The Vincis (B) - Round 12


Enzo Vinci, Elder Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Fiona Vinci, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Grace Vinci, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Leah Vinci, Teen Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round at the Vinci house, Mojito and Margarita aged into adult cats and were given up for adoption despite a very distraught Fiona. Her grief was soothed by the addition of two new kittens to the house: Parsley and Sage. Sadly, that meant that Brownie and Roux had to be given up for adoption, ready for placement at their new retirement home: Fiona's daughter Imelda's new house. Parsley and Sage aged into adult cats, Parsley was given up for adoption, and Marmalade and Sage tried to make new baby kitties. Sadly, the two cats couldn't get along, though, and multiple fights led to Sage running away from home. The twins managed to get into private school despite nearly burning the kitchen down during his visit. Enzo was a boring old man. Let's check in with them this round!

The summer season started off in a not-so-surprising fashion at the Vinci house: with the adoption of a brand new kitten named Cheddar. Enzo found that in his old age, he was really enjoying having the kittens around the house. It kept things interesting.

The girls, of course, weren't exactly content to stay home every night. Mischievous Leah especially had a taste for danger. She was dying to sneak out with her cousin Gina one night.

Grace, of course, didn't share the same slight wild streak that her twin did; she preferred to decorate their room and get her homework done, maybe watch a movie or two or go for a jog. Of course, she wouldn't tell on her sister, though; she didn't understand why Leah felt the need to sneak out, but there was a twin code she had to abide by.

The night Leah planned to sneak out finally came, and she bade her parents goodnight while curled on a couch with a bowl of popcorn, watching a movie that would last long into the night. As she tiptoed past their bedroom door, she held her breath, not wanting to wake them.

Her ploy was a success, and Leah experienced the thrill of jumping in the car with Gina for a night downtown. [[And finally a vehicle more appropriate than a limo, for crying out loud.]]

Leah snuck back into the house in the wee hours of the morning, having managed to successfully evade both the cops AND her parents. She felt like a total juvenile delinquent, and it was FUN.

Life continued as normal for the girls, spending evenings and weekends together either playing games or doing homework, or engaging in more solitary pursuits in their basement apartment. There were some things that would never change, after all. The twins' relationship was one of them.

A few weeks later, Fiona got amazing news: the pound had located Sage! It was amazing, and Fiona immediately begged the animal control lady to bring her long-lost pet home.

Fiona bridled a bit at the chastisement she received from the young woman... after all, she'd given Sage loads of love and the best care of any animals in the neighborhood! It wasn't within her control to influence how the cats felt toward one another.

Her umbrage quickly melted into relief and happiness at the return of her kitty, however. Sage had never gotten so many cuddles in his life, but he was definitely a happy cat.

Fiona even let him sleep on Leah's bed, despite the fact that she normally prided herself on training her kitties better than that. She couldn't help but notice that he had a more rag-tag appearance after his time running away from home. The little guy could use a break, and she gave it to him.

After all, even though Fiona hated to admit it, the beds wouldn't be in use anymore anyway. Leah and Fiona had finally graduated college, and it was time for them to move out of the house and to Sim State dormitories in time for the fall semester. Both racked up loads of scholarships, and for that, Fiona and Enzo were happy, but it still broke their hearts that their little babies were going away.

The girls left one sunny late-summer day and headed off to begin their lives as young adults at Sim State.

Fiona, as always, was left with her other babies: the cats. Cheddar grew into quite a handsome adult cat, though he was more of an oatmeal color than a cheddar one.

Fiona found herself spending time downstairs in the girls' room now that they were gone. Though the twins had been a sudden late-life surprise, but Fiona found that now, she was sad to have all her human babies gone. Her furry babies would have to fill in the gap.

Soon, Marmalade was giving birth to the kittens she and Sage had made before Sage ran away. Two tiny bundles of fur: Shallot and Rhubarb.

It seemed like a blink of an eye before the two kittens turned into full grown cats.

Enzo too spent a lot of time with the cats, now that the girls were gone. He knew that at this age, he would never be a world-class ballet dancer, so he filled his days with the things he loved: writing, painting, Fiona, and the cats.

Of course, the aging of the cats meant a sad event: giving them up for adoption. Though Fiona ached to do it, she also gave up Sage, who was nearly beyond the age of being able to produce kittens. Besides, now that they'd been in Rosebud for so many years, she knew that one of her friends and neighbors would give Sage the loving home he deserved.

And, of course, Fiona couldn't end the fall season without a bit of happiness: she decided that she needed a partner for Cheddar and adopted back one of her old babies, Marmalade. It would be lovely to have one of her former kittens in the house: just like a family reunion.

[[Author's Notes: Whew. I swear, Fiona will achieve this LTW if I have to give her thirty shots of the green juice to do it. I haven't come this far to fail, I tell you!! The girls will be in the Round 12 University update looking just as gorgeous as their older sister Imelda, and Fiona and Enzo will have to get used to having an empty nest. Poor Enzo gets very little screen time as he is mostly writing novels or painting portraits (when not playing with the cats). This is a pretty happy home, and I can't wait to decide who gets to inherit this house. Few bloopers for you!


The girls enjoy lunch, while their elderly parents afternoon delight? // Is that supposed to be a joke, Leah? In a house full of cats? // Enzo was the emo one about giving up pets for adoption this round. Very manly, Enzo. // Not really sure why Gina and Leah required a vehicle to sneak out...but whatever... ]]


Heartbreaking pictures of giving up pets. I haven't tried that much. If the family wants a pet it stays forever

Man, I know. At first, it used to really bother me, but now that I'm so close to achieving her LTW, I don't mind it so much. I'm going to try to readopt all the "breeders" back into families in the 'hood, even if the kittens she raised and immediately gave up don't get adopted. Same goes for Meadow Beaumont's big doggies and will go for Homer Tanaka's little doggies.

I love the twins especially since they have such opposite personalities. Poor Fiona and Enzo, at least they'll never truly have an empty nest with all the kittens around -- how close are you to the LTW?

Wait until you see them in college; they really sort of...act differently! It's crazy. It's like Grace finally comes out of her shell a little bit and Leah becomes more studious. Weird!

After this, only FIVE MORE! I CAN DO IT.

I think you may be the first I've seen to achieve this round! Or the next.

I'm trying SO HARD. It really is a difficult to achieve that goal. I'm not sure whether I'll change any new sims who get it or whether I'll suffer through it again in the future. Guess it depends on my mood the day my teens roll an LTW. :p

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