University - Round 9 - Part 3: Urele Cham House


Aurélie Beaumont, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Marquez Villalobos, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Alexandre Beaumont, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become City Planner

Takeru Tanaka, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law


Last time at the Urele Cham house, the newest generation moved in. Alexandre, Aurélie, and Marquez joined Imelda and Guillermo in the greek house. The two couples, Aurélie and Guillermo & Imelda and Marquez, got to spend some quality time together, even though both ended up having huge fights. All was smoothed over by the end of the round and by the time Imelda and Guillermo graduated, though. Now Aurélie and Marquez are engaged but without their mates. This round, the three "newcomers" are joined by Takeru Tanaka. How will the four manage with the ever-shifting culture of the greek house? We'll see.

As always, the semester started with the habitual group paper session, all of the YAs gathering in the new computer lab to bang out the toughest part of the semester first, to get it out of the way.

Takeru wasn't the only one to come from Rosebud in the freshest batch of new YAs...his teenage love, Jane Wolosenko, joined him at Sim State and even got a matching makeover.

What neither she nor Take counted on, though, was the appearance of a cheerleader who caught Takeru's eye. Of course, Take and Jane hadn't made any firm plans, and they weren't even officially a couple. Take was utterly taken with the dark-skinned beauty, and he guiltily began calling Jane less often.

It didn't help the situation that his new cheerflirt came by the house all the time and felt no compunction about staying. It was kind of understood culture on campus that the home team mascots and cheerleaders could visit the greek houses as they chose.

Of course, while all this was happening, the school year was progressing. Aurélie was first to finish her final exam for the first semester junior year. As usual, the greek house worked to keep their GPA up so they could avoid academic probation.

Of course, the rest of the house came through as well.

That next semester was spent mostly without drama, the kids studying and working on hobbies. Alexandre got the idea that he would like his gift to the greek house to be curtains for all the windows. It was a big undertaking, but he didn't have any special lady in his house, and the privacy was greatly needed.

Aurélie was less interested in contributing to the greek house, and so she spent the majority of her free time working on her flower arranging. She liked being around the beautiful buds, and besides, she needed a distraction with her fiancé back in Rosebud. These two years felt something like torture for her, waiting to join him. And also worrying about what he was getting into back home...

Time passed quickly, and soon the older YAs were moving through their senior year and the younger Take was moving into the second semester of his sophomore year. Graduation loomed for the three older YAs, and time blew by in a flurry of papers and hobbies. For Marquez and Aurélie, the final semester couldn't pass quickly enough. Alex was also looking forward to graduating, but he mostly didn't feel the same drive to be through as his sister and Marquez did.

It wasn't long for the YAs to wait before the three were out and moving back to Rosebud with summa cum laude college careers behind them and Takeru left to take over as the resident upperclassman of the greek house.

[[Author's Notes: Wow, I played this a while ago, and it must have been really boring because I have like NO photos. I think the kids primarily worked on hobbies when they weren't studying. VERY little drama this round. As for the Jane/Take thing...he lost bolts for her as they grew up, and then suddenly, here pops up this cheerleader and he has three bolts for her! I'm sad that I aged Jane up only for Take to sort of lose interest, but such is sim life (and real life sometimes), I suppose. Anyway, that ends the university blogging, THANK GOD, so I'm back to the Beaumonts in the next entry. And then it's only three houses to blog until you can enjoy my new graphics card! Woot! Only a few bloopers:

Salvatore is apparently trying to duck Meadow. // MASCOT REVEALED!!! Fun! Sorry to break it to you, Blair, but I think the cow is cuter. // We don't mind if you aren't that cute, though, Blair. You're good enough to do our bidding! ]]


Fun to see that your students run around in the pyjamas, just like mine :)
Pity with Jane, she has an interesting look... Maybe she'll be a good match for someone else

That's a bummer that Take and Jane don't seem to have any attraction for each other. Hopefully you can fix her up with another playable so that you don't end up having a bunch of townie lots.

j68: Oh yes. They go everywhere in their pajamas. And it seems the skimpier the pajamas, the more eager they are to go out in them!

j68 and Liz: Yeah, I was pretty sad about Jane too. I'm hoping that I can keep her in limbo in college until someone else comes along that might mate well for her.

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