The Clearys (B) - Round 12


Tara Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Chief of Staff


Last round at Tara's bachelorette pad, she worked to achieve a sense of normalcy in her new home after her split with Aki. She got a job in the medical field and achieved her second lifetime goal of becoming a chief of staff. One day, she brought home a co-worker, the pretty Demi Bear, and one thing led to another. Shockingly for Tara, her dalliance with Demi led to a pregnancy, and Tara gave birth to a beautiful little girl whom she named Melody, and who had Demi's etherial golden eyes. Let's see how single-mom Tara does this round.

Tara found that her life felt more full and complete than it ever had. She and Melody had a peaceful life together, Tara watching over her little girl while taking care of the house and starting what she thought could be a new career for her: writing novels.

She stayed in contact with Demi, not because she wanted to be with her for the rest of her life, but more because there would always be a warm place in her heart for the mother of her child. She did love Demi in a certain way...just not enough to ever make the woman a full part of her life.

The days went by peacefully, with Melody napping in her crib and Tara tapping away at her keyboard, forming the basis of her first novel.

She and Melody had a very peaceful life. Tara found that she was happier than she'd ever been simply feeding and bathing her little girl. All those unsatisfying years with Aki, apparently, all she'd needed was a little one to love and take care of. She wasn't too bothered by the fact that she was alone in the love department, as long as she had Melody.

The more she spent time at home taking care of her little girl and enjoying the beautiful house she'd had constructed, the more she realized that what she wanted most was to stay home.

She quit her job without any regrets, looking forward to making an income writing her novels and always being home for her little girl.

Her little girl wouldn't be quite so tiny forever, though, and Tara knew this. She invited Demi over for Melody's first birthday celebration, a bittersweet time.

Melody grew up into a beautiful toddler, even if her mother Demi's eyes gave her an older look that was almost disturbing in a small child.

And she couldn't have been a sweeter little girl, really. Kind and active, though a bit shy and serious, Melody was a joy of a little girl.

And Tara had to admit that even with the unusual eyes, Melody, with the right hairstyle, was just a chipper, adorable little toddler like any other.

Skill time was when Tara appreciated most her decision to quit her job and take on a more homebound lifestyle. It would have been impossible, as a single mom, to teach Melody all the things she needed to know without having so much free time.

Melody was bright, though, and Tara found that she hardly missed adult company when she had time to teach her daughter life skills and occasionally sit down and just read her a good book.

When it came time for Melody to become a child, Tara quickly realized that the tiny bachelorette pad she'd designed for only one wouldn't be sufficient. She commissioned an addition to be added to the second floor of her house. It provided Tara with a new office and Melody with a new room that would give her plenty of space and privacy.

Of course, it didn't mean that Melody wasn't fully and wholeheartedly attached to her mom. She and Tara were practically inseperable, and Melody loved it. She knew nothing else since the day she'd been born, and she never resented her mother for being around all the time.

The older she got, the more startling her looks became, and Tara suspected her little daughter would become quite the heartbreaker, all the more potent the older she got.

Tara's first novel didn't exactly sell for a billion simoleons, but she knew that she would only get better the longer she wrote. Plus, her contract included two more books, and she not only needed to but also WANTED to fulfill this contract.

Melody's first day of school was a painful one for Tara, despite how proud she was of her bright little girl. At least Tara wouldn't have to worry about Melody thriving in the new environment: her daughter was self-confident and self-reliant if shy.

Tara and Melody had a very basic understanding of one another, too, which gave Tara a bit of an easier time raising her daughter. Their deep familiarity with one another allowed Tara to know exactly what Melody needed...

...and to balance those wants with the essential needs of a young girl growing up in Rosebud. Their existence might have seemed boring to some, but it was the ultimate comfort to mother and daughter alike.

[[Author's Notes: These two know each other so well, it's not even funny. They are perfectly happy being in their own little universe bubble with one another, which is a relief since I didn't really want to move in a lover for Tara. It didn't work the last time, so this time, I figured mom and daughter would be happy together. I'm relieved they seem to share my view. They might be a little boring, but I still love them. This house makes my heart warm and my lips smile. :)

This is not the way you raise a child, Mom. I'm only 6 months old, and I know this. ]]


Melody is so cute with her ear rings! I'm terrible with giving my sims jewellery

I usually don't either, but for some reason with her, I just thought she'd look better with them. :)

I love how both Tara and Aki have found happiness and new families.

Me too! I have never had two sims with such bad chemistry despite supposed bolts of attraction. They really were just a bad match.

These two are so adorable together, kinda reminiscent of Kimi and Take :) I see that you're game is slowly getting filled with more CC, uh oh! Anyway, I can't wait to see how Melody grows up, she is super adorable with those squinty golden eyes!

That's one of the reasons I love them so much! I need to get a single father in my game, though... OH WAIT. It will totally be Alex Beaumont, next round, with his alien spawn. :D I'm going for family diversity now so it's not all mom, dad, two children.

Hahaha, I know, I'm getting a little CC crazy. I downloaded some wallpapers, some beds, some clothes, of course the default replacement face templates and PTs, new skins, new eyes.... okay, yeah, I'm starting to get a lot of CC. :X I BLAME YOU! <3

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