The Vincis (E) - Round 12


Silvio Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Beth Thayer, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last time at the Vinci house, Silvio and Beth moved into an unfinished house that they would eventually call their own. Their primary goal in life at this point was to excel as far as they could in their respective careers to make enough money to finish the house. Unexpectedly, however, they got pregnant, and baby Ruby was born at the end of the round. Silvio and Beth barely had enough money to put wallpaper on the walls and carpet in the baby's room, but they managed. Beth finally managed to find a job in the athletic career, to reach her lifetime goal, but having had Ruby, she was stuck at home. How will this brand new family do this round? We'll see.

Though she was off on maternity leave, Beth knew that she had to be in peak physical condition to eventually reach her goal of becoming a hall of famer. Thus, when Silvio was at work and baby Ruby was napping, she spent most of her time working out.

Baby Ruby wasn't to be a baby much longer, though. Shortly into the summer season, she had a birthday and grew up to display even more of her mother's features: gray eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a dark skintone that made her one of the most unique children in Rosebud.

She was a playful, neat little girl, who also loved to make new friends, just like her mother.

Silvio and Beth were delighted, even though Ruby was definitely a bit of an "oops" baby. They were so in love, and their little family was just beautiful.

Of course, they weren't the world's best parents, and sometimes their celebration led to neglect of little Ruby, but she didn't seem to suffer the worse for it.

Both Silvio and Beth took time out of their schedules to teach their little daughter the necessary skills in life.

They weren't really bad parents, just sort of clueless when it came to exactly how much attention a child needed. They'd never planned to have Ruby, and she caught them by surprise. They were happy to have her, but it was definitely a steep learning curve of parenting.

The learning curve of "using protection during woohoo" unfortunately took a little longer to kick in. Before they knew it, Silvio and Beth's frequent romancing of one another led to another bun in Beth's oven.

Despite her ponderous belly, Beth would be damned if she'd give up her goal of becoming a hall of famer. She still kept to a rigorous exercise regimen, even when her belly was too big to allow her to do sit-ups, jump rope, or yoga.

Soon, it was little Ruby's birthday, though, and that was cause for celebration. She'd finally be a little bit more independent, which Silvio and Beth gratefully anticipated since they would have another crying/pooping/eating machine in the house soon.

They were *really* excited. Thankfully, Ruby was too young to understand exactly from whence their excitement came.

She grew up into a serene-yet-startling looking young lady, with her peaceful face and unexpected pale gray eyes. She too was glad she wouldn't have to rely on her parents for all her needs anymore. No more screaming in a crib for hours until she was let out!

Beth continued on her exercise schedule well into her third trimester and finally managed to maximize her body skill points. She'd done it!

Unfortunately, she'd also worked herself right into labor. Don't give me that look, Beth, you did it to yourself.

A beautiful baby girl with a pale skintone and Beth's gray eyes was born, and due to her pretty coloring, they decided to name her Pearl. With a little bit of experience ahead of them, Silvio and Beth felt like they could do this baby thing with confidence this time around. And thankfully, now Ruby could help out.

[[Author's Notes: I really think this family is fun. Silvio and Beth are hilariously neglectful parents, but they're both kind of self-centered, so that makes sense to me. I forget whether Ruby has red hair or brown hair, and it's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but I kind of hope red. I don't remember whether Beth's hair is brown or red...though I think it's brown. If Ruby DOES have red hair, it must come from Caitlin (Silvio's mama), though then Beth would have to have a recessive red gene in there somewhere... ah, I dunno. **EDIT:** Judging from the eyebrows, Beth has brown hair and Ruby has red. Huh. Beth seems to be a storehouse of recessive genes, yay! ** I'm not good at mysteries. Anyway, yeah. These guys amuse me kind of a lot. The good thing is that with all the maternity leave, Beth has really been able to get up all her skills so when she goes back to work, she should get promoted pretty rapidly...especially since she's also on the phone all the time and has like 18 billion friends. Only one blooper for you!

This picture looks creepy by itself. But when you know the backstory behind it, it becomes kind of funny. Beth and Silvio were getting ready to "casual sit" on the couch and get their woohoo on when she jumped up and had to go puke from the pregnancy. He followed her over there like, "But... um... are you done? Can we woohoo now?" ]]


Yay for recessive genes! It will be fun seeing these girls grow up

I think it'll be fun too, especially to see how they turn out having slightly uninvolved parents. The recessive genes are fun. I especially like the dark skin/gray eyes combo. The eyes really jump out. :)

It looks like Beth didn't have too terrible of a pregnancy... that's so weird how some sims can't seem to stay rested and fed while other sims are able to go about life as normally as if they weren't pregnant. Ruby is quite a doll, i love the contrast between skin and eyes. Pearl looks like she'll be a beauty too... and hey! a skintone that actually looks like Silvio.

I'm still amazed that some sims are smarter than others and learn faster. It's an aspect of the game you wouldn't notice until you'd played a lot of families, and it adds a nice dimension. Same with the pregnancies.

And I know about the skintone! I'm really excited I got something (a)reasonable and (b)not automatically dark. :)

I think she'll be a gorgeous adult! I hope she is a decent mix of her parents' features, as I wouldn't want her to favor one or the other too strongly, but I looooove the pale eyes with the brown skin and the red hair. :D

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