The Villaloboses (C) - Round 12


Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Catalina Villalobos, Vampire Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


Last round in the Villalobos household, the primary event was Catalina becoming a vampire thanks to her childhood stalker, Vasyl Hogan. Nerissa really wanted Catalina either to be cured or to become a vampire herself, but sadly, this isn't in the plan. Let's see how they get on this round.

Cat, fortune sim that she was, refused to give up her job. She couldn't give up the lucrative source of money in being a famous movie star. Besides, there were plenty of roles for vampires, and it wasn't that hard to convince stupid Simmywood directors that she was simply VERY good at this type of role through hard work. So every afternoon, she raced to the helicopter and came home in under the cloak of safe darkness.

Her personality didn't change much, though she definitely spent more time at the piano than she ever would have while a human. Something about classical music appealed to her more than she could have ever imagined now; plus, it chased the loneliness away when Catalina wasn't around to do it for her.

She still longed to enjoy the pleasures she did as a human being, and these cravings she indulged under cover of night. She did things that she knew were totally untraditional to the stereotype of vampires like herself, but they gave her pleasure, so she indulged anyway.

She had never been one to be particularly concerned with rules when she was alive, so flouting them in eternal death didn't really seem like such a chore for her.

[[Gratuitious HOLY MOTHER OF HOT VAMPS shot!]]

She and Nerissa were still in love, too. Once Nerissa was gone, Catalina knew she would be heartsick, but she also knew, somehow, that she would continue on with a stony stoicism. It didn't mean she wouldn't appreciate her beautiful wife as long as she could, though, without concern as to who might object.

Vasyl became a sometime-lover. He wasn't the most gorgeous of men, and Cat wasn't exactly into men to begin with, but he was her sire and had a power over her that she could never deny.

It wasn't always about Catalina, though. In truth, she thought her heart would break the day she cheered Nerissa into her elderhood.

Catalina would always find her first and truest love beautiful, no matter how many wrinkles she acquired, but she knew that her new status would mean parting with Nerissa someday. It was a severe price to pay for immortality.

In an attempt to mollify her guilt for the inevitable fact that she would outlive Nerissa by centuries, Catalina spoiled her. "Do whatever you desire, my truest love," was the repeated sugar whispered into Nerissa's ear as they slept together.

Nerissa, tired from a life of working hard, quit her job and decided that spending her remaining days with Catalina was the most important thing she could do. Catalina couldn't have agreed more.

[[Author's Notes: Pretty short and sweet here. I am feeling a little guilty about letting Nerissa die while Catalina lives on, so I may allow them to have one more baby together before Nerissa dies. It will help alleviate my guilt, m'kay? Besides, I swear they can make a better-looking baby than Guillermo, lol. Not sure what else to say here other than Catalina is so pretty that I'm really glad I decided to make her immortal. Only a few bloopers for you!

Count Vasyl is a service sim? Well, either he works in a drive-through, or this is an ironic label, like, "He is a service sim because he serviced me." // He asked if he could bring a friend, not a family reunion! Count Vasyl, I never knew! ]]


Catalina is a foxy vampire... interesting about her little affair with the count though! I can't wait to see moar babies from Cat and Nerissa... I agree, they can make something more pretty than Guillermo (although he is fun for a laugh!)

I can't wait to make her breed lots. I totally did a cheaty thing and de-vamped her, made her drink elixir, then re-vamped her so she's fertile again. I especially hope that she and Nerissa have a girl this time because I think they'd make prettier girl gene combinations than boy gene combos. Guillermo was always a bit of a disappointment in the looks department, but he makes up for it in the entertaining personality department. :p

The game's defintion of service sims is a bit strange sometimes. For example I think all dormies are considered service sims!

You got censored! I'll guess it was a wooHoo picture with nudity. Catalina is definitely a hot vampire. Also, why wasn't Nerissa given the option to retire?

j68 - That would be so funny! I never noticed whether my playables who woohoo'd with dormies registered them as service sims before. I'll have to look. Maybe it was meant to be hilariously applied to inappropriate sims?

I totally censor blurred it myself! I have the no censor blur hack installed, but I always blur out anything myself that is "inappropriate." Photobucket is lame sometimes. They never used to be this strict!

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