The Vincis (E) - Round 12


Silvio Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Beth Thayer, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last time at the Vinci house, Silvio and Beth moved into an unfinished house that they would eventually call their own. Their primary goal in life at this point was to excel as far as they could in their respective careers to make enough money to finish the house. Unexpectedly, however, they got pregnant, and baby Ruby was born at the end of the round. Silvio and Beth barely had enough money to put wallpaper on the walls and carpet in the baby's room, but they managed. Beth finally managed to find a job in the athletic career, to reach her lifetime goal, but having had Ruby, she was stuck at home. How will this brand new family do this round? We'll see.

Though she was off on maternity leave, Beth knew that she had to be in peak physical condition to eventually reach her goal of becoming a hall of famer. Thus, when Silvio was at work and baby Ruby was napping, she spent most of her time working out.

Baby Ruby wasn't to be a baby much longer, though. Shortly into the summer season, she had a birthday and grew up to display even more of her mother's features: gray eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a dark skintone that made her one of the most unique children in Rosebud.

She was a playful, neat little girl, who also loved to make new friends, just like her mother.

Silvio and Beth were delighted, even though Ruby was definitely a bit of an "oops" baby. They were so in love, and their little family was just beautiful.

Of course, they weren't the world's best parents, and sometimes their celebration led to neglect of little Ruby, but she didn't seem to suffer the worse for it.

Both Silvio and Beth took time out of their schedules to teach their little daughter the necessary skills in life.

They weren't really bad parents, just sort of clueless when it came to exactly how much attention a child needed. They'd never planned to have Ruby, and she caught them by surprise. They were happy to have her, but it was definitely a steep learning curve of parenting.

The learning curve of "using protection during woohoo" unfortunately took a little longer to kick in. Before they knew it, Silvio and Beth's frequent romancing of one another led to another bun in Beth's oven.

Despite her ponderous belly, Beth would be damned if she'd give up her goal of becoming a hall of famer. She still kept to a rigorous exercise regimen, even when her belly was too big to allow her to do sit-ups, jump rope, or yoga.

Soon, it was little Ruby's birthday, though, and that was cause for celebration. She'd finally be a little bit more independent, which Silvio and Beth gratefully anticipated since they would have another crying/pooping/eating machine in the house soon.

They were *really* excited. Thankfully, Ruby was too young to understand exactly from whence their excitement came.

She grew up into a serene-yet-startling looking young lady, with her peaceful face and unexpected pale gray eyes. She too was glad she wouldn't have to rely on her parents for all her needs anymore. No more screaming in a crib for hours until she was let out!

Beth continued on her exercise schedule well into her third trimester and finally managed to maximize her body skill points. She'd done it!

Unfortunately, she'd also worked herself right into labor. Don't give me that look, Beth, you did it to yourself.

A beautiful baby girl with a pale skintone and Beth's gray eyes was born, and due to her pretty coloring, they decided to name her Pearl. With a little bit of experience ahead of them, Silvio and Beth felt like they could do this baby thing with confidence this time around. And thankfully, now Ruby could help out.

[[Author's Notes: I really think this family is fun. Silvio and Beth are hilariously neglectful parents, but they're both kind of self-centered, so that makes sense to me. I forget whether Ruby has red hair or brown hair, and it's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but I kind of hope red. I don't remember whether Beth's hair is brown or red...though I think it's brown. If Ruby DOES have red hair, it must come from Caitlin (Silvio's mama), though then Beth would have to have a recessive red gene in there somewhere... ah, I dunno. **EDIT:** Judging from the eyebrows, Beth has brown hair and Ruby has red. Huh. Beth seems to be a storehouse of recessive genes, yay! ** I'm not good at mysteries. Anyway, yeah. These guys amuse me kind of a lot. The good thing is that with all the maternity leave, Beth has really been able to get up all her skills so when she goes back to work, she should get promoted pretty rapidly...especially since she's also on the phone all the time and has like 18 billion friends. Only one blooper for you!

This picture looks creepy by itself. But when you know the backstory behind it, it becomes kind of funny. Beth and Silvio were getting ready to "casual sit" on the couch and get their woohoo on when she jumped up and had to go puke from the pregnancy. He followed her over there like, "But... um... are you done? Can we woohoo now?" ]]

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The Villaloboses (E) - Round 12


Marquez Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Imelda Vinci, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Villalobos household, both Imelda and Marquez were true workaholics, blasting through their chosen career paths. That was, until Imelda got pregnant. She gave birth to natural twin boys, Antony and Julian. The family also lost Pumpkin shortly afterwards, and Cinnamon became the sole kitty resident of the house. Let's see how this family does with their new additions this round.

As per his usual, Marquez started off the summer season with a bang, reaching his second lifetime want of becoming a Space Pirate.

