The Tanakas (A) - Round 6

Last round, we left Jiro and Linda in the house alone, enjoying their time with some well-deserved woohoo after the loss of Yuuna. And it looks like they won't have the house to themselves for long...

Jiro, in true Jiro fashion, wanted to make Linda an honest woman (at least in legal terms), and he didn't want a fat bride, so he was quick to propose shortly after they found out about the pregnancy.

Linda, who hadn't been sleeping with anyone but Jiro for some time (though she still enjoyed a nice date or two), accepted.

Shortly thereafter, they invited Mariko and Kimi to come watch them tie the knot.

It was a beautiful, mild winter day, and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Aww, twin bad memories. They really were meant for one another.

The party went great, and Stella even managed to pop by for part of it. It was a roaring success, despite Linda having to excuse herself part-way through and go lie down.

Bloop! She was showing in no time.

Jiro continued to have "outings" with co-workers, which he classified in his head as "networking" in order to soothe what little conscience he had about dating while his wife was at home pregnant with his child.

Despite their mutual infidelity, Jiro and Linda really did get along well. They spent many an evening in the redesigned nursery, singing duets on their karaoke machine and playing with the various other toys their extraordinary salaries allowed.

Jiro stumbled into some good luck, which increased their family coffers enough to ensure their new baby would be able to go to college with no problems.

Bloop! As winter went on, Linda was disgusted with the changes in her formerly fit-as-a-fiddle body, though she had to admit, she was looking forward to having a little one to take care of and carry on the family.

Jiro busied himself when he wasn't at work or on networking missions rekindling his interest in tinkering. With two romance sims in the house, the SentryBot really came in handy for preventing stolen newspapers and kicked-over trashcans.

One night while she was pigging out on some spaghetti, Linda's water broke. The baby was coming.

Shortly thereafter, a little baby boy was born with her skin tone and her lovely blue eyes. He was definitely more of a Mazza than a Tanaka, but it didn't matter. He was theirs.

They thought he was the handsomest baby they'd ever seen, not short at all on ego or parental pride.

In honor of their careers as Hall of Famers, they named the new boy Homer.

They even decorated his new room in true sportsfan fashion, baseball rug and all.

And even though both of them hated the idea of being married, both loved little Homer with all their hearts.


::chuckle:: Homer, how cute! I never thought Jiro and Linda would take the plunge but I'm glad they did for the Baby's sake. It would be funny if Homer grew up to be a fat, lazy knowledge sim or something, lol :)

Haha, my proudest name. :p I am a geek. I wanted them to get married so the baby would truly be a Tanaka. So yes, Jiro had to be forced. :)

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