The Beaumonts (A) - Round 6

*I labeled the dog's name wrong. It is actually Abbey. Don't ask me where Shelley came from. Oops*

The first thing that happened in this round was that I contemplated turning Aurélie into a werewolf, since she's only got one nice point anyway. I was actually going to go for it until...

Abbey decided for me that this wasn't going to happen, and she royally kicked Balin's arse! Wow, Abs.

Later, she was still thinking about it. Guess the Beaumonts picked a good guard dog.

Adelaide, ever tireless, continued trying to build up her skills so she could get a promotion. She sold her previous fixer-upper and got herself a new one so she could start all over again.

But only a few weeks into winter, it was time for the youngest Beaumont children to become teens. Adelaide and Armand were getting close to elderhood, and it was almost a relief to have the kids grow up and be more self-reliant before that happened.

Poof! Alexandre becomes a teen with really bad hair.

There you go, sweetie, much better.

Aurélie's next!

Ta-da! More bad hair. We'll fix that too.

Finally! A different LTW! If I got Hall of Famer or Education Minister or Celebrity Chef one more time, I was going to scream!


Alex is so cute and does so well at anything he tries.

Yay, Armand! It feels like it's taken me sooooo long to get these sims promotions, which I guess is what happens when they have four kids, two of them late-in-life twins. I hope that Armand can get his LTW of becoming Education Minister.

Adelaide comes home with a promotion and works her tail off for the next two days she has off...

FINALLY succeeding in reaching the top of her career and her LTW. She was already perma-plat thanks to wishing it be so from the genie lamp, but I'm really relieved she finally got here.

The kids got a snow day, so what did they decide to do with it?

Sing. Nearly all day, until they were blue with cold and had to go in and take a bath to warm up. Then it was right back out again. This was the best gift from an outing ever.

These two really get along well. :')

I leave you with this cute picture of Abbey, who likes to sleep on beds and furniture. I really like the sim Pets, even if it seems kind of...pointless to have them sometimes.



Congrats to Adelaide for reaching her LTW -- it's difficult for CAS adults because they have to start from scratch and don't have their whole lives to build skills and friends. I'm sure Armand will reach his too. The twins turned out so gorgeous but boo for Aurelie's LTW. I'm dreading that one with Annatto Eich, at least you will have practice though. Perhaps you can start early and get Abbey bred with another dog while Aurelie is still a teen.

I feel like this house is moving in slow motion, sometimes. Everything takes a very long time to achieve, including making friends and building skills. Plus, with only four slots of wants, it's hard to keep them in gold or platinum. But sigh. They'll make it. No double LTW achievement in this house, though. O.o

I swear, I will figure out an easy-ish way to do 20 puppies or kittens. That makes a count of four sims in my 'hood with that same want! It's so bad, it almost makes me want to change her aspiration in college.

That's fantastic with Abby, beating up the wolf.

That's a good dog, right there!

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