The Clearys - Round 6

First off the bat in the Cleary house, good news! Colm makes a wise choice at work and gets promoted to International Sim of Mystery!

We tried condescention once before and it didn't work out, so this was an easy one.

Hooray for big bonuses!

With all that money, Colm and Michelle could more than afford a birthday cake for their little boy, who was finally growing up into a teen.

Aw, welcome to adolescence, teen Neal. You're just as darling as ever.

That LTW doesn't fit your personality, but that's okay, I can live with it.

Michelle didn't have quite as good of luck as Colm did at work, and she ended up losing two critical logic skill points, leaving her behind the game in terms of working for her next promotion.

It didn't take long for her to work her way back up though, and she soon came home with another promotion. One more step toward becoming a Business Tycoon.

Since Neal was finally a teen, Colm and Michelle decided it was time once more to invite over the headmaster for dinner. The night was a success, and Neal became the next Rosebud resident to belong to Rosebud Academy.

That meant studying a little harder, but he didn't mind, as Colm and Michelle were determined to help him be a big success.

His first day of school, he was happy and confident that he could do well. Plus, he thought the girls would like the way he looked in his snappy blazer.

Colm and Michelle splurged and bought him an old junker for him to fix up since he would be driving soon, and though it was rough going, he loved spending time out in the driveway fixing it up.

Unfortunately, that night was a rough one. The ghost of Aisling came back to give them all a proper scare.

No one was safe, not even her beloved little Neal. He barely remembered Aisling from his toddler days, but the sight of her ghost was uncharacteristically terrifying. He didn't understand why she was haunting them.

After the terrifying night, the Clearys decided it was time to move Aisling to the local cemetery where she could be with the rest of the Clearys who had gone before. It was a sad day, but a necessary one. Now they could go on with the rest of their lives in peace.

These Cleary ghosts must be very neat creatures! // Yeah, we're going to require a costume change. // He is so absolutely precious.


HAHA at Neal in the leather with the tatt pic! That outfit really really doesn't fit our little irish sweetheart!

NO. I was like, "HI, UM, HOW ABOUT NO."

That Aisling is vicious! And yeah, Neal really is precious.

I think she's unhappy about a bed deletion in her old room. That's the only thing that's changed since she died, so that must be what she's all grouchy about. :p

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