The Villaloboses (E) - Round 12


Marquez Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Imelda Vinci, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Villalobos household, both Imelda and Marquez were true workaholics, blasting through their chosen career paths. That was, until Imelda got pregnant. She gave birth to natural twin boys, Antony and Julian. The family also lost Pumpkin shortly afterwards, and Cinnamon became the sole kitty resident of the house. Let's see how this family does with their new additions this round.

As per his usual, Marquez started off the summer season with a bang, reaching his second lifetime want of becoming a Space Pirate.

After all that hard work, he really wanted to take it easy, though. He'd reached the top of two career paths since graduating college, and he thought that taking it easy and enjoying the good life might be what he was looking for as his next goal.

The truth was, he really wanted more time at home with the boys instead of spending so much time chasing career goals. Parenthood looked good on Marquez.

And they grew so fast! He didn't want to miss a single moment. He could hardly believe it when it was time for the boys' first birthday. They wouldn't be squawling infants any longer.

Now they would be rambunctious, curious toddlers, with lots of skills to learn that would definitely require both parents' presence to teach.

Imelda and Marquez team taught their boys, side by side, all the skills the boys would need to grow up well. It was a tedious job but also one they were grateful to have. Not only was it rewarding not to have to change diapers anymore, they also loved spending time with their children.

Imelda did eventually go back to work because she still had one last goal to achieve: to become a mad scientist. With one week back at work, she'd achieved her goal, and now she too felt as though she could relax a little and stop focusing on her career in favor of focusing on her boys.

And they sure were good boys. Sweet, playful, and active, they were a joy in their parents' lives, even if they were a little messy.

Occasionally, Imelda and Marquez had a hard time keeping track of the boys. Twins were a workout, even with two adults to keep an eye on them. Antony in particular frequently wandered outside, though he never went near the road. Why these nighttime wanderings?

He loved the fireflies.

The lessons continued on, and the family got closer and closer. Imelda and Marquez tried to take turns with each of the boys, and for some reason, raising their modest family was more romantic than any dates the two of them could have had on the town.

Marquez hated it whenever he had to leave the house to go to work. It was unclear whether this was because he didn't like to leave the family or because he realized the ridiculousness of the space pirate costume.

Imelda still stuck close to her remaining kitty. She knew that Cinnamon wasn't long for this world, so she tried to make him feel as loved as possible.

Of course, he wasn't exactly rolling in joy since the toddlers joined the house. The way they screamed and cried put Cinnamon's nerves on edge as an elder kitty, and he was never shy about expressing his distaste about the new tiny monsters that had joined the household.

But yet again, they wouldn't remain little forever. Near the end of the summer, it was time for another birthday. Mom and Dad held their little boys over the cakes and were tearfully happy to see them grow up into handsome young boys.

Antony was closer to his father's skintone and had beautiful big eyes and light brown hair.

Julian had his mother's skintone and his father's large eyes and pouty mouth. Both boys looked like they would be immensely handsome when they grew up.

As is always the way with life, there was some sadness mixed in with the happiness. As Imelda knew would happen, the time came for Cinnamon to pass on.

His gravestone joined Pumpkins in the back corner of the lot under a big weeping willow tree.

The first thing Imelda did after she contained her sadness was to adopt another pair of her mother's cats. That day, Roux and Brownie came to live out the rest of their lives with Imelda and her family.

Roux had a bit of a hard time adjusting and forgot some of the positive training Fiona had given him, but the boys had a good giggle at the idea that they could tell their teacher that the cat ate their homework.

Fortunately, Imelda saved the homework in time, and the boys got their first lesson in how to study from their parents. The boys weren't too delighted by it, but their parents swore it would only help them in the future.

[[Author's Notes: This family is so cute. The boys turned out WAY better looking than I could have ever imagined, though with parents that look like Marquez and Imelda, I suppose it's not shocking. I'd never seen the toddler interaction "chase fireflies" before, but Antony surprised me! It's totally adorable, and it helped him discover his true hobby love: nature. I guess I'll pop Marquez into the slacker career track when I go back to this house; I think the hours are pretty limited, and they don't exactly need a ton of money. Don't know if there are any more kids in the works for these two or not...I think I'll leave it up to fate and risky woohoo. :) Lots of bloopers!

The very portrait of responsible parenting. // Cinnamon sez: "Can I kill this kid now?" // Cinnamon: "Really. I never really liked him. // Maybe Antony actually THINKS he's a cat. // Um, weird, Marquez. No. ]]


I like the idea of Imelda taking care of her mother's old cats. I might try something like that with some sim that wishes to raise 20 puppies or kittens

Yeah, I have a hard time giving up pets that are beyond breeding age for adoption after they've sired many litters of puppies or kittens to fulfill a LTW.

Wow the boys are handsome... they're defintely going to be heartbreakers when they grow up! Those toddler/pet interactions crack me up... it's so amazing the silly little animations that always come up and never cease to amaze me!

I think they're going to be the new most handsome-looking kids in the neighborhood. I don't know how they got such huge, doe-eyes, but I love them!

This house is definitely kind of hilarious with the cats/children. I swear, the kids never really did anything seriously bad to Cinnamon, he just hated hearing them cry and having to wait to eat out of his food bowl!

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