The Beaumonts (C) - Round 12


Meadow Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Alain Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Marc Beaumont, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Beaumont house, Alain, Meadow, Darcy, and Cleo all became golden oldies! Winnie and Sam became the latest puppies adding to Meadow's count, and she quickly encouraged Sam and Apollo to mate again. Marc became good friends with Leah Vinci by joy buzzering her and hitting her with water balloons. Let's see how they get on this round, shall we?

The first thing on the agenda that summer at the Beaumont farm was to get around to something Alain and Meadow hadn't had time to do last round: have an anniversary party! Like Arnaud and Steffi, their party was mostly a wrinkle convention, but it didn't stop them from having a rip roaring time.

Having become part of the "I'm a Senior Citizen, Gimme My Damn Discount" generation, Alain and Meadow found that they were going to celebrate their golden anniversary however they best saw fit, guests' feelings be damned! Needless to say, the party was a roof raiser.

And once the party guests cleared out, leaving Meadow with a healthy glow and Alain with a platinum aspiration, something exciting happened: Sara gave birth to the latest litter of Beaumont puppies.

She had a boy and a girl, named Nikki and Jesse, and now the Beaumont farm was full-up to the top with dogs and puppies.

It was a good thing Meadow had puppies to care for because her human "pup" was about to leave the nest. Like many Rosebud teens before him, Marc was preparing to start school in the fall at Sim State University. In typical fashion, he racked up loads of scholarships, then sent for a taxi.

Marc was so excited to become a young adult, and Meadow was so distraught at her only child leaving home, that neither of them noticed he hopped in the cab still wearing his pajamas. Oh well. See you at uni, Marc!

Alain came home one day from his job in the natural science career with a strange new plant for Meadow to cultivate. He said it was a carnivorous variety of plant, similar to the venus fly trap, only..."way more terrifying." Meadow immediately took to the plant, as she did to all plants, and they quickly established a healthy relationship. Meadow had to admit it was like no other plant she'd seen before, but it seemed happy enough as long as she kept it fed with an endless supply of roast dino legs.

Alain continued his hobby of crafting toys in the downstairs garden/workroom, and he made a pleasant discovery: the dogs LOVED the water wigglers he created. They were so popular, in fact, that Alain crafted three of them... one for each age set of dogs in each yard. He only wished he'd known of this secret earlier so he could have been spared the years of back-breaking dog washing he'd done.

Sadly, the elder dogs' water wiggler didn't get much use before Grim came to claim them. Cleo, the old reliable mother of so many pups, was the first to go. Meadow was inconsolable: it was the first pet she'd ever lost to old age.

Death, a cruel taskmaster, didn't even give Meadow a chance to recuperate from her hysterical bawling before he took Darcy as well, leaving Meadow with four dogs and two tiny urns.

She quickly placed them in a position of honor in the "Old Dogs' Home," vowing never to forget her first two doggies.

On the heels of her elder dogs' deaths, Nikki and Jesse continued to grow...right into adult dogs. Meadow felt so heartsore that she barely noticed when Alain called to give the now-adult pups up for adoption.

He did have a suggestion for her that lifted her spirits, though, and judging from the dust flying from Sara and Apollo's doghouse, she would soon have some little snuffling furry bundles to soothe her sadness.

And truth be told, though she wasn't sure she believed in ghosts, she felt certain that someday she would get to see her beloved pets again, even if it seemed like a dream.

[[Author's Notes: Wow, so much happened in this house in such a short time! I feel like this entry was short and sweet, but it was jam-packed with events and goings-on! One thing I will say for the LTW OF DEATH, as I've dubbed Meadow's 20 Puppies want, is that it's pretty tough to find a household boring, even with two elders, when you're still desperately trying to breed animals and grow them up. I feel like I've made my peace with this LTW, probably because even though it IS a pain in the butt, it's legitimately one of the few LIFETIME wants I've seen. It actually takes a sim lifetime to achieve it. :p Anyway, a few bloopers for you.

Man, Gina is popular. She was just sneaking out with Leah Vinci a few weeks ago! // Um, yeah, Alain? Perhaps we should have a talk about "reasonable goals." ]]


Dog ghosts can be so creepy, but this one was pretty cute!

It's funny you say that because I played this house and did a closer shot of Cleo and like... the teeth are visible! It looks really creepy, like the dog's face is have torn away. It makes me sad to see how unsettling maxis made the ghost dogs. :\

Yay for water wigglers and keeping the dogs clean... I really need to get every household that has dogs one of those. I'm definitely not looking forward to this LTW anytime in the future *ugh!*

It's definitely not an easy LTW, I'll tell you. I really hope none of my babies in the future grow up inheriting this LTW, but I'm determined to accomplish it at least three times: once for cats, once for small dogs, and once for large dogs. Then, I consider myself free to re-roll these pain in the a$$ kids their junior year of college!

I highly suggest the water wiggler. It's a major time-saver. :p

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