The Beaumonts (A) - Round 12


Armand Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Cooper Bigfoot, Adult Bigfoot, 2nd LTW Become Media Magnate

Alexandre Beaumont, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become City Planner

Last round at the Beaumont house, Alexandre moved back in with his elderly parents and their bigfoot after graduating from Sim State. The house got an additional bedroom for Alexandre. Cooper achieved his goal of becoming Education minister and decided to turn his attentions to the media field. Adelaide and Armand both retired, and then, sadly, after her last woohoo with her husband, death came for Adelaide. Shortly after, Alexandre was terrified when he saw death approaching again, fearing for his father. But it was an unexpected loss when it was their long-time pet Abbey that passed on that day. Let's see how this family does with only the men left in the house.

The round started off with great news, which the Beaumont family desperately needed after the death of their beloved wife and mother, Adelaide. Alex achieved his lifetime want of becoming a city planner, and in very short order too. It seemed all the studying he'd done in college really paid off.

Since he'd had to do some studying to get the proper skills for his promotion, Alex decided that his next step should be to just go ahead and become an expert in everything. That way, when he wanted to get a new job, he would already be prepared to shoot through the ranks and straight to the top.

As for Armand, though he was brokenhearted about Adelaide, he spent his days pottering around the house and doing things that seemed calm and the hula.

In fact, he did the hula so much that he earned an invitation to the local music and dance studio...though he doubted he would ever visit. He didn't leave the house much anymore, as aches and pains started to make themselves more pronounced.

As for Cooper, he continued in his habit of making friends more quickly with animals than people. Every stray dog that ran by, he had to make friends with, even the strange glow-eyed dogs that sometimes appeared from the woods.

Everyone in the house felt the need to spend a lot of time with Armand. He was, after all, an older widow, and both Cooper and Alex wanted to make sure his world was filled up with as much love as it had been before Adelaide passed away.

Needless to say, Armand didn't mind the extra love and attention in his later years. It felt nice to bask in the glow of a loving family.

Alex, when he wasn't doting on his father, spent time working on his goal of maximizing all of his skills. He was especially fond of the telescope, spending so much time looking through it that he maximized his science hobby interest.

Because he was bored with becoming a City Planner, he decided to look into a new field: natural science. It paid really, really well, and it seemed to fit better with his new-found love of everything scientific.

This turned out to be a very smart move for Alexandre, as he came home from his first day with a $50,000 grant!

Armand continued to spend most of his days in the house, but he did take pleasure in his hobbies.

And despite his fairly recent loss in the prior season, he decided that he wanted to enjoy something else that he'd always wanted to...

Sure, she was a married woman, but he was an old man sad and lonesome, and he felt that he'd earned it, darnit.

In the hall, Cooper applied to a new job in the journalism field, none the wiser of what was going on in the next room.

[[Author's Notes: Haha, okay, I'm sorry, but I couldn't deny Armand the chance to jump Samantha Ottomas' bones. He always thought she was pretty from the very first time he brought her home from work. And even though it's only been five sim days, that's like three months in sim time, so I figured...what the heck. I thought for sure Armand was going to kick it this round, so I kept following him like a hawk, waiting at every stroke of 6 p.m. for Grimmy to come floating in with his zombie hula girls. Shockingly, Armand made it another round, and I don't understand why, since Adelaide fulfilled like three LTWs, and Armand only the one. Next round, I fully expect Armand to go, as he's like 82 years old now or something crazy like that. Then Alex can begin a family...though of what type, I'm entirely unsure as of this moment. Anyway, only two bloopers for you.

He's from the South Pole, so he vacations during winter to Rosebud, where it's nice and sunny, apparently. // Are Cooper's co-workers hinting he should spawn some baby bigfoots?, Bigfeet? ]]


Woah, Armand is getting frisky in his final days. I can't believe he made it through another round. I'm excited to see how Alex gets along now that he's an adult, and surprised that he doesn't really appear to have any love interests. So with the leader of the pack visiting, does that mean you're planning to have a bigfoot/warewolf?

I really couldn't believe it either. He's officially my oldest-living sim so far in the history of the game. I thought about bigfoot/werewolf, and I don't know! I might not TRY for it because Cooper is so nice, and I'd hate to see that change, but if it happens, I'd let him be a werewolf. :)

Poor Alex is almost totally asexual. He seriously has the hots for NO ONE.

Not everyone is getting married IRL either. Since Alex already has a kid (wasn't it his Uni baby?) he doesn't even have to marry. On the other hand, I guess the kid has the wrong last name ;)

It was actually his nephew Bastien that knocked someone up. :p Alex's older brother Arnaud's kid. I think I'd like Alex to reproduce, but I'll have to figure out how or at least keep my fingers crossed that he meets someone he likes. :)

Coworkers can give gifts? Interesting. Also, interesting choice of gift.

I've only seen it with bigfoot, so maybe it's something tied into Bon Voyage? I don't know, I installed them all at once and never really learned what came with which expansion packs. He's brought home a gift almost every day... sometimes a cheap stove or couch, sometimes a vase of flowers, sometimes a lawn ornament. It's kind of funny. The E-Z Bake oven was the weirdest for sure, though.

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