The Vincis (D) - Round 12


Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Head of the SCIA

Inari Vinci-Chin, Adult Family Sim, 2nd LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

River Vinci-Chin, Child Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Vinci-Chin house, River started taking an interest in her parents' nature hobby and began making friends at school. Salvatore and Inari continued to find their entertainment in the nature surrounding their house, and in the colleagues Inari brought home from her job. Let's see how this peaceful granola house does this time.

Inari was on a mission this fall season. She only had four more bugs to catch for her bug collection, and she was determined to achieve that goal of having the perfect collection.

Unfortunately, it was proving more difficult than she anticipated. How was it she had found all those bugs in her own back yard, and now she couldn't find a lousy four more? It was depressing.

There were distractions to Inari's problem on the horizon, though. She and River were both scheduled for a birthday in the near future. Dakota, napping perpetually on River's bed, didn't much care for anything other than treats and belly rubs.

River wasn't exactly the most popular girl in school, but the few friends she had were very close ones. Mayhew London was a frequent visitor to the Vinci-Chin house, and River held him very dear to her heart. She told Mayhew everything.

Her parents made sure to buy her a beautiful birthday cake to celebrate her transition into her teen of the few "non-natural" products that ever was allowed into the house.

She grew up into a very attractive young lady with a very bad haircut for her newly teenaged face. We'll fix it, River, I promise.

She decided that she wanted to follow in her dad's footsteps and focus on knowledge in her life. She also wanted a hard-working unemployed mate who hated sports. Um. Good luck with that, River.

The one nice thing about getting older was that her friends Mayhew and Adam Depiesse were growing up with her. They were her two closest friends, and she had to admit that she was starting to have some confusing feelings about her male childhood best friends.

After all, her body was changing, and so was the chemistry in her brain. She'd never cared about stuff like makeup before, but she couldn't believe how old she looked when she borrowed some of her mother's lipstick and eyeliner.

River's wasn't the only impending birthday, though. Inari was soon to join the ranks of the other elders in Rosebud. She and Salvatore had one more youthful fling on the couch while River was at school.

That night, she stood in front of her birthday cake, not excited but rather accepting of the fact that time marched on without halt.

She had to admit, she didn't think she made a very old-looking elder anyway. And she could live with the aches and pains, even if she would have preferred to be perpetually in the prime of her life.

After a quick makeover and some new clothes, she felt even better. She refused to be an unhip elder. She was a flower child of sorts...they didn't get older, they just grew deeper roots.

Dakota, so smugly uninterested in the birthdays of his master and her daughter, got to join the ranks of the elderly that day too.

The first thing River did was to invite over her old friend Mayhew to hang out and celebrate her birthday after the cake-fest was over. Her breath caught a bit to see how he'd changed, his unusual eyes peering out from an unfamiliarly masculine face.

She had to admit that he was cuter than she'd ever realized, especially with the bit of peach fuzz newly growing on his chin. She gave in to being a little extra friendly with him...more so than she normally would have been.

In fact, the longer they hung out in her living room, just talking, the more she came to realize that she really did love Mayhew. She wasn't sure what that meant, only that he was one of her nearest and dearest people.

River didn't have long to worry about her budding feelings for Mayhew, though. It was finally time for her to attempt to get into private school, and that meant entertaining the headmaster of Rosebud Academy.

By the end of his visit, he was impressed with the Vinci-Chin house and with the food, but mostly he was impressed by the bright and eco-minded River, who schmoozed him within an inch of his life. He joyfully accepted her into the ranks of his school.

A few days later, River decided to invite her other best friend over, Adam Depiesse. Yet again, River found herself surprised at how handsome her childhood friend had become as a teenager.

She was determined to make sure that her feelings weren't apparent to Adam, and so the two of them engaged in an innocent game of red hands on the front walk. Unfortunately for River's intentions, when they finished the game, Adam let his hands linger and hold onto hers, his palms a bit sweaty with nerves. It was then she realized he was suffering the same sort of mental confusion she was.

When he leaned in to give her a hug, she felt her heart pound in her chest with excitement. Here was a boy she trusted greatly and loved as much as she did her family and other dear friends.

The hand holding progressed, aided by teenage hormones, and somehow, River found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss Adam. Five minutes later, she had her answer.

Several hours later, she had forgotten all about her promise not to let her romantic feelings show. Sal and Inari might have been guilty of peeking out the window once or twice to grin at their young daughter kissing a boy they knew and liked from years of visits.

That night, after Adam left, River figured her head was figuratively in the clouds, so she may as well spend her time dissolving into staring at space.

While she was checking out the constellations, she noticed a strange movement around the moon. It definitely didn't look like a planet or a shooting star. Could it really have been...aliens!?

Greetings, otherwordly beings! Welcome to Earth! My name is River!

Yay! Goodbye for now, Earth! I'm sure the aliens will be really nice to me!

Whee! Here I come, Rosebud! Back from alien lands!

Wow, what fun! My butt sort of hurts from that landing, but it's all good!

That was the most fun EVER!!!!! ...River, has anyone ever told you you're the happiest alien abduction victim that ever existed? Weird. Can I do it again!?!? :D

[[Author's Notes: Ha, sorry about that weird last part, but the thing I couldn't get over as I looked through all of those alien abduction pics is that she had a smile on her face in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Happiest abductee ever. She cracks me up. In terms of River's love interests, I was really glad that she and Adam had chemistry because I really don't want a 'hood full of pink-eyed weird-looking babies that are the spawn of Mayhew. Also, I find it difficult to type his name. I think I like Mayhew's facial structure better, but Adam has those lovely teal-colored eyes, and I'd like to get some of that in the neighborhood. As for Inari becoming elder...well, I'm sad. I've always had a soft spot for her in my heart. I'm just grateful River inherited her eyeshape, even if she did get Paolo's jaw. I think she's a pretty good combo. Anyway, couple of bloopers for you!

That looked a little better when you weren't an elder, Inari. :\ // Awww, poor puppy is lonely. // Simultaneous checking out, with positive results! // LOLZ at Salvatore's face, hahahaaaa... ]]


Aaaw, the sad dogs in the sims look so incredibly sad!
River is getting herself a good-looking boy either way!

Haha, I know. Dakota is probably my favorite doggy in the 'hood. He's been with Inari since she first graduated college.

I love my new default replacement face templates. <3

River is the happiest abduction sim I've ever seen too! Also, Inrai is a nice looking elder.

I didn't realize it as I was snapping the pictures, but she literally had a sh*t-eating grin on her face in EVERY SHOT of the abduction. Too funny. :')

Holy cow, River is adorablee, a perfect combo of Inari and Sal... and I love love love that she has Sal's cheeks! Inari also makes a lovely elder. Too... Freakin... Funny about the alien abduction, silly River :)

I know, I think I'm going to love her. I just hope her face doesn't go through some bizarro transition when she hits YA, as sometimes happens. :) I'm sad to see Inari turn elder. I always thought she was one of my prettiest sims.

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