The Tanakas (A) - Round 10


Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Homer Tanaka, Teen Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Tanaka house, we had lots of birthdays! Jiro and Linda both aged into elders, Homer aged into a teen, and Sebastian (a tiny pup Homer adopted) aged into an adult dog. Linda retired and spent the majority of her time sewing, keeping up the tradition Yuuna started so many years ago. Lets see how the fam + pets does this round!

The only birthday left in the house was the one that came next. Belle aged into a beautiful adult dog with a fluffy, curly little tail. Homer was two pups closer to his lifetime goal.

To celebrate the successful growing-up of his two puppies, Homer built the dogs a doghouse. It wasn't the most beautiful thing in the world, but he'd made it with his own two hands, and that made him proud. Belle and Sebastian seemed to like it.

In fact, they seemed to enjoy it quite a bit! Homer kept his fingers crossed that maybe their enjoyment would lead to some more puppies for the house. Of course, he didn't tell his parents about the latest activity of their little doggies, but he knew that once they saw the sweet little wriggling pups, they wouldn't be able to say no.

Jiro kept plugging away at his career. He was getting more tired (though he hated to admit it to himself), but he really wanted to get as high as he could go before he retired. Quitting now just seemed like a waste of all the effort he'd put into his career. His body definitely wasn't liking this sustained activity stretching on into his golden years. He got sick more often, and once even got a flu so bad it knocked him off his feet for a week.

Homer, being the conscientious and sweet family sim he was, decided to make his father some of Yuuna's special chicken soup, guaranteed to cure all illness. He'd never made it before, but he carefully followed the recipe and brought his father a fresh, steaming bowl of it.

Jiro remembered the soup from his childhood and hadn't tasted it since long before Yuuna died. It surprised him, but the soup really DID make him feel healthier...whether it was from the nostalgia or the supposed healing qualities of the dish, he wasn't sure.

With Homer in school all day, the pups definitely got into some mischief around the house, whether it be piddling on the kitchen floor or chewing at the trash can.

Though it had been agreed upon their adoption that the dogs were Homer's responsibility, Jiro found he really enjoyed training the pups and teaching them better habits. They were surprisingly bright, and their excited, shining eyes and wiggling tails won his heart over.

Other people tried to win his heart over...especially one woman he worked with. She frequently came home with Jiro and attempted to get romantic with him. While Jiro definitely enjoyed the attention, he hated to admit that his age really dampened his desire for all that running around nonsense.

He flirted back with the various girls, but at the end of the night, he found he really appreciated having Linda, his best friend, to come home to. And to have a good time with. Fortunately, he hadn't gotten THAT old.

He kept racking up promotions, and he felt he'd made the right choice not retiring right away. He thought it would feel really good when he'd reach the top and really felt READY to retire and enjoy the quiet life.

The day he finally came home with his final promotion, he called almost instantly to retire. It was a very good feeling. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with himself in his retirement, but he was glad not to be a slave to the alarm clock and work schedule anymore.

Homer, in the meantime, was busy making lots of friends in the neighborhood. He was so sweet and quietly thoughtful that a lot of his classmates really took to him. Willow Vinci was one of them. Homer had to admit she was gorgeous, but at the same time, he knew they would never work. She was boy crazy, and he wanted a family. Oh well.

The guys liked Homer too. Bastien Beaumont frequently came home with Homer, and they spent hours playing with either the dogs, the karaoke machine, or the pinball machine. Bastian thought Homer had the coolest house ever. All they had was a piano and some dogs.

One night, to the surprise of everyone in the house, Yuuna decided to come visit. She looked over the dinner bowls of her comfort soup and smiled, obviously pleased that at least Homer was taking up her familial habits and tendencies.

Linda saw her, and though seeing a ghost terrified her, she couldn't help but be pleased to see her old friend, in some form or another, and smiled to know that Yuuna seemed to be resting peacefully. Linda could only hope for the same when it was finally time for she and Jiro to go.

