The Beaumonts (A) - Round 10


Adelaide Beaumont, Elder Knowledge Sim, 3rd LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Armand Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Cooper Bigfoot, Adult Bigfoot, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round in the Beaumont household, Adelaide achieved her second LTW. The elderly Beaumonts went on vacation to the mountains and came home with a new tenant for their home: Cooper Bigfoot. Cooper proved more than an asset to their home, getting a job and helping with the income; scaring away burglars; and watching the house and Abbey while they went away on a second vacation to Twiikii Island. Will the harmony last this round?

Cooper, having finally gotten a job in his preferred field of education, was really making strides toward reaching his goal of being education minister. He was even making new friends.

Adelaide and Armand worked hard to try and incorporate some of the rituals from Cooper's area to make him feel more at home in this very different world of suburban Rosebud.

He REALLY appreciated it.

He also found that he was beginning to like this thing called civilization. Armand and Adelaide bought him a bookshelf and a new chair for his little cabin out back, and he would spend hours reading classics and texbooks about art and literature. He LOVED learning all this stuff! Maybe these people had a pretty neat culture...

He even found that he enjoyed not being quite so solitary all the time. He began joining the family for meals and having discussions about the things he'd read with Armand. He was really getting used to this suburban living thing!

Nevertheless, Cooper wasn't TOO heartbroken to see the couple go on vacation again. He loved it when they were there, but he also loved the few days of peace and quiet it gave him in the house, alone with Abbey, of whom he'd become quite fond and vice versa.

So, while Adelaide and Armand were off enjoying Takemizu Village, Cooper and Abbey kept up the daily routine at home.

Cooper continued to go to work and get promotions, much to his pleasure. He was especially excited that his colleagues were beginning to notice that he had good ideas about education, and that he wasn't just a furry woodland creature.

And of course, he was most thankful for the fact that the Beaumonts allowed furry creatures on their couch. The house was happy, quiet, and well-tended until the Beaumonts returned home.


[[Author's Notes: Haha, Cooper cracks me up. He and Abbey really do get along well. It makes me wonder if Bigfoots have a natural tendency to get along well with pets. Adelaide and Armand went on this vacation attempting to collect all of their vacation memories. However, I think there are still one or two left? I'm not sure; I'll have to check this round. I had a hell of a time trying to get them to learn to do tai chi in Takemizu Village, so maybe I'll do a quick day trip or two-day trip this round to see if I can get that one last memory. Anyway, pleasant, short round. On next to the Vinci-Chin household! No bloopers, sorry. :( ]]


Nice and calm update. The last picture of bigfoot with dog on the couch was just too funny!

haha, that last picture was classic! You're brave for trying to acquire all the vacation mementos. I installed TwoFlower's staycation lots so that my sims can get a head start. I don't think you can learn tai chi on them though. :(

I love Cooper and Abbey. They have formed such an immediate bond; it's adorable. I think if Abbey goes, I'll have to let Cooper get a puppy. He needs a best animal friend.

I had Adelaide and Armand visit Takemizu THREE TIMES on little one or two day trips (I didn't blog it because literally all I did was have them meditate on lots all day long waiting for someone do start doing tai chi) and STILL no tai chi. I was majorly miffed.

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