After all that hard work, he really wanted to take it easy, though. He'd reached the top of two career paths since graduating college, and he thought that taking it easy and enjoying the good life might be what he was looking for as his next goal.

The truth was, he really wanted more time at home with the boys instead of spending so much time chasing career goals. Parenthood looked good on Marquez.

And they grew so fast! He didn't want to miss a single moment. He could hardly believe it when it was time for the boys' first birthday. They wouldn't be squawling infants any longer.

Now they would be rambunctious, curious toddlers, with lots of skills to learn that would definitely require both parents' presence to teach.

Imelda and Marquez team taught their boys, side by side, all the skills the boys would need to grow up well. It was a tedious job but also one they were grateful to have. Not only was it rewarding not to have to change diapers anymore, they also loved spending time with their children.

Imelda did eventually go back to work because she still had one last goal to achieve: to become a mad scientist. With one week back at work, she'd achieved her goal, and now she too felt as though she could relax a little and stop focusing on her career in favor of focusing on her boys.

And they sure were good boys. Sweet, playful, and active, they were a joy in their parents' lives, even if they were a little messy.

Occasionally, Imelda and Marquez had a hard time keeping track of the boys. Twins were a workout, even with two adults to keep an eye on them. Antony in particular frequently wandered outside, though he never went near the road. Why these nighttime wanderings?

He loved the fireflies.

The lessons continued on, and the family got closer and closer. Imelda and Marquez tried to take turns with each of the boys, and for some reason, raising their modest family was more romantic than any dates the two of them could have had on the town.

Marquez hated it whenever he had to leave the house to go to work. It was unclear whether this was because he didn't like to leave the family or because he realized the ridiculousness of the space pirate costume.

Imelda still stuck close to her remaining kitty. She knew that Cinnamon wasn't long for this world, so she tried to make him feel as loved as possible.

Of course, he wasn't exactly rolling in joy since the toddlers joined the house. The way they screamed and cried put Cinnamon's nerves on edge as an elder kitty, and he was never shy about expressing his distaste about the new tiny monsters that had joined the household.

But yet again, they wouldn't remain little forever. Near the end of the summer, it was time for another birthday. Mom and Dad held their little boys over the cakes and were tearfully happy to see them grow up into handsome young boys.

Antony was closer to his father's skintone and had beautiful big eyes and light brown hair.

Julian had his mother's skintone and his father's large eyes and pouty mouth. Both boys looked like they would be immensely handsome when they grew up.

As is always the way with life, there was some sadness mixed in with the happiness. As Imelda knew would happen, the time came for Cinnamon to pass on.

His gravestone joined Pumpkins in the back corner of the lot under a big weeping willow tree.

The first thing Imelda did after she contained her sadness was to adopt another pair of her mother's cats. That day, Roux and Brownie came to live out the rest of their lives with Imelda and her family.

Roux had a bit of a hard time adjusting and forgot some of the positive training Fiona had given him, but the boys had a good giggle at the idea that they could tell their teacher that the cat ate their homework.

Fortunately, Imelda saved the homework in time, and the boys got their first lesson in how to study from their parents. The boys weren't too delighted by it, but their parents swore it would only help them in the future.

[[Author's Notes: This family is so cute. The boys turned out WAY better looking than I could have ever imagined, though with parents that look like Marquez and Imelda, I suppose it's not shocking. I'd never seen the toddler interaction "chase fireflies" before, but Antony surprised me! It's totally adorable, and it helped him discover his true hobby love: nature. I guess I'll pop Marquez into the slacker career track when I go back to this house; I think the hours are pretty limited, and they don't exactly need a ton of money. Don't know if there are any more kids in the works for these two or not...I think I'll leave it up to fate and risky woohoo. :) Lots of bloopers!

The very portrait of responsible parenting. // Cinnamon sez: "Can I kill this kid now?" // Cinnamon: "Really. I never really liked him. // Maybe Antony actually THINKS he's a cat. // Um, weird, Marquez. No. ]]

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The Beaumonts (D) - Round 12


Guillermo Chan, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Aurélie Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children


Last round at the Beaumont house, Aurélie and Guillermo worked hard to decorate their downtown lot with lots of trees. They both worked hard at their respective careers, Aurélie reaching the top of the Paranormal career track and Guillermo reaching the top of the Dance career. Then Aurélie got bitten by the pack leader and turned into a werewolf and immediately brought Guillermo along for the ride. When we left them at the end of the round, Aurélie was pregnant for the first time.

The round started off immediately with some bad blood. When Takeru Tanaka had married his new bride Daisy in a night ceremony, Guillermo had taken out his wolfy bloodlust on father of the groom, Donte. It sparked a serious case of distaste between the two men.

A SERIOUS case. Guillermo, now bereft of all conscience because of his new lupine genes, had no compunctions about picking a fight with an old man.