[[Author's Notes: This house has gotten pretty sweet. I'm curious to see how the installation of ACR (done prior to playing university in Round 9, FYI) will affect Linda and Jiro's domestic bliss. At least both of them should have really low jealousy levels since they are Pleasure and Romance, consecutively. I'm shooting for having Homer raise as many puppies as possible before he goes away to uni, so I'm hoping that Belle will have a litter that grows into adults before he leaves (I think this round). We'll see. Also, I've decided on a naming scheme for the puppies that Homer raises...we'll see if you guys can figure out what it is when the new litter is born. :) I'm also installing Seltzisims' Defuglified Maxis Face Templates this round and Katu's Default Multpile Polination Technician Hack (no CC) this round. I also have installed Pooklet's lovely Kids In Technicolor geneticized and townified skin tones and Jesstheex's "And I'm Running Away" geneticized and townified eye set. Yes. I'm hoping my game doesn't blow up, but so far, so good! Blame Liz of the Silvervale Prosperity for making me CC obsessed. -.- (Just kidding; ilu, Lizzykins! Oh. Yeah. And I also downloaded twojeff's Cow Mascot Trophy Head. Stupid cows. You're going down.)

Sebastian is a really sound sleeper. // I have no idea what caused this face, but it made me lol. ]]


I take no responsibility for you downloading CC ;) When your downloads folder reaches the size mine is, you can complain, lol. This entry was nice, it's good to see Jiro and Linda settling down, such a difference from when they were young and spry and competitive. I hope the dogs give you a litter of 4 and you get some more pups out of the way!

I found defaults and haven't changed them in years... I'm bad with change and really, really picky about what I like and can tolerate, LOL! It's always good to experiment and change things up, though, helps you find what you like.

I think my CC folder for my storytelling is something insane... like 7gigs, though I'm pretty sure my gameplay one is worse because of all the extra clothing/hair. x_x

Got to love that soup! It's a real life saver... especially when you've got crazy realistic sickness, sheesh.

I've never tried the puppies/kittens thing... you're brave, LOL!

Liz - There were no puppies! I thought Belle was pregnant, but I guess not, so I didn't get as much of a jumpstart as I wanted to on Homer's LTW. SIGH. I agree about Linda and Jiro...I like them a lot better as elders than I ever did as adults.

Mao - I have a feeling I'll stick with what I have now unless something really fantastic comes along...mostly because it seems like a pain in the butt to weed out all the previous downloads so my game doesn't explode.

I don't doubt the size of your folder for like... AoL and WoS! Holy cow, you have the most awesome stuff for that game.

I kind of like your realistic illness...that might be another thing I download sometime. :X Besides, it would be good for me because it adds an element of randomness that I would have to deal with instead of constantly trying to control everything.

Puppies/kittens. >_< Worst LTW EVER. With possible exception of 20 animal best friends. This is probably the last time I'm going to do this one. I have someone doing cats, someone doing large dogs, and someone doing small dogs. I figure that's enough to fill up the adoption pool with different options. After that, screw the rules, they're getting rerolled!

Ah, look at the beautiful snow! And look at all the detail in the soup ingredients!

Congratulations on ACR, I could never live without it again!

LOL, I know, right!? I get so stupidly happy every time I look at the detail in the images. :') The only problem is, now I'm like I WANT IT EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!11!!ONE I guess graphics are maybe like tattoos...once you get them, it's hard to stop!

Thanks! So far I'm really liking it. I was afraid it would really screw up my 'hood from the way I'm used to, but it's really just making things more fun without damaging any pre-existing gameplay, to be honest.

You are inspiring me...I may seriously need to get a new graphics card. And glad you're having fun with all the downloads!

I'm telling you, it actually makes the game more fun with better graphics. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't do it. I got the highest one my computer could handle, and it's not as good as like, Mao's, but it makes me smile. :)

Did I mention I also added 4 gig of ram to my computer, thus enabling me to go CC crazy? ;)

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