The Tanakas (C) - Round 12


Takeru Tanaka, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law

Kimi Tanaka, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Celebrity Chef


Last round at the Tanaka house, Kimi kept herself busy with her many various hobbies while waiting for Takeru to graduate from university and rejoin her at the house. He came home immediately after graduation, and the two were ready to resume their lives in the Tanaka home together.

Takeru, while he wasn't really interested in the music career, took a job in it because he needed to contribute to the household funds. Of course, having grown up with a former rock god, it didn't take Takeru long to reach the very top. He'd been playing guitar solos since he was 10.

After checking the job ads, he was disappointed that there were STILL no jobs in the law career available, so he just took one that seemed interesting. He was always creative, so he figured why not art?

Kimi, ever the resourceful one, didn't sit at home and feel sorry for herself while Take was at work. She made new friends, often just by greeting the people who walked past her house. Sometimes, Take could have sworn she was a popularity sim instead of Romance and Grilled Cheese, but he was happy she entertained herself.

And for those times when she couldn't entertain herself, she could always call Donte to come entertain her. Which she did, frequently.

Take came home with another promotion, and he finally felt he'd earned and saved enough money to do what he'd been wanting to do since he got home.

He called up Amanda, his college sweetheart, and proposed to her right there on the front walkway of the Tanaka house.

She accepted, happily for both parties.

Take promptly invited her to move in, since she'd just graduated and didn't have a place yet. She accepted that offer as well.

Take soon found out that the reason she'd been in school so long was that she'd cared so much about education. She really felt strongly about family values and education. He knew she'd make a great wife and mother, which really thrilled him. Take felt very strongly about marrying a woman who would be as good a mom as Kimi was to him.

They planned the wedding swiftly, and Amanda looked gorgeous in an unusually colored gown that was the basis of the colors for the wedding.

Half the neighborhood was there, including Take's father Donte, his college friends, and other important family and acquaintances from around Rosebud. All agreed it was a beautiful ceremony.

The night was beautiful, and they had all the requisite wedding moments...including a very nicely deposited bite of cake in Takeru's mouth.

The party was a great success, which not only pleased everyone in attendance...

...but also fulfilled Takeru's aspiration rewards. He REALLY wanted to marry her. :)

After a quick honeymoon, they were back and settled into Kimi's old bedroom (she had agreed to use Takeru's room and let the couple have the master bedroom). It wasn't the first time they'd made love, but it felt wonderful to finally be doing it as husband and wife.

As they began to settle into their new lives, Amanda got a new look. She had to confess that it was nice to be out of that itchy wool cheerleading uniform.

She also enjoyed getting to know Kimi. Takeru spoke so warmly of his mother that Amanda felt predisposed to like her. They got along wonderfully. Amanda knew that Kimi had never been married, but she also knew that Takeru had always been wonderfully provided for, and Amanda hoped she could be that good a mother.

Amanda may have started a new life, but some of her old rivals were still stuck in the past. Fortunately, those rivals had to deal with one of Stella's SentryBots if they decided they wanted to pull any funny business.

Takeru was continuing well in his new career, and he made it to the top of this one as well. Kimi merely scoffed teasingly when Takeru expressed how surprised and happy he was that he seemed to be doing so well. "Of course you are. You're my son," she replied with a grin.

Take knew his mother wasn't long for the earth, and it broke his heart. He was a mama's boy, through and through, and he wouldn't have changed it for the world. He tried to make sure that he spent extra attention and time being with his mom because she wouldn't be here forever.

She was pushing 80, and though she was feisty as ever, Takeru could see her slowing down physically.

So Takeru spent as much time with her as he could, something neither he nor Kimi minded one bit.

Amanda was thoughtful about trying to give them some private time, as she too could see that Kimi was probably not going to be around much longer. The house was big enough and had enough distracting activities that she could happily give them their alone time.

Kimi saw how Takeru was trying extra hard to be with her, and she loved him all the more for it. She, too, knew that she would die soon, and that was okay. Amanda would take good care of Take - she was a good woman - and Kimi had lived a long, long life. She even managed to finish her goal of maximizing all of her skills. Just because she was old as dirt didn't mean she'd give up on her goals!

Later that season, Amanda had a pleasant surprise: it seemed a little baby was on the way, and she and Takeru's family would finally begin.

Takeru too had a pleasant surprise: he finally found a job in his ideal career. Things were finally starting to come together for him and his new bride.

His new, rapidly expanding bride. They both hoped Kimi would live to see her first grandchild, but only time would tell...

[[Author's Notes: This round was so much fun, even though I was agonizingly watching Kimi's age meter the whole time and dreading her dying. I love Kimi. :( I'm going to be really sad when she goes, but I know it's gotta happen. She's the oldest of the original Tanaka siblings, so it makes sense she would go before Mari and Jiro. Still sucks, though. I love Amanda, and I rushed the wedding so that Kimi could see Take get married. She kept weirdly surviving longer than I thought she could. Can't wait to see their babies!!! Should be a fun house (if I can fix the seeming roof insulation problem and stop it from snowing in the bedroom :p). Couple of bloopers!

Anti-gravity grilled cheese. // Cheesephone. // I don't know if this is really an appropriate time to be admiring the artwork. ]]


Wow, Takeru maxing aspiration benefits young! Also, your romance/grilled cheese sim maxing all skills. Your sims are productive!

I am kind of a nazi with them when they are toddler/child-aged because there are so many fun skill-building activities available, and because I SWEAR they learn faster as children than they do as adults. I might be wrong, I've never tested it, but I try to get in as much skilling as possible during the early years. I might try to stop doing that, though, because I'm discovering it makes their elderhood very boring. :p

Ugh, why am I always leaving your page without typing the captchas?! :/
I wanted to say: You're good with filling the aspiration points, I think I let my sims get too much slack
And about the roof - you need to build a new one. It's a nice house - looks very modern and Scandinavian

Haha, sorry, maybe my captchas just evade your view? Thanks for the compliment! I sometimes think I micromanage my sims too much; they get a lot more aspiration points but a lot less freedom.

I just finally did that in the last round. I completely eliminated the two triangular rooves, built full-sized rooms on either end of that back 2nd floor hallway, and put closed-ended pagoda rooves on top instead. Now it looks more fitting one of my Japanese families, AND it doesn't snow in the bedroom anymore! Double score. :)

This entry was so bittersweet... congratulations to Take and Amanda (who I think has the female version of the Ricky Comier template!). I'm going to be sooooo sad when Kimi goes, luckily she's alive and kicking in my hood (and dating Jack Copur).

I know, she's been one of my favorites forever; I hate the idea of losing her. But I do look forward to her reincarnation in your hood! Squee! Kimi lives on. :)

P.S. I'm sure Kimi will console poor Jack and keep him warm at night now that Pamela is gone, lol.

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