The Vincis (B) - Round 8


Enzo Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA

Fiona Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

ALSO: Two infant girls, Leah and Grace Vinci. Sorry, no photo.


Last round at the Vinci's, Enzo and Fiona enjoyed their alone time following Imelda's departure for university a little too much, and Fiona ended up pregnant. After a very rough pregnancy, the happy couple was surprised with late in life twins, two girls named Leah and Grace Vinci. Let's see how these nearly old fogies handle two bouncing baby girls!

Busy with two brand new babies to care for, Fiona didn't notice when Cinnamon and Pumkpin found the pet house outside and decided to take advantage of its privacy. Not that she would have been disappointed if she'd known...though perhaps she might have requested they wait a BIT longer until the girls were at least children.

Life in the Vinci household had become insanely hectic. The girls seemed impossible to please, constantly screaming for something or another, and while Enzo was at work, Fiona often found herself in a position to try and change two diapers, feed two babies, and bathe two infants all at the same time. She could practically FEEL her hair going gray.

Fiona wasn't the only one suffering the effects, either. Even though Enzo got to get out of the house and go to work each day for 8 hours, once he got home, the situation was dire. Neither he nor Fiona had any time to cook, so they ended up eating pizza, chinese, and the most fattening quick-fix meals in the world. One night, Enzo looked down and realized he wasn't even average anymore...he was fat.

If he'd been a librarian or an office worker or something along those lines, he wouldn't have worried about it, but his lack of fitness could potentially have severe impact on his ability to get promoted in the SCIA. So in addition to helping raise two girls, he had to try to get fit all at the same time.

It took a few grueling weeks of exercise when he would rather be passing out in bed or watching a movie with Fiona or even, god help him, changing dirty diapers, but he finally regained his healthy weight.

Soon after, it was time for the girls' birthday. The already bedraggled parents weren't sure whether they were happy or terrified that the girls would be transitioning into the age of potty training, walking, and voicing their needs more adamantly. But nothing stops time, and so they threw a little party.

Little Grace grew up first, displaying similar traits as Imelda when she was an infant. It was hardly a travesty...Imelda had grown up to be beautiful.

Next up was Leah, and her daddy carried her to the cake for her birthday wish.

It was apparent Leah would be the troublemaker of the two, as her first activity as a freshly-transitioned toddler was to dip her hands deep into the toilet bowl and promptly make a hellish mess. "Lord, grant me the strength..." Enzo muttered as he pried a fussing Leah away from her new fun toy.

Fiona and Enzo realized there was no way both girls could learn everything they needed to unless both parents were there to help. They were right, but they also grossly overestimated the ease of teaching two toddlers all their skills. After all, when Imelda had been born, the adult to child ratio had been 4 to 1. They'd had help. Now, Fiona felt like two toddlers outnumbered two exhausted adults by about 200 percent.

The girls did not make it easy on Enzo and Fiona. Leah refused to sit on the potty long enough to be trained, and they both managed to stay on the same schedule, no matter how staggered Fiona tried to make their bedtimes. Two screaming toddlers in their playpens was a frequent sight to greet Fiona at about 4 a.m.

Fiona wouldn't have admitted upon death that one day, while she was trying to put Grace down, Leah fell asleep in one of the cat beds...and Fiona let her sleep rather than waking her up to face the screaming. The cats wouldn't bother her, anyway, and Fiona needed a break.

For two blissful hours, Fiona managed to get in some purely selfish, utterly enjoyable and scream-free bubble blowing time.

When she came out of the garage-cum-entertainment room, she discovered that her little Pumkpin had given birth to two new kittens!

She immediately dubbed them Sugar and Spice, to fit with the pre-existing food theme of her kitties' names. Fiona desperately missed spending time with her little furry babies, but the girls came first.

The girls' personalities were definitely starting to show themselves now. Grace was a talkative, calm, pleasant child.

And Leah...well, she was a bit of a hellion, running around and screaming and making no muss about letting her parents know that she was unhappy, but they loved her all the same.

One night, a highly unexpected situation at Enzo's work led to him being offered the position he'd dreamed of his whole life: the head of the SCIA!

Of course, he took it, and when he got home that night, all of the exhaustion and frustration he'd felt at being a less-than-spring chicken and having two very active young toddlers to look after was gone. He was head of the SCIA!! Life was awesome.

It was fabulous news for Fiona, who, harried and exhausted, was sent upstairs by her delighted husband to take a long bubble bath and go to bed early. "I'll take care of the girls. I'm wide awake. You go relax." She couldn't have loved him more than she did in that moment. Maybe they'd late-life twins after all!

[[Author's Notes: Holy crap!! These two girls nearly KILLED Enzo and Fiona this round, haha! Leah was completely against any sort of training at all because her aspiration was so low, and Grace was a good girl but miserable too, so poor Fiona ran around all day just trying to keep them fed, clean, and changed only to get practically NO skills taught. Fiona and Enzo were constantly in aspiration failure, so no smart milk and no skill-building lightbulb hat thing. The girls didn't learn a single skill for the ENTIRE round. Next round, I think I'm going to send Imelda home for a round to help out her parents and live at home after uni, then I'll move her out with Pumpkin and Cinnamon so that (a)Enzo and Fiona have some help (b)Imelda gets to meet her sisters, and (c)there will be more room for kitties in the house so Fiona might eventually SOMEDAY achieve her LTW. Shew! We'll see...

Roux seems to distrust these tiny, screaming humans. // I bet kitties love toddlers SO much. ]]


LOL! You've got to love toddlers from hell. And people wonder why I don't install that triplet hack thing. No way!

Shame you had a hard time with these guys! It's weird, you can play the game forever, and still have these moments. I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised, other times no so much!

Man, the whole time I was playing this, I could imagine Fiona and Enzo going, "HOW THE HELL DO PAOLO AND CAITLIN RAISE SO MANY CHILDREN SO EASILY!?!?!?!" because I was thinking that myself the whole time! It's so odd and hilarious to me that in the household where I have 6 children and more on the way (once some move out to go to university), there is so little drama and such simplicity in child-rearing, yet in this house, it's utter chaos.

Leah is going to be a real shit, I can tell, haha. It is actually really refreshing to discover these new things that you've never seen before in the game that make it more realistic. After all, not every child is a clone of every other child. Some are just hellions! I could live without too many more surprises of this nature, however....

As for the trips/quads hack, oh hellz nah. O.o I'd lose my mind.

What a nightmare round! Luckily the girls will soon grow up, I hope

Ha, yes, and the second they are 24 hours from growing up, their butts are going straight to the cake!

Oh Lord those two girls couldn't be more different. I can't wait to see Leah grown up -- she's going to be a huge amount of trouble while Grace is the calm reserved child. I don't envy you this round, that's for sure. Taking care of twins and that many pets must be a nightmare. I'm really surprised Fiona was low aspiration all round, usually family sims revel in interacting with their spawn. Congrats for Enzo reaching his LTW!

She is pleasure secondary now, and all she wants to do is juggle bottles and look at the stupid neighbors! It's like the pleasure secondary completely overwhelmed the family primary! So frustrating. And Enzo was in aspiration failure nearly the whole time too until he reached TOC.

Happily, the pets pretty much took care of themselves, other than making sure their bowls were full. They got ZERO interaction from human beings. I ended up having them hire a maid and Fiona even called a nanny to help her out during the day a few times. Nuts!

I think these two will be pretty much Imelda clones when they grow up. I could be wrong, but they look SO similar to her when she was little.

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