The Villaloboses (B) - Round 12


Amber Villalobos, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero

Diego Villalobos, Elder Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate


Last round at the Villalobos house, Amber and Diego had to get used to the idea that their son Marquez would not be moving back into their home, and they did so by continuing to keep good contact with him. Diego decided that he wanted to build a bowling alley/party space in the basement to entertain guests. He and Amber both transitioned well into elder-hood. This round: Amber tries desperately to get a wishing well and Diego pretty much supports her in her efforts. Let's check in.

Every night when Diego came home from work, he brought with him Connor Villalobos, his sisters husband and his own brother-in-law. Connor was pretty good at bowling, but Diego was determined to beat him one of these days.

In addition to working and trying to up his bowling average, Diego decided to help his wife achieve one of her biggest goals: to not only be a member of the garden club, but to be a prestigious one who had earned the very rare wishing well gift they gave to their premier members. He was working so hard to help her that he ended up gaining gardening knowledge he had never sought in the first place!

Amber kept trying her luck with the garden club throughout the summer season, inviting them over often. She always received many compliments, but she seemed to always fall short of actually achieving her goal of earning a wishing well.

She was primarily a food-gardener, and when the garden club left their comments for her, it occurred to her that she may have to branch out into flower gardening in order to truly impress them. It wasn't something she had an interest in, but if it earned her a wishing well, she would do it, and well.

In the meantime, between their jobs and tending Amber's garden, she and her hubby spent a lot of time fishing in the small pond at the back of the lot. It was relaxing, and it allowed them to catch up on the latest news they had to share with one another.

She talked him into going fishing with her so much that Diego soon could be found by the pond all by himself, catching the freshest food of the day and starting to become a real fishing afficionado.

He was also starting to become a better gardener. Though Amber knew his true passion wasn't plants and flowers and fish, the dedication Diego showed to helping her toward her cause made her heart swell to know that this was her husband. They'd always been a good team, and they always would be.

[[Author's Notes: Not much to say here. Never had a sim get a wishing well before, and it seemed like a fun goal to try with Amber and Diego. They're boring elders, but a nature hobby always keeps me more interested than most. Next round, they're going to try to get that darned garden club reward before winter sets in. No clue how that goal will work out. Only one blooper!

That may be, Diego, but don't forget to keep an eye on your chicken statue!!!! ]]


Good to see that Diego's cheekbones are still kicking after all these years! I love these two, it's still strange to see them as elders though. So who is going to inherit the house since Marquez is their only child? Good luck on the wishing well... I usually use "moveobjects on" and place sprinklers over the flowers so I don't have to worry about watering.

It is a little strange. And I find that I have a hard time distinguishing the facial difference between Amber and Meadow now that they're elders. I think they look very similar in the old gal stage of life. Plus, they're both nature buffs.

I've tried the sprinklers, but I never seem to rely on them for some reason. No clue why. I'm mostly just excited to play with the wishing well...they don't need anything, but I think it would be fun to have one in the 'hood.

I rarely succeed with the wishing well either. What I did learn though, is that the Garden Club loves fountains!

I'll second j68's suggestion of a fountain!

I'll have to try a fountain! I never put those in, but if it'll get them a wishing well, I'm down for it. They have more money than they know what to do with anyway. I'll have a wishing well if it kills me (or them!)

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