The Villaloboses (D) - Round 12


Dorotea Villalobos, Adult Family Sim, 2nd LTW Become Business Tycoon

Connor Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become City Planner

Nala Villalobos, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW ?


Last round at the Villalobos house, Dorotea and Connor aged into elders and Nala aged into a teen. Zadie moved out with a ton of scholarships to join her brother, Taye, at Sim State. Connor almost burnt himself to death (and the house) in a grilled cheese accident. Dot retired to make sure she could prevent such accidents in the future. Let's check in on them!

Nala, like Zadie, was a popular girl at school. Not quite as popular as, say, Bijou Beaumont, but she did all right. Mostly she hung out with the jocks, having continued her childhood soccer hobby in high school by joining the team. She brought friends home at least once a week to hang out, and that usually involved games of some sort.

When she couldn't talk her friends into a good old fashioned shoot-out, she could always count on her mom, who was actually pretty darn good at sneaking the ball past her youngest daughter.

In her heart, Nala was a knowledge sim, though, just like her father. She spent hours studying and working on building her skills so that she could be at the head of her class. Being Valedictorian would not only be a great achievement for her, she knew her father would be immensely proud.

She could frequently be found lounging in her bathrobe after a shower with her nose stuck in a book, studying or doing homework.

Her father knew that she was bright, and they frequently had conversations about her grades, her potential for scholarships, and her eventual goals for when she got to college.

Nala had to admit, she liked being the only child left in the house. It meant that she always had her mom or her dad to help her with her studying or just keep her company, and she didn't have to share their attention with her older siblings. It was good to be the baby.

It was why her parents weren't surprised when she took it upon herself to call up the headmaster and invite him over. She knew that she could get into Rosebud Academy; not only on her own merits but because Taye and Zadie had gone before her.

Connor cooked up a dinner of filet mignon while Nala gave the headmaster the house tour, and they all sat down together to enjoy the meal. Dot put herself on "behind the scenes" duty, quietly cleaning up in the background and making sure the beds were made and no dust bunnies magically appeared during his visit.

At the end of the night, Zadie was admitted to private school, as she'd known she would be.

She continued on the path of skilling, delighted at the prospect of joining the same revered halls that had housed her brother and sister. It was nothing but success for young Nala.

Oh yeah, and also, Connor got a womrat.

[[Author's Notes: That's it for this house, folks! Nala is thoroughly enjoying being the last little darling left in the house, just like a youngest child. (I say this being the youngest child myself, and enjoying it thoroughly too, lol.) Connor got a womrat because he had a want for one and because I'd never had one in a sim house before. One tip if you ever do let your sims get one: don't put the cage in the bedroom. The little squeaky wheel keeps them up all night! Only one womrat-related blooper for you.

HELLLPPP, LEMMMEEE OUUUUTTTT!! It was funny, this animal did this a ton of times. He would like...jump up and cling to the side of the cage, then slide down it. It was pretty amusing. :) ]]


Womrats are fun for a while. Then the sim (=You) forgets to feed it and it becomes a stinking mess in the cage :D

LOL at the womrat. It looks like Nala is really relishing being the only child in the hosuehold now that her older siblings are gone.

j68 - Yeah, kind of like the birds. I definitely starved Paolo's childhood bird, Henry, to death. Oops.

Liz - I swear, that animation cracks me up. I perceive Nala to totally be the spoiled little baby of the family. Kind of fun to play her that way too. :)

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