The Vincis (A) - Round 6

The first thing Sal wanted to do in this round was sneak out with his newly teen friend, Alex Beaumont. Your wish is my command, Sal.

In the meantime, Craig worked on his LTW of reaching the top of the criminal career track and becoming a Criminal Mastermind. Thank god they give him a uniform for this job; otherwise, I don't think he'd master the subtlety necessary.

I also discovered that Craig has a gold robotics badge, which is really kind of awesome because it means he's my first sim with the ability to make a servo. So I had him make one.

Shortly thereafter, the first servo of Rosebud was "born." Her name is Bitsy.

Bitsy wants to become a Media Magnate, which kind of seems fitting since so many Media Magnates are kind of like robots...

Sadly, as the circle of life goes, with one birth comes a death. Henry went to the big bird cage in the sky.

That night, after everyone was asleep, Alex came to pick up Sal in the mysterious limo all mischeivous teens drive, and they made their getaway.

Sal's luck wasn't good that night, however, and the cops brought him home. He at least managed to avoid getting a lecture since Gretchen and Craig were both asleep, but he was shamed by his behavior.

It took him a few hours to get out all the ensuing tears from being brought home by the police.

To cheer himself up, he got himself a new pet - a womrat who was very stinky but nonetheless adorable.

So cute.

Sal didn't have much time with his new pet, though. He was feeling restless and decided it was time to head to college. After all, Inari had already graduated, and he was eager to hurry his way through and begin his new life with her. Not only that, Gretchen had been a great mom, and he wanted to give her some time alone with Craig, to begin their lives together properly without a teenager hanging around.

That night, he headed off to Sim State.

In the house, things were a lot quieter without Sal. The phone rang less often, and Craig frequently took time to spend with Bitsy, acclimating her to life.

Bitsy soon got a job in the Journalism career and began working her way up the work food chain. It was easier for her because she had a more endless supply of energy and fewer needs, and Gretchen and Craig were grateful for the extra income.

Gretchen too kept working her way up. It would only be a matter of time before she became a Mad Scientist.

Promotions all around - Craig becomes a Bookie.

Though Gretchen loved Sal with all her heart, she had to admit that it was wonderful to have the time alone with Craig. They really took advantage of it.

Bitsy, for her part, stayed out of the way, working on her skills and staying out of trouble.

Well, trying to stay out of trouble, anyway.

Bitsy didn't suffer much from her trip to see the aliens, though she wouldn't have said she exactly enjoyed it.

Bloop! Maybe Gretch and Craig enjoyed their time alone a little TOO much.

Bitsy got right back on the horse and got promoted again.

And Craig decided to work on his skills so he could move beyond being just a bookie.

Perhaps he should have tried the chess board instead.

Bye, Craig.

And welcome back. Did you enjoy the aliens? Not so much? Poor guy. Then you're going to hate what they did to you...

Bloop! Gretchen nears her due date, and Craig is feeling a little tired and uncomfortable from his trip to see the aliens. What happens next? Find out in round 7.

Robots can apparently work out. // And get fit! // Hahaha, how about no? // Craig feels very comfortable in his new home.


Holy alien abductions batman... And oh lord... 2 pregnancies at the same time, you are going to have your hands full next round my friend! I thought you weren't going to allow the townie couple to breed? Hopefully Gretchen can carry her baby to term without a miscarriage this time though I'm curious to see the townie genes mix.

I couldn't believe two in a row!!! And Gretchen is getting well-on in years now! But YAY, let's hope it's a green baby that's actually cute instead of all pinch-nosed.

She'll make it. :) I have utmost faith, and I'm watching her like a hawk this time.

I thought about not allowing them to breed, btw, but I felt bad for the earlier miscarriage and gave in. :[

Awww, I want a green baby. Maybe I'll have to start having sims spend more time with that telescope.

I need to download the hack that allows female sims to be impregnated by aliens too. It would make for more green baby loveliness.

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