The Tanakas (C) - Round 10


Kimi Tanaka, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Celebrity Chef


Last round in the Tanaka house, after some serious procrastination, during which he managed to get a real job and rack up some hefty promotions and even a potential girlfriend, Takeru finally moved away to Sim State, leaving his beloved mum all by her lonesome in the big house. Kimi wasn't exactly spending her hours sipping tea and watching stories on the television, though; she managed to rack up both a silver and a gold pottery badge during the winter. Let's see how she'll manage without her son this round.

The first thing Kimi decided was that she wasn't too old to date. She'd slacked off on her dating habits since Takeru had been born, but now that he was out of the house again, she figured she could do whatever she wanted. She still didn't want to marry Donte, her lifelong lover and babydaddy, but that wasn't a problem.

He didn't want to marry her either. So they continued in their comfortable, lifelong pattern: dating, enjoying one another's company, and being naughty when the mood struck them. They were too old to care what people thought of them, so they simply enjoyed themselves.

They enjoyed themselves a lot, in fact. Wherever and whenever they felt like it, regardless of who was around.

This caused some consternation in some, like Guillermo Chan, who was annoyed beyond all reason at his old college fling getting cozy with a fellow elder.

But the worst reaction of all was from former sometime-lover Arnaud Beaumont, who quite literally threw a fit and made a scene in front of the diner where Kimi and Donte were on their date.

Donte stood by calmly while Kimi took a shot to the face from Arnaud, understanding Kimi's past and the tendency for women like her to around anger. Besides, she could more than handle herself. The date went on without a hitch after Arnaud stalked off in a rage.

Back at home, Kimi continued to work on her pottery hobby, bringing in a little cash to supplement her retirement money.

She also tried to smooth things over with the unreasonable Arnaud, telling him that he really should learn some anger management techniques. This did not go over well with Arnaud, who made a visit to her house later that night, kicking over her trash in a fit of fury.

Kimi was having none of that, and she immediately took action to prevent it from happening again. A trip to Stella's Servos and Stuff secured her with a brand new Sentry Bot. Not only would it be good to keep Arnaud away, but Kimi figured it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra security around the house since she was an older woman living alone.

As she installed the sleek, humming piece of machinery in her front yard, she felt a calm satisfaction and reassurance wash over her. Now she'd see who had the nerve to kick over her trash and steal her newspapers.

That very night, an unsuspecting and still furious Arnaud came by for his usual routine of trash can kicking.

He stopped, surprised, when he heard the beeping sound behind him. He turned and cocked his head in puzzlement at the strange flying contraption.

He didn't remember much after that besides an electric pain. When it finally ended, he ran away down the block.

Arnaud continued to make the same mistake over again...

...and again...

...and again. Kimi found it annoying to still have to pick up her trash in the mornings, but she figured at least now she had some evening entertainment, as she sat up on her balcony with a bag of popcorn and watched Arnaud get toasted by the SentryBot all season long. She just hoped he would learn a little quicker so she could stop worrying about roaches.

[[Author's Notes: LOL. This round was totally hilarious for Kimi. I thought she'd be another boring single elder house, but ohhhh no. I should have known Kimi would be different. Arnaud must be the slowest-learning sim in the universe. Four shocks in four nights. Wow. Figure it out, Arnaud, and while you're at it, get a grip! You're married with two children! And old! Your heart can't take it, you grumpy old man! Anyway. Yes. I was highly entertained this round. Can't wait to play her again and see what happens. Take rejoins her in Round 11. :)

Way to play-test your binned houses, EAxis. *headshake*]]


Holy crap... that entry was hilarity. At least you weren't bored with a single elder. I think a sentry bot is almost a necessity for Romance sims and their endless string of spurned lovers. I was kinda rooting for you to move Donte in, but if Kimi and Donte don't want it I guess it's better to not force them into it ;)

Hahaha, I had so much fun writing it! It totally cracked me up especially when the "anger management" bubble appeared while she was talking to him. Totally hilarious. :') I'll be sad to see Kimi go when she does. She's so much fun.

I think the house Kimi lives in was created before Seasons - seems like she chose the balcony for her bedroom. I did the same thing with that house :)
The Sentrybot seems to do its work, but maybe it should be combined with a Cleanbot!

It's so that you said that, it comes to my mind how before seasons, I never put a roof on any of my houses in the hood. Whoops.

Great idea! Maybe Take will invest in a CleanBot when he comes back next round!

I clearly need my sims to do more pottery...I've never seen the ginormous jug. And fun with the sentry bot!

The ginormous jug is my favorite pottery item! Some of the patterns you can choose from are really lovely. I like to make them and just have them sitting around the house. I think it requires a gold badge. And when you make one, you're making an "aphorae." When you're done, it's simply a "ginormous jug." It's cute.

I officially love Arnaud and the SentryBot. I think I'm going to take j68's advice, though, and add in a CleanBot so she doesn't have to continually pick up.

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