The Tanakas (B) - Round 6

Last round, Stella and Mariko's prayers were finally answered, and they were blessed with a new baby boy - Cosmo - who took after both of his mothers and was sweet as pie. Mariko in particular couldn't stop stroking his soft skin and cuddling him to her. Her mother had always been an inspiration to her, and now she could be the same for little Cosmo.

Stella, as brilliant as she was at everything, took to mothering like a fish to water. Cosmo always calmed down when Stella was there, seeming to naturally draw from her easy and loving manner.

Things weren't all perfect, of course. Mariko accidentally started a grease fire in the kitchen one day and was forced to call the fire department to help her put it out.

They got there in time that nothing but their dinner and Mari's pride were burnt, though she swore to be infinitely more careful in the future. They couldn't risk that kind of accident with Cosmo in the house now.

Mariko's sister Kimi came by to see her new nephew and cooed over him for a long time. Stella and Mariko felt like life couldn't get any better, even if they weren't on the fast track to their new lifetime wants.

Before they knew it, Cosmo's infant days were over, and it was time for him to become a toddler. He blew out the candles...

...and transformed into a handsome little toddler who definitely showed facial traits of both his Mommy Mariko, in his brown almond-shaped eyes, and his Mommy Stella, in his black hair and skin tone.

He was a friendly, active little toddler who loved nothing more than to play all day, by himself or with one of his mommies.

He was a quick learner too, learning all of his toddler skills within a day or two of first attempting them.

After a few long weeks of hunting, Stella and Mariko both managed to find jobs in their new chosen fields as well, quitting their old jobs and turning over new leaves.

Stella, ever the over-achiever, managed to reach the top of her field and reach her second lifetime want after one week of work. Mariko had a little bit more work to do, but it didn't matter - they were all so happy.

Stella even began to develop new interests, finding that she cared less about striving endlessly to achieve goals outside the home and caring more about spending some romantic time with her beautiful partner.

Mariko quickly got promoted in her field, professional that she was.

And Stella started spending some of her off time renewing her interest in tinkering, finally earning her gold robotics badge.

Despite their love of him while he was so tiny, Cosmo couldn't stay small forever.

It was soon time for another birthday, and Stella carried him to the cake to blow out the candles.

He grew seemingly before their eyes into a friendly, chipper young boy.

"He'll be a heartbreaker one day," Mariko said, sighing happily, and Stella kissed her cheek and could do nothing but agree.

Stella, honestly, I can't leave you alone for a minute.


::squeal:: Cosmo is so darling -- it's funny that he looks like Mari but has the coloring of Stella. Love it! I hope they have more babies soon!!!!

I love that too! I can't wait to see what he looks like as a teen/ya/adult.

I don't know if I should let them reproduce hood is totally going to explode, but squee!

Cosmo is totally cute! I need a green baby.

Cosmo is the cutest alien in my hood, IMHO. I'm so lucky that none of my aliens have that awful squished PT9 nose. I think I'd like to install a default replacement before that fate befalls any of my bebes...

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