The Tanakas (B) - Round 12


Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law

Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Tanaka house, Stella and Mariko really focused on spending time building up the business, Stellas Servos and Stuff. Mariko earned her gold robotics badge so that she could help craft products for the store and even came with Stella to help sell and restock the store, earning her a few new badges. This round, perhaps their focus will change a bit...

The best thing about life in the Tanaka house was that Stella and Mariko were still just as in love with each other as elders as they had been as young adults. When they weren't down at the store, they still had "date nights" at the house, their romance never dwindling.

Some of the dates didn't turn out so well, but it wasn't for lack of love or interest...after all, they couldn't exactly control the weather.

Mariko, ever the popularity sim at heart, also enjoyed sitting on the porch, people-watching. One day, she noticed a new face in Rosebud. After introducing herself, Mari discovered it to be Angelica Eich, visiting from the neighboring town of Silvervale. The two hit it off immediately.

Mari quickly invited the pretty new visitor in to meet Stella, and all of them had a great time dancing to a new song Angelica insisted they just HAD to hear.

Stella eventually turned in, smiling as Angelica and Mariko continued their discussion late into the night over a rousing game of chess. Mari might have gotten older, but her love for new friends and her charismatic manner never changed.

By the time Angelica finally left, it was the next morning, and since Mari seemed so keen on meeting new people, Angelica suggested a new friend that she was positive Mariko would just love. It turned out to be a great day for Mari!

But Mari and Stella couldn't be all play and no work...not with the store needing to be opened and taken care of. Mariko continued to go with Stella, helping do whatever needed to be done, from restocking to selling to running the register to spelling LeShawn when she tired of making new product for the shelves.

Stella knew that Mari's social nature would aid her in selling, and she was pleased as Mariko quickly caught on to the proper and most effective ways to make sales, laughing to herself when Mariko succeeded in selling her own little brother something he absolutely didn't need.

Stella was just delighted that Brad Devivio seemed so interested in the servo she'd crafted. One servo sale meant a very large profit for the business.

Stella continued in her habit of overseeing everything. She added a gold talent badge in restocking to her already full wall of badges in the other business functions.

It wasn't until Mariko earned her gold sales talent badge that Stella finally seemed to realize how much time they were spending at Stellas Servos. She made a prompt decision.

She promoted LeShawn to manager, tasking her with making sure the business ran smoothly even if Stella wasn't around to keep everyone on task and all the customers happy.

And just to be sure, she gave her a nice fat raise as well, ensuring the woman's enthusiasm and loyalty to the business.

With that, Stella and Mari headed home, light-hearted. No more days spent in the basement crafting robotics or days spent glad-handing the residents of Rosebud. Now they could enjoy the simple pleasures of their retirement years: like cooking up a pot of jambalaya and watching a movie on the couch together. Both agreed they deserved it.

[[Author's Notes: These two are so adorable. I'm going to be devastated when they finally die. Thanks to Liz, I discovered that a business can make money WITHOUT eating up 95% of my sims' lives, so Stella happily makes one phone call a day to the business now and doesn't live a life of solid robot building and energizer abuse, consecutively. Next round, Cosmo will rejoin them, which should be very fun. Love these elder ladies! Lots of bloopers for you this round.

Mari, what are you doing skulking in the shadows at the back of the shop? What's that? Eating ramen? Oh... yes... I, uh, guess that's the logical place to do it. O.o // Okay, now just HOW did you get yourself into that mess? // Yes, I realize there's a wall there. What you don't seem to realize is that it has ALWAYS been there, yet you still managed to trap yourself in the foundation. Sigh. Sims. // Um, no. // No again. // Still no. ]]


Hahaha...Angelica is starting trouble in Rosebud! I like this pair too.

Haha, she can try, but I'm going to prevent her! I have big plans for Miss Eich, and they don't involve seducing Mariko!

I admire your servo shop. I still have never built a servo in my life!

Aw, thank you! It was my first business, so it was definitely a learning curve. As for servos...they take FOR-EV-ER to make, but they're really handy around the house!

It's so neat seeing my sims in your hood and thinking that it's just the next town over :) Oh man though, Angelica is such a girlie girl in Rosebud, lol it's strange! I love Mari and Stella and I'm going to be sad when they're gone too /sadface. Can't wait for Cosmo to return next round, hopefully with Sadie in tow!!!!

I know! I love this mini pixel trade we did. :) In this game, she's not really girly, per se. She's definitely still not FEMININE, and I kind of look at her like a cross between Scary Spice and Sexy Spice. Like sweet with a bite. :)

Oh, you know he'll be there, with Sadie in tow. Those two are inseparable.

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