Amusingly enough to everyone but Guillermo, Donte won and trounced his werewolf, mean, full-body-pointed younger competitor.

He indulged in some very unmanly crying in the den. Sorry, Guillermo, but I don't really feel bad for you. Don't pick fights with old men!

Of course, Donte wasn't exactly an innocent party. He continued to wander by the house and try to make trouble, but mostly, the SentryBot Guillermo had installed kept Donte's vandalism in line.

Aurélie continued to grow into her pregnancy and her werewolfism. In fact, she frequently felt as if she were more alive at night than at any time of the day.

She and Guillermo didn't bother to try to control their wilder instincts, especially when it came to woohooing on the bench in the wooded areas of their lot. And even if she was already pregnant.

The morning when Aurélie's water finally broke, she was almost wishing it had come during her wolfy time. Then maybe it wouldn't have hurt so darn bad!

She and Guillermo were blessed that day with two little girls, whom they named Aline and Caroline, sticking to Aurélie's French heritage since Guillermo was a bit of a mutt. No pun intended.

Aline had brown eyes and Guillermo's face shape, while Caroline had black hair and favored her mother's facial structure. Both had brown eyes.

Surprisingly, despite the wolfish influence of their newfound werewolf heritage, Guillermo and Aurélie were exceptional parents.

Especially Guillermo seemed to delight in his little girls and spent most of his waking hours, whether during the day or at night, tending to them.

He and Aurélie still found time to spend together, of course, especially since their family was only a third of the size they truly wanted it to be.

They were young, and Aurélie was fertile, and soon she was showing familiar signs of pregnancy once again. She loved the idea of having more children, but she definitely could have done without the morning sickness.

Soon, she was showing again, and she was off work once more to take care of the new child growing inside her. It helped to have the maternity leave in order to help raise the oldest twins, too.

It also was about to be even more handy because the infants were having their first birthday and officially becoming toddlers.

Aline grew up first, demonstrating even more how she looked like her father. Aurélie thought Guillermo was handsome, but she couldn't help silently hoping that her eldest daughter grew out of or into the unusual face shape.

Caroline came next, definitely looking like Aline's sister but favoring Aurélie's face shape more similarly.

Both girls were extremely grouchy and extremely messy, which really wasn't a surprise given how their parents' personalities had changed after being wolfified.

Following the girls' birthday came the days of serious double-parenting duties. Who knew that toddlers required so much attention and teaching? For a while, Aurélie and Guillermo had to put off the nighttime rendezvous to their wooded bench.

Not that either of them minded too much. Sure, the werewolf instinct was powerful, but their family natures were even more powerful.

Plus, the girls were adorable learning and playing in the new nursery that Aurélie and Guillermo had put in as an addition to the third floor of the house. They couldn't wait to have more children.

The only time their children became too much for Aurélie to handle was when Guillermo had to go to work. For those rare occasions (his schedule was light), they hired a nanny to assist Aurélie in child care, and that worked out really well, especially since Aurélie was so exhausted from being pregnant most of the time.

Their schedules weren't destined to get any lighter, though, as Aurélie went into labor for the second time in her life.

Another set of twin girls was the result of Aurélie and Guillermo's second try. Guillermo obviously wasn't shooting out any Y-chromosomes. These two girls, the happy parents named Sophie and Susannah, and their little family grew from four to six in one evening.

Aurélie and Guillermo settled their new babies in, and she immediately set to work making them a midnight feast. The craving for meat was strongest then, and the two new parents celebrated with a feast of steak.

It wasn't long, however, before they were back in bed trying again. Two more children, and they could finally be on their way to achieving their wildest dreams.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, so both sets of twins were cheesecake twins, I admit. I wanted them to get all the children born in really quick succession so that Aurélie and Guillermo weren't dying off before the last of the children can graduate college and get married. Aline's face really worries me, as I was hoping to sort of breed out that awful jaw-to-chin ratio that Guillermo has (HOW DID TWO SUCH PRETTY SIMS PRODUCE HIS FACE, ANYWAY?), but maybe I'll be surprised and she'll turn into a gorgeous girl. After all, Guillermo's face shape was the combination of two female faces, so maybe that same combo will look better on her. I thought Gina Vinci was going to look really unfortunate judging from her toddler face-shape, but she ended up being one of my prettiest sims, so we shall see. Next round: more twinz for these two, and then the insanity of them trying to raise that enormous passel of kids. Few bloopers for you.

I really thought getting in a fight with Guillermo was a bad decision for Donte. I mean, would you fight a guy with these stats, who could also eat you? // Invisible shower occupant. // I'm not sure if she's horrified by his newly hairy body or the fact that he's naked. // Yeah, that's gonna be fun to deal with. ]]

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