The Tanakas (C) - Round 6

This round starts off with some cuteness. Kimi invited Takeru's dad over for a date, and the two got to bond a little bit.

Donte stayed for Take's birthday, since he was there, and since it was time for the little boy to grow up.

He grew into a handsome boy that very much resembled both of his parents.

He definitely had his mothers eyes, and his cheekbones were a toss-up between the two.

Kimi took up a new hobby since she had some free time.

And Take took up some hobbies that were similiar to his mom's interests.

Music and cuisine both fascinated him as they did her.

Take and his mom actually got along quite well. It had always just been the two of them, and they'd grown to be friends in addition to mother and son.

Take turned out to be a supremely neat and playful child, with some of his mother's outgoing qualities, and he was pleasant to be around.

In fact, he seemed to make friends quickly at school, bringing home a friend almost as soon as he started middle school: Marquez Villalobos.

They instantly hit it off, in no small part due to the fact that Takeru's house had such neat toys: a big-screen tv, a piano, a telescope, a guitar.

By the time Marquez left that night, the two were fast friends.

After that, it was time for homework, and Kimi always carved a sufficient block out of her schedule to be able to help Takeru when and where he needed it.

As Takeru grew bigger, Kimi thought it was time for their home to grow bigger. With all the money she'd made in her two successful careers, she purchased a new, large modern home for them.

There was plenty of space for both of them, with a bedroom and balcony upstairs for Kimi and a bedroom downstairs for Takeru. All their things fit perfectly and they no longer felt quite so cramped. They both loved the house.

Kimi also decided, with agreement from Takeru, that it was time to try to get him into private school. He was so bright and such a hard worker that he was bored in his normal public school classes, and so they invited the headmaster as soon as they got moved in.

Takeru, outgoing as always, ran outside and greeted the man happily.

The headmaster seemed quite taken with Takeru, finding him bright and entertaining and skilled - especially in his musical talents.

The headmaster had already heard of Kimi, obviously, with her celebrity chef status, and he couldn't stop raving about her food.

Takeru was obviously a shoe-in, and the headmaster happily welcomed him at the end of the night. Kimi and Take celebrated with some Baked Alaska.

The next day, Take made new friends quickly at Rosebud Academy. In fact, he discovered that his cousin Cosmo also attended the Academy.

He brought Cosmo home with him that day so they could play in the cavernous new house. It was the perfect space for Cops & Robbers.

It was definitely a boon for them to be at the same school now.

A great opportunity presented itself for Kimi - the opportunity to go on a cooking show and strut her stuff. By trusting her instinct and skill, she earned $25,000 for the family, which went right into the coffers.

But as always, despite the move, the new school, and the large bonus, Kimi and Take stuck together, spending a little time each night to eat together and work on his homework.

A glitch I won't complain about. // Not a blooper, but I was kind of surprised that Take recognized Cosmo as a relative. Cool beans.


Kimi is really a super mom isn't she? That house is pretty fantastic, is it a pre-made maxis house? I'm glad Kimi and Takeru are good friends, he seems to have calmed her down a bit from her Romancing ways :)

Kimi is like a super-everything. Everything that girl does comes easy to her. It's kind of bizarre. She's the easiest sim I ever play.

She really has settled into motherhood quite well, hasn't she? Now all her wants are for GC instead of sleeping with people. :)

I've used that house, but it's interesting to see how you set it up differently...I like. And grilled cheese, egad.

I like it too, though Kimi seems to think she's going outside every time she enters her bedroom (the one room upstairs). It's definitely covered by a roof, so I'm not sure what the problem is, but since she only sleeps in there, it's not that big of a deal. I mostly just have them live downstairs.

Haha, at first I thought GC was kind of fun, but now I'm like GROAN. THEY WILL NEVER EAT ANYTHING BUT GRILLED CHEESE EVER AGAIN. Not really a realistic secondary aspiration for a gourmand!

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