the Vinci twins at university, they were mega-poor and living in a tiny bachelor pad on campus. They found a way to earn money by restoring old cars, which also gave them more time to bond. The two are almost inseparable. They chose their majors, business (Conor) and psychology (Liam), and maintained good grades while still managing to romance some girls around campus. Let's see how they do the second half of their college careers.

The boys were still poor as dirt, and their bachelor pad hadn't improved much, but at least it didn't smell like some of the ones they'd seen on campus. They were perfectly content to spend an evening at home together, studying, watching tv, or working on their painting or car restorations. Now that they'd gained some cooking skill, they weren't even starving or living off pizza!

Of course, sometimes the house had a few more people in it...Liam was definitely considering himself a taken man these days, but Conor wasn't quite so quick. He really liked Vicki, but he didn't want to make the wrong choice for his life. The boys were fortunate that Jenny and Vicki got along so well, though.

Liam, always a bit more impulsive than his older twin, felt swept away with feeling for Jenny. She was beautiful, smart, dedicated to her studies, and just all around perfect.

Of course, the more time they spent together, the closer they got...both emotionally and physically. Liam thought Jenny was beautiful, and Jenny thought her boyfriend was a real rock star with a teddy bear interior.

One thing led to another, as it inevitably does, and Liam found himself with his very first intimate girlfriend. It was a great day. He was absolutely on cloud nine for a week afterwards.

Of course, girlfriends couldn't distract the brothers from spending time together. Even though they had a little bit more cash now, they still continued to make quality time for one another. Besides, it was nice to have time to talk to your best friend about your joys or concerns regarding your relationship.

Their grades remained good, and their grant money went to good use in the form of little presents for their girlfriends and more cars to work on.

Now that they were juniors, used to the schedules and routines of college, time seemed to fly by, and they were soon embarking on their senior year.

Conor began to get a little nervous. He really did care about Vicki a lot, but more and more, he felt certain she wasn't who he was supposed to be with. So he resorted to something he wouldn't have if it weren't for the encouragement of his brother: a matchmaker. He used all of his scholarship money and a lot of the money he'd earned from his part in refurbishing the cars.

A pretty girl named Frances appeared almost what seemed like out of no where, and Conor had to admit she was lovely. But he would take his time, even if he felt that he didn't have too much to spare. Not if he hoped to start a family, which he desperately desperately did once he graduated college.

Liam, of course, had no such worries, as he was feeling more and more confident about Jenny as the days went by. But he felt for his big brother and made sure to support him and encourage him.

In a flash, the first semester of their senior year was over, and they were entering the final stretch of their college careers.

The final semester blew past far quicker than they hoped, in a whirlwind of dates, study sessions, and final projects. They figured they may as well have one last get together before heading home to start their adult lives.

Conor knew the surprise Liam had planned for Jenny that night, as he'd helped pick out the ring. Part of him hurt to know that Liam was already planning how to begin a life with a woman he loved, but the much greater majority of him was utterly delighted for his brother.

Jenny was a wonderful woman, and both of the twins held their breath as she admired the ring in awe. It was no surprise (but still a relief) to both when she squealed her acceptance. Conor still had some looking to do, some decisions to make, but for now, they were all headed back to Rosebud to begin their new lives as adults.


[[Author's Notes: Wow, so I've been gone forever! Work and my hobby life have been jam-packed lately. (I'm having a hard time packing in all my fun activities, but today felt like a perfect day to bang out some entries on my simbabies! More coming today...two more if I can manage to feel creative that long.) I love these boys so much. They absolutely choose to hang out autonomously all the time, and it's the sweetest case of sim brotherly love I've encountered. It's even more special for me since they're twins. It just seems so natural and lovely. Poor Conor is dying for someone to love, and I don't know what'll happen with Frances, but I guess we'll see. I have a surprise in store for these two when they get back to Rosebud, but that'll have to wait until their turn in the round 10 rotation. :) Not much else to report, but I do have a few bloopers.

Liam must be really, really good in bed. // Sneaky, Jenny. // And not a blooper, per se, but just a comment. Jenny's got a heck of a slope-nose, but she's really not unattractive!]]


squeeee! I missed your simbabies! These boys are so sweet, I can't wait to see them back in the main hood. As a family sim I'm sure it's really bugging Connor that he's been so unlucky in the love department. Hopefully he can find somebody to love, otherwise he's going to have to have 3 abduction babies in order to fulfill his LTW!

HAHAHA, dear lord. Can you imagine Conor being a single father of three alien babies? I mean, he's going to be a great dad, I know, but still! Lol. Poor guy.

I don't remember what happened with Frances at the end of the round...I have no pics, so I don't remember if love bloomed between them or not. I'm guessing not because I would have taken some pictures otherwise. They're going to be so sweet back in the hood. :)

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