The Villaloboses (C) - Round 8


Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Catalina Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


Last round at the Villalobos household, Guillermo met and developed a crush on Aurélie Beaumont, then went off to university at Sim State. Catalina reached the top of the athletic career track, thus fulfilling her lifetime want, and Nerissa kept working hard to fulfill her lifetime want of becoming Education Minister. How will the two lovebirds continue with their little boy away at college? Let's find out.

Nerissa had been working on the old junker she'd purchased for ages. Finally, after months of backbreaking and dirty labor, she managed to finish the automobile, providing she and Catalina with a classy, shiny white new hotrod that really jazzed up their yard, if Nerissa could say so herself.

The two women, like Catalina's brother Diego and his wife, Amber, had never experienced being alone together. Since they'd accidentally had Guillermo while still in college, their entire lives thus far had involved living with family. Now that it was just the two of them, without their son or other relatives, and now that they had some discretionary money, they could hardly believe how much fun life could be. No more stifling those middle of the night noises...they could enjoy themselves to the fullest.

One night, Catalina, while filling in a hole that one of the roaming local dogs had dug, discovered something interesting. It appeared to be a map to a location in the nearby vacation burrough of Three Lakes. Catalina was enough of a cynic not to believe in 'X marks the spot' and 'buried treasure,' but finding the old map planted a seed of thought in her mind.

As she painted a mountain scene, she thought about what to do with the map...whether to tell Nerissa, and whether the excitement that seemed to settle in the pit of her stomach was silly or legitimate.

Soon, they had another distraction, and that took Catalina's mind away from Three Lakes and supposed hidden treasure. Nerissa finally managed to become Education Minister for Rosebud. She'd worked so hard her whole life that Catalina only felt it fair to celebrate in a big way.

...and that's when Three Lakes started popping up in her mind again, reappearing like a bad penny. She and Nerissa had certainly earned a vacation, right? So why not a vacation home? They had the money, and Catalina had her secret map (whether it was a joke or not). So while Nerissa diligently continued her studies, Catalina purchased their very own mountain vacation home: the Copper Ranch Retreat.

Admittedly, Catalina had been wanting a vacation home in the mountain town ever since she found the map, but it wasn't just for selfish reasons. She couldn't wait to reward Nerissa for her hard work and to even get Guillermo up there for a visit when he was done with Sim State. Sometimes Catalina loved her family so much, her heart felt like it was bursting with the stuff.

When Nerissa suggested she was considering a change of career, Catalina balked, using her best charm to persuade Nerissa to take some well-deserved time off. "Maybe just a short trip to the mountains...what do you think?" And Nerissa was hopeless to fend off the significant charms of her beautiful wife.

[[Author's Notes: A pretty uneventful round. Once again, my simmies seem to exhibit a certain Empty Nest Syndrome, which basically means that once the nest is empty, I don't know what to do with them! These two are pretty close to my heart, though, and when Catalina found the map and then spun up the want to buy a vacation home, I decided to indulge them, even though they aren't the richest couple in Rosebud. Round 9 will bring a mountain vacation and who knows what else. Either way, I love these two and am glad to see them achieve platinum status and have some time to enjoy themselves. No bloopers, sorry! Stick around for the Villalobos D house, with Dorotea, Connor, Taye, and Zadie. :) ]]


A vacation home in the mountains! I could live with that :)

Empty nest is never fun, but I'm sure they enjoy the time alone together. ;)

I can't wait for vacation next round... perhaps they will bring home another member of the family??? ::winks:: Congrats to Nerissa for reaching her LTW.

j68: I live almost in the mountains in a cabin, so I'm living the mountain vacation.

Mao: They're sort of fun by themselves. I'm enjoying the quieter houses now that Gen 2 is going off to college. I guess in a round or two, it will be baby crazy again. :p

Liz: Haha, nah, Armand and Adelaide already took care of that, though I didn't realize that Big Foots have maxed skills and badges! It makes me want to bring home tons of them and make them stay-at-home bigfoots.

If you're playing by the rules, I think you can only have 1 bigfoot per town, until the population reaches a certain number

I still haven't figured out what to do with my older couples either. Assuming they've met LTW, I usually leave them be and maybe fulfill a want now and again. Or make them take care of grandchildren.

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