The Villaloboses (A) - Round 10


Vincente Villalobos, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Rock God


Last round, Vinnie went on vacation to Twikkii Island, hoping to find the next lucky ladies to help him achieve his goal of having twenty loves at once. He managed to bed a whopping 7 women in one round, achieving this goal and finally turning in his intense drive to bed as many women as possible. After all, he was getting old. He was curious to find out who his ideal match would be, if he were ever interested in one girl in particular. The shocking result the matchmaker gave him was Jill Fleig. This round, he's going to get back on the horse in his music career and attempt to finally become the rock god he knows he can be. With so many women in love with him, his ego is certainly prepped to play the role. Let's see how he does. [[Note: this is extremely short. I must have been too distracted with the new graphics to take too many pics, lol, even for a single-sim household.]]

Vinnie, of course, spent time with Jill frequently. She was cute, and they got along great. He still called a few old "friends" for get togethers and a little more, but when he wanted companionship AND a tumble in the hay, he called Jill. They weren't in a relationship, but both seemed happy to be the standard go-to for the other.

Pequito, the puppy Santiago had adopted all those years ago, was finally starting to show age, much like Vinnie. "I'll be next," Vinnie thought ruefully, making sure to give Pequito a place on the bed to rest weary bones.

After taking a hiatus and pursuing...other goals... Vinnie finally decided it was time to give his music dreams another chance. He got a position as a studio musician and put his bad past with the career behind him, determined to finally become the rock god he knew himself to be.

Indeed, after his first week, he came home with a promotion. If he could do this one more thing, Vinnie would feel he'd really done something with his life...even if most people wouldn't look at his solitary, womanizing life as being very worthwhile.

[[Author's Notes: I told you, right? Short and sweet. No bloopers. On next to the Tanakas!]]


LOL! New cards can DEFINITELY be distracting. I remember when I got my uber awesome computer several years ago. I just spent time in the game going "wow...!" Textures from medium to high? Hooray! xD The small pleasures.

Ha, his ego will only get more huge after becoming a Rock God. Hopefully he can find a lady to "accidentally" procreate with? ;)

Even the holes in Vinnie's jeans are clearly defined - yay for improved graphics!

Wow, the new graphics are great!

Yay new graphics! I've been very excited for this, lol. Poor Vinnie feeling the weight of his age. He seems to be getting more pensive in his older years. I wish there were a mod that allowed you to get non-selectable sims pregnant. It would add an interesting element and maybe even give you a surprise heir.

Mao - I have to say, I thought about that all this round, and I'm kind of like... your nose is too unfortunate to pass on! Besides, I kind of don't want to have to move in a townie girl just to be his baby mama... I'm really not sure what to do about it. The only other solution I've come up with is to let Taye move into the house when he graduates college. I think Vinnie will last two more rounds. :p Also, re: graphics card. I never knew you could hear the sound of sim footsteps before, lol.

j68 & Rachel - I know! I'm so thrilled about it!

Liz - YES PLZ. Someone write Pescado and tell him to work on that.

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