The Vincis (A) - Round 12


Craig Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 4th LTW Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Bitsy Chin, Knowledge Servo, 3rd LTW Become Hand of Poseidon


Last round at the Vinci house, Gretchen achieved her 3rd LTW of maxing all seven skills. Sadie earned a bronze gardening badge and was promptly shipped off with her brother, Cole, to Sim State University. Craig aged into an elder and continued his molasses-slow progress toward achieving his first LTW of becoming a criminal mastermind. Bitsy worked toward her 3rd LTW with her usual success. Let's see how the elders and the servo do this round without the kids in the house.

Craig, perhaps because of the enormous time spent in the criminal field, was finally making some smart decisions about how to handle himself in this particular line of work. Not only was he impressing his superiors, he was also making extra money to bring home to his family.

His promotion to smuggler was one of the happiest days of his life. He may have set the record for the sim taking longest to achieve an LTW, but the fact was that his many years leant him experience that he could feel would eventually lead to him achieving his goal.

Bitsy, as usual, continued to receive promotions on a regular schedule, moving up quickly in the oceanography career despite the unfortunate rust factor.

Bitsy knew that her creator, Craig, was getting older, and for some reason, this drove her to work even harder. Maybe it was to please him, and maybe it was simply because she knew that someday she would be without him and would be responsible for watching out for his children. Either way, she threw herself into her hobbies when she wasn't working or doing chores, earning her bronze talent badge in sewing.

She also discovered that the whole family had a lot of rewards from their careers that they never took advantage of. One of the most exciting was a koi pond, which Bitsy delighted in tending. Just because she was a robot didn't mean she couldn't appreciate zen theories.

Gretchen, too, involved herself in various hobbies. Taking over Sadie's garden, which had once been Salvatore's garden, she managed to gain her gold gardening badge almost without effort. She didn't realize how much time she'd spent there.

Bitsy the overachiever managed to get to the head of the oceanography career.

She quickly decided that, though she had enjoyed her time on and under the sea, it was time to get a job that was a little more dry and a little less rust-prone.

In light of how much pleasure she was taking from her new hobbies, Gretchen decided to retire from her job to thoroughly enjoy spending her days however she saw fit.

She and Bitsy were relating a lot lately anyway on their new-found passions for their hobbies. Bitsy managed to rack up another plaque for her sewing, which was improving by the day.

The greatest miracle that season in the Vinci house was that Craig FINALLY achieved his goal of becoming a criminal mastermind. Congratulations, Craig! It only took you like thirty years! He could barely believe how lucky he was, and how tired he was after spending his whole life chasing this goal.

He had to admit that the perks of actually being a criminal mastermind weren't to be beat, though. He knew he would stick with this awesome job until the day he could no longer physically do it.

In the meantime, he wasn't without other more minor goals, like finally becoming a jack of all trades - a romantic notion to him.

Of course, with fewer hours spent at his job, this task was quick work, especially compared to his first lifetime want. Gretchen was just happy that her husband was home with her more often, where they could commiserate on the aches and pains of elderhood together and occasionally indulge in a rousing game of chess.

[[Author's Notes: Ugh, this entry was so completely boring, and I apologize for that. Mostly, I just stuck them on hobby things to keep them busy when they weren't attending to their needs. I know my complete lack of enthusiasm for this household came through in the entry, but it was really quite a boring round. Next round will likely be much of the same, so I apologize in advance for that. At least Slow Kid Craig FINALLY reached the top of his career, after attempting to get there throughout his entire adult life. Meh. Anyway, only one blooper for you.

Craig, that would have looked so much better if you'd had that job as an adult instead of an elder.


2 townie elders and a servo certainly doesn't make for a ton of excitement. Which of the kids is going to be taking over as heir? I'm glad Craig finally reached TOC, it only took the entirety of the time you've been playing him, lol.

Haha, no kidding about Craig, man. He's the slow kid of Rosebud. I haven't decided who gets to move back in yet. I still have a round to figure it out, but for some reason, I'm leaning more toward Cole. That's subject to change at any time, though.

At least the male elder Criminal mastermind suit comes with pants! I just can't keep my elder ladies in that career, it looks too bad!
Anyway, Craig doesn't have a Uni degree, right? Probably that's why he's slow

Haha, I've never seen an elder female Criminal Mastermind! Now I'm kind of glad!

No, he was an adult townie, so no extra want slots, no college degree. At least he finally made it.

At least with this type of house you can just put it on the fast speed without worrying too much that you'll miss something.

Lol, which is exactly what I did. Triple fast forward and an occasional scroll around the profiles to make sure no one was starving to death. :p

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