The Tanakas (D) - Round 12


Daisy Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Aki Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero


Yoshi Tanaka, Infant Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at Aki's house, Aki came up against more hard luck. First he'd lost Tara, and then he lost his job. He decided he was in serious need of a vacation and quickly booked a flight to Twiikii Island. While there, he managed to meet a beautiful island woman named Daisy McCarthy, and he quickly fell in love with her in the romantic setting. He proposed, and she moved back to Rosebud with him, unaware that she was already carrying his child from their vacation fling. A short while later, their first son, Yoshi, was born, followed by Aki's birthday into elderhood. Let's see how this new family manages this round.

Daisy knew almost right away this time what was the cause of her nausea. After having her first child with Aki, Yoshi, she knew the symptoms of pregnancy. So she was pregnant again. It was shocking how fertile she seemed to be, yet she couldn't say she was unhappy. Nor was Aki when she broke the news to him.

Aki, for whatever reason, seemed to have turned around his bad luck permanently. Having returned to his law enforcement career upon coming back home to Rosebud, he now seemed to be experiencing the benefits of experience. The bonuses he achieved would put a nice chunk of change in the college funds for Yoshi and the new baby.

Daisy, a stay-at-home mom, spent a lot of her days and evenings in the lavish greenhouse Aki had built for her. While she appreciated how much money and effort he'd put into it, and also how quickly she became familiar with the skill of gardening, it was more than she could take care of alone.

It was especially difficult to maintain with this pregnancy. For some reason, she found herself constantly in pain, exhausted, hungry, and ALWAYS having to pee with this pregnancy. It was far harder than the walk in the park it had been before Yoshi was born. She almost had to consign herself to bedrest.

Soon, she began to show in earnest, and she couldn't have been happier that the miracle of childbirth was happening to her again. Even if it did mean that her back hurt and she could eat a horse at 9 a.m. At least the morning sickness was over!

It would be nice to have a baby in the house again, especially once Yoshi had his first birthday. He was now a rambunctious, playful toddler who kept his mommy and daddy on their toes.

Aki found himself enjoying his son even more now that he was a toddler. Sure, babies were cute, but Aki loved being able to interact with his son...his FIRST son...despite Aki's own age. It occurred to Aki that everything in life happened for a reason. He and Tara had never had children, and perhaps that was good. If it weren't for that sad split, he never would have met Daisy and had his little boy. As for Yoshi, he thrived on all the attention his daddy gave him.

Aki took to helping Daisy tend the garden, and when he did, he understood why she said it was so big. He promised her he would narrow it down to a more reasonable size right away. After all, they weren't trying to feed the entire town, just their family.

His plans for renovation would have to wait, though. One sunny summer afternoon, Daisy went into labor.

The result was a beautiful baby boy with Aki's skintone, black hair and brown eyes. They named him Akio, in honor of his father.

Shockingly, later that month, they had a visitor they never expected: the Repo Man. It seemed that between trying desperately to take care of Yoshi and the garden AND being slowed down by Daisy's rough pregnancy, the Tanakas had managed to forget to pay some of their bills.

They'd had plenty of money to pay their bills, but it made Aki realize that he was needed more at home, with his family, than at work. He quickly called up and retired, earning himself a healthy pension.

The second wake-up call of the season came when Daisy, after spending so much time in the massive garden, seemed to pick up some sort of plant disease that turned her skin green!

Fortunately, the local matchmaker and gypsy woman had a potion that would cure Daisy, but Aki set to work right away diminishing the size of the greenhouse to a more manageable size.

Daisy was unharmed by the incident save for the awful green outfit she got rid of immediately after returning to her former self.

These troublesome matters settled, Aki and Daisy had better and happier things to concentrate on. For one, their baby boy was about to become a child.

Yoshi grew up into a child that could only be described as "beautiful," despite his Y-chromosome. [[He also inherited a more appropriate skintone. I think it suits him so much better, as the previous one was lighter than either of his parents.]]

It was a big day for Akio as well, as he was about to enter the diapered crawling phase Yoshi had just left behind.

It was difficult to tell whether he favored his father or his mother most in terms of looks, but the fact that he was healthy was all that mattered to his parents...

...even if he was a little bit of a grump.

[[Author's Notes: Yay, I love new families, and I'm so relieved I fixed Yoshi's skintone. This was the first house I played where I attempted to change skintone color, so there was a little bit of hilarity you may notice where Yoshi's body color changed while his face remained pale. After a bit of research, I discovered that a trip to the mirror could correct this, and now he looks like a real boy again. I know his skintone is totally not even similar to his original one, but the way I sort of look at it is this: if their skintone came out all borked up because of bad geneticizing, then I reserve the right to choose something I want instead, and I wanted something that at least sort of reflected Daisy's genes. This family is loads of fun now that Aki and Tara aren't trying to suffer out an existence together. I may let them have one more child; not sure. Guess we'll see next round. :)

This is why there was no transition picture for Yoshi's birthday to toddler. He looked like a little chimp! Also, Aki looks like he's having the time of his life, doesn't he? // The 'hood penguin is obviously confused about what hemisphere he's's not cold in the summer in Rosebud, silly! ]]


You're still messing around with the skintones I see. Iguess Daisy will have to be a single mom later on, but I'm glad Aki is so happy for his boys the time he has left!

Haha, yes, there will be one more change. All these babies were born in the same generation and had the borked up too-light skintones. Melody Cleary will be the last one to get a different skintone.

I'm looking forward to having Daisy as a single mom. Maybe she'll remarry. :)

Ha! Yoshi does look like a chimp in that picture!

Hahaha, it was so awful. I was like, "I CANNOT HAVE A SIM WITH THIS BOTCHED UP SKINTONE FOREVER!" Those were a panicky few moments when I thought he'd be stuck that way forever, lol.

yo yo yo YOSHI! It's good to see Aki happy, and Daisy and the boys are too cute :) You should have kept Daisy as a plant sim and had a few plant babies... I think there is a 10 generation plant sim bonus or something, that would have been fun, plus there's no obligation to play plantsim spawn after you move them out!

I know, man, he was so miserable for so long that it's good to see him happy again. I don't have a plantsim in my game yet...maybe I should try for some. Probably not in this house, though; it's already too small for plantsim babies. Maybe I'll have a single nature sim sometime and can do it there.

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