The Villaloboses (A) - Round 6

With Roisin and Santiago recently gone, Vinnie was in the house alone, except for the wonderful company of Pequito, Santiago's beloved puppy. He wasn't to be a puppy for too long, though, and soon after the winter season began, he changed into a full-sized dog that shockingly looked nothing like the puppy he had been. (Seriously, what's up with that, EAxis? He looked like a black lab puppy, and now he's a, what, collie? O.o)

Vincente was finally in his career of choice, and he was truly kicking major arse. Unlike most of his companions who had wanted to be celebrity chefs, he was actually making the dream come true, and with extraordinary profits. With the kind of money he was making, he could afford all the dates with all the women he wanted - he had it all.

One of his prospective love matches was Steph DiNozzo, a rockin' sort of chick who happened to wander by one day. (And a custom townie I made and lurve.) Of course, it didn't take any time at all for Vinnie to coax her on a date.

Steph seemed to adore Vinnie, but she wasn't so fond of being scared to death by the ghost of Roisin, which appeared halfway through their rockin' good time. Vinnie quickly suggested she leave and that he would call her so she wasn't scared literally to death.

Santiago made an appearance that night, as well, and he didn't seem quite as angry as his former bride. He just floated sadly around the house, much to the fear of Pequito, who seemed to sense his presence.

Despite her fear of ghosts, Steph seemed to have a great time and left Vinnie a nice present on his doorstep.

Vinnie came home with a promotion the next day, and with the extra money he had saved, he sadly moved Santiago and Roisin to the Rosebud Cemetery, so both they and he could rest in peace.

He and Pequito both slept soundly that night.

Sleepy boy.


This house must be a little boring for you. Vinnie isn't really getting his romance on too much, I know single sims can be a little slow at times... Your townie is cute, the crazy candy stripe hair really stands out.

I actually kind of like this house. He's easy to skill and I like Pequito. I'd really like Vinnie to reproduce, but if he doesn't, one of the other Villalobos kids will have to move in. Probably one of the Gen 2s.

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