The Villaloboses (A) - Round 12


Vincente Villalobos, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Rock God


Last round, Vinnie aged into an elder with his new perma-plat status and resumed his job in the music career after a trip to Twikkii Island. Pequito passed away, leaving only Vinnie and Alegra left in the house. Can Vinnie achieve his second goal of becoming a rock god and escape the boring elder syndrome? We'll see.

One thing Vinnie knew after his transition into elderhood was that he would not let his age slow down his lifestyle. The first thing he did was invite over one of his previous dates for another go-round. He prided himself that even at this age, he wasn't losing his touch. He could still live fast and furious as he always had...


..... okay, so maybe he was slowing down a LITTLE bit.

Even Alegra was beginning to show her age. She was a lot like Vinnie...still determined to be as hyper as ever but slowed unwillingly by various aches, pains, and random fits of napping.

Vinnie spent more and more time with his piano, which not only helped him in his desire to become a rock god (if Mick Jagger could still be a rock god, so could he...) but entertained him and filled the house with sound other than the tv. It got lonely in that house all by himself without a constant stream of girls around.

Whenever he got too lonesome, though, he always had a fat little black book full of numbers, any one of which he could dial and almost certainly be guaranteed delivery within the day.

The rest of the time... well... maybe he was more like Keith Richards than Mick Jagger.

Sometimes he wondered if dementia was setting in. He could forget he was on a date while in the MIDDLE of a date. He tried to explain this away by convincing himself that Melissa was just boring and couldn't hold his attention for the entire duration of a date.

She did redeem herself in Vinnie's mind, though, with a rousing bout of public woohoo. Nothing like getting it on in public with a hot young thing for boosting an old man's ego.

He was even willing to take the purse-beating from Old Lady Crumplebottom. If ANYONE needed a good woohoo in a photo booth, it was that old bag. Maybe she would be Vinnie's next project...

[[Author's Notes: Again, short and sweet. Vinnie as an elder cracks me up for some reason. I can't stop making fun of him. I adore him, but he's definitely an easy target in my head for some good-natured ribbing. This round was pretty much as you saw it: woohoo, drinking, yummy channel, piano. That's it. He finds ways to entertain himself. Next round, his nephew Taye Villalobos will be moving in with him to be the next resident of the founder house when Vinnie kicks it. Should interesting. O.o Two bloopers for you!

Early bird special night at the Crypt'O'Night Club. // This guy seriously has some issues with sex...either he needs more of it or needs to lay off the internet porn. ]]


Public woohoo in his pyjamas! I seriously believe that Vinnie has a dementia problem! :)

LOL Vinnie is soo silly. That's good that he's still able to keep himself... ummm... occupied ;) I'm excited for next round, but only because I have insider information as to what's going to happen :D

j68 - Haha, he's totally going the way of the crazy old man, and it amuses me to no end. There's Mehrissa or Melissa or whatever her name is all decked out in her evening gown, and Vinnie's in his old, ratty grandpa jammies. :')

Liz - I kind of can't wait until next round too. :X I'll have to send you preview pics.

I love Vinnie with the PJs on his date.

I blame it In Game on him getting dimentia. In truth, it's me being really lazy about making sure my sims are dressed before they leave for the house. At uni, whatever the kids are wearing when it comes to be class time is what they go in. :p

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