University - Round 8 - Part 2: The Vinci Twins


Liam Vinci, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Conor Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From University


Though they were leaving at a younger age than their brother Silvio had, Conor and Liam felt fully prepared to join the world of young adults. They were well-raised by their parents and very well educated. Paolo wasn't quite as ready to let them go as they were ready to go, but such was always the case, especially with such family-minded sims as Caitlin and Paolo.

The boys were completely thrilled to be in college. Not only were they freshly decked out in new clothes with a new-found sense of freedom, they also had a tiny little house on campus that was pretty much a dump, but they loved it because it was theirs. Two brothers on their own in college, living it up, booyah!

The house had just enough room, basically, for them to sleep, eat, study, and use the bathroom. It had a tiny backyard and a driveway out front, though neither of them had a car. It was like heaven to them because it felt like it was theirs, even with the cheap bookshelves, the lumpy beads, and the formica-covered table top.

Conor decided that if he was going to have at least three children, he had better learn how to earn enough money to support them. He chose a business major.

Liam, on the other hand, wanted to do something that was both fun AND would help him in his position. Philosophy seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

As the boys settled in, they realized one thing they had forgotten: neither of them had the faintest idea how to cook. The only thing they'd ever had to do at home was heat up leftovers! Thanks to Paolo's master chef skills, none of the children had learned to cook. Conor tentatively prepared their first meal, figuring boiling noodles and heating up jarred spaghetti sauce couldn't be that hard. Miraculously, he managed to achieve the feat without chopping his fingers off, scalding himself, or even burning the meal. Victory!

Of course, the one thing that WASN'T so great about college was the fact that people seemed to think they could go in and out of any house on campus, like it was one big, spread-out dorm. Especially that nasty cow mascot. He, she, or it never failed to torment Liam to tears. Having grown up in such a nice family, he wasn't used to being teased, picked on, or bullied.

Conor, too, felt the wrath and mean-spirited tormenting of the cow. It wasn't in their nature to be rude, but finally, they just had to kick him out and buy a lock for the door.

They managed to have fun again once the cow was no longer a problem. Some synchronized twin smustling did the trick.

Liam, being the outgoing fellow he was, practically ran outside to greet anyone who walked past the house. There were a lot of pretty girls wandering around, and they all seemed to be very impressed that he was both cool, smart, AND thoughtful. That philosophy major came in handy in more ways than one!

Conor, meanwhile, tended to take the role of the housekeeper, though Liam did his share to try and learn how to cook a few dishes and to keep the bathroom clean. Conor had the best mechanical skills of the two of them, though, so he always ended up fixing stuff when it broke.

The first semester seemed to blow by, and of course, both boys passed with flying colors. They frequently did their homework least the general studies courses. The Homework Hour still stuck with them, even though they were no longer at home.

Paolo stopped by once in a while to see how his boys were doing. He was pleased to hear about their grades, and pleased that the house wasn't in a state of filth. However, the contents of their refrigerator depressed them, so he made them a few meals to heat up before he left.

Both Conor and Liam were relieved when Paolo missed the repo woman, though. They didn't have a lot of money, and what money they got, they put toward things like books and food and toiletries. They lost their major source of entertainment, the TV, when they couldn't make the bills one month!

It was then that they decided they needed to come up with a plan to supplement their income. They didn't really want to go be coffee jockeys or gas station attendants or something embarrassing with a bad uniform, so they thought of ways they could make money from their apartment.

Liam took some breaks now and then. It was handy that he could see out the front door while painting.

The semester ended and gave them a boost of cash they desperately needed. Since painting was going too slowly and since Conor had such good skills fixing things, they decided to try a new plan... restoration! After all, they could buy an old junker for 800 simoleons and sell it for a huge profit once they fixed it up! It took longer to fix a car than to paint a painting, but the profits were well worth it. Besides, they had a driveway...why not use it?

The first car they finished, they sold for 5,200 simoleons! They could FINALLY afford to upgrade the house in some ways...get a new kitchen table and more comfortable beds, for one thing!

Even though Conor wasn't exactly as obvious in his ladyhunting as Liam was, he still had his eyes open and was aware of the women around him. After all, he wanted to have a family someday, and that would require a wife. Vicki Das he thought was particularly lovely, but thus far, he was happy just being friends and getting to know her.

Of course, they had some parties too, though their house wasn't even remotely as nice as the Greek House or even Neal, Silvio, Tessa, and Beth's place. They wanted to show solidarity between the neighborhood teens at the university, though, and so they hosted a fete or two, even managing to succeed in joining the Greek House. They agreed to remain in their apartment for the time being, though.

The first semester of their sophomore year passed, and they agreed to reevaluate their decision to stay in the house when they became juniors. After all, there would be two free places open in the greek house then, so they could go if they wanted, though neither of them was sure they wanted to. It wasn't that they weren't used to a crowded house...they just felt so proud of their little pad.

Conor continued to see Vicki with some regularity, spending a lot of his free time just talking to her and taking walks through campus.

Liam could have told Conor all along that he knew they would end up together, but Conor was as surprised as anyone when he felt compelled to finally kiss her one cold afternoon. It was his first kiss.

Of course, that didn't prevent the responsible brothers from keeping up their good habits. Money was still an issue, so working on the car became a real bonding time for them...their guy time.

Finally, their sophomore year came to an end, and they were starting to make some real money. They were excited about becoming upperclassmen but not so excited about a snowstorm that would impede their work on the car. Sorry, boys...until spring...

[[Author's Notes: Ahhhh! The Vinci twins turned out SO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to see how Leo and the girls turn out! They are all foxy and stuff, especially for pixels! Good job raising hot kids, Caitlin and Paolo! These boys are adorable. They're both really nice and hard-working, and I just love them lots. End of story.

Is that really appropriate behavior for dudes? // Liam: "Go 'way, plz." // Liam: "Didn't I just ask you to go away!? Conor: "Dude, there's a llama in our house." ]]


The boys are really cute!
Car overhaul seems profitable, might try that one for some poor household of mine

(And just to be difficult I have to point out that Liam´s major seems to be psychology, not philosophy :D)

Ah, you're right! Thanks for pointing that out. I got the wrong p-word. :p

It really is profitable, though it took me a while until they could afford the 800 for the initial purchase. Once they could, though, they were in good shape.

Hehe, Liam is such a little player, I love the faux-hawk ;) I like these boys, the dumpy house kinda suits them actually. Nice job with fixing up old cars for profit, I didn't realize that two sims could work on it at the same time. Nice to know. I could totally see these two bacheloring it up and fixing up used cars back in Rosebud though I guess that would be incompatible with Connor's LTW!

I was thinking about that! I actually don't believe I can bear to tear them apart because they're so close and enjoy one another's company so much that I'm going to build them a big two-family house and let them both live together. I can't wait for these two to move into the hood. :) I wasn't particular to them before, but it was like they instantly became favorites as soon as they got to uni!

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