The Tanakas (B) - Round 10


Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law

Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Cosmo Terrano, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Mayor


Last round, the Tanakas had a very busy and exciting round! Mariko took a job in the show business career after achieving her goal of becoming the law, and once she reached the top of her career, she retired with a hefty pension. The family visited their vacation home in Takemizu Village, and shockingly, Mariko was killed by a falling satellite. Luckily, Stella was fast enough to race out and beg for death to spare her, winning back her lover's life. They finally got married, right on the lawn of their vacation home, to celebrate. Once back in Rosebud, Stella achieved her 2nd LTW of becoming a mad scientist and then managed to get her business to a level ten ranking. Cosmo struck up a potential romance with the lovely Sadie Chin. Will this family be as insane this round, or will things get more quiet? We'll see.

Much to the heartbreak of his mothers, Cosmo was at the age where he finally had to go away to college. He was looking forward to it, but both Mariko and Stella were sick at heart to see him leave home for Sim State University. Being an only child meant that Cosmo had the full love of both of his parents, and while he understood why it was so hard for them to see him go, he promised that he would be back after the "short" four years at university. After he left, Mariko and Stella fell into a bit of a funk... all they did was read or listlessly engage in their hobbies. It would definitely take a long time before they got used to the new silence in the house, without Cosmo.

The only thing productive the couple managed to do in the weeks after Cosmo's departure was run the store, maintaining its level 10 ranking. It had lost some of its luster, though, without Cosmo's handsome green face to ask them how it went when they got home. Both Mariko and Stella couldn't wait to see their baby boy return from college, well-educated and ready to take over the house and business when he got home.

[[Author's Notes: Sometimes, I don't realize how many pictures I'm snapping when I play a round. Apparently, VERY LITTLE of interest happened this round, as I only took something like five pictures, and three of them were of Cooper Bigfoot playing with one of Stella's store customers... O.o Yeah, apparently that was the highlight of the round. There will be one more round before Cosmo rejoins his two moms, and I'm looking forward to it. Stella and Mari are two of my favorite sims, but the house is definitely pretty quiet with two elders and no one else in it. Stick around for more of the same when we visit poor, abandoned Kimi Tanaka, a single elder in a house with her only child away at uni. :p Only one blooper for you!

Twin shoppers. ]]


Ha! The twin shoppers... maybe they need to visit different clothing outlets? ;)

Oh man, I'm not a huge fan of playing elders by themselves! I try to avoid it at all costs, LOL!

LOL, it always cracks me up when I see two people wearing the exact same outfit. Silly townies.

I'm not either. I never know what to do with them except let them try to max all their skills if they haven't already (just so they're doing something productive and not playing piano all day) or work on hobby crap to build up their funds to pass on to the kids. I still love Stella and Mari... I think Mari was one of my prettiest sims...but they're definitely less interesting in their old age. I look forward to Cosmo returning.

Ahhhh, boring elders, even worse, boring knowledge elders. I suppose you could try going for the 30 best friends IW with Mari... that would liven up the gameplay a bit until Cosmo returns to start having moar little green babies :)

I know, they really are boring. Even the store is boring. :\ I don't think Mari's far from having 30 best friends, so I guess I could shoot for it next round. It would give her something to do, haha.

I wonder how long Stella's green genes will last...

I'm getting eager to go back to playing my game, but haven't had the time. And also, I haven't finished blogging my last few houses.... I wish I could play two boring elders instead of working all the time :D

Awww, I guess I shouldn't be so ungrateful! I do love all my simmies, even my elders, but I think I'm guilty of baby fever sometime! I hope you get some time to play soon!

Nice to have a quiet round for a change! Then back to the excitement next time around.

Haha, yes, sometimes I really appreciate rounds where I can mostly speed through it with limited drama.

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