The Villaloboses (B) - Round 8

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Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Marquez Villalobos, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate


Last round at the Villalobos house, Diego achieved his LTW to become a world class ballet dancer and got a really flouncy outfit for his troubles. Amber struggled with demotions in the music field but managed to keep her job. And Marquez worked on some of his familial realationships and his skills to prepare him to head off to university. We join them again in the Summer of round 8.

Everyone in the house seemed to agree, especially the adults who missed the pond at the Greek House, that they needed to put in a small pond in their back yard. They had the money, after all, so with a call to a contractor and a few weeks of a torn up back yard, they had their tiny new fishing hole.

Diego, having reached his lifetime want of becoming a ballet dancer, knew that his age was catching up with him. Ballet was a career for the youth, and he was nearing middle age. Before he could become a laughing stock, he hung up his ballet shoes and picked up his adventuring hat.

It was with sadness but a sense of doing the right thing that he retired from his dance career and began life anew as a hostage negotiator.

A few short weeks later, Amber managed to finally achieve her lifetime goal as well: she'd made it to the top of the music career, and now she wanted to get the hell out of this crooked business with its scheming concert pianists and obnoxious fans. She'd done it, but it took reaching the top before Amber realized the music business wasn't for her.

She thought she might like to do something worthwhile. Something that contributed to the good of the community. Law enforcement perhaps. Yeah, that sounded good. And after the sharks in the music business, no criminal seemed scary.

Diego set off to his new job, and boy was the uniform different. Congratulations, Diego, you don't look like ponce anymore!

Not only that, he brought home a fat promotion on his very first day! It was exciting for him to be excelling so much in such a different field from what he was used to. Even his cheekbones seemed happier and less angry.

With all the time spent at the backyard pond, Amber managed to get herself a bronze fishing badge. She was really getting into her gardening, and therefore, she was really getting into cooking more. Having fresh fish just increased her love of spending time in the kitchen, using the freshest ingredients to create the most delicious and healthy meals.

The gold gardening badge she earned shortly after meant that all of her plants were thriving all the time. She'd got the knack of this, and using mouthwatering ingredients led to mouthwatering dishes. Everyone in the house began to truly appreciate Amber's gardening hobby.

Of course, she still had to go to work, and as she hadn't found an opening in law enforcement for a former rock star, she had to keep in the business for a while until she did. With Marquez heading off to college soon, they couldn't afford to become a one-income household.

And head off to college, he was. To his parents' immense pride, he earned over 5000 simoleons in scholarship money, which meant his first semester was completely covered with money left to spare.

Bye, Marquez! Amber and Diego knew they would miss his presence terribly, but mostly they were delighted at how much he was excelling.

Amber continued to garden or fish almost every spare moment she had when she wasn't taking care of the basic needs required to live. She could garden or fish for hours now, lost in the world of nature and hardly noticing when her stomach started to growl or her feet began to hurt.

When she finally harvested some of her yummy produce, she decided to branch out from her traditional cooking and try making some of her own juice.

She made her first batch, and her head suddenly seemed to fill with all the necessary skills for running a cash register. But she'd never run a cash register. She looked at the empty glass in her hand. This juice ROCKED!

[[Author's Notes: Hahaha, this house kind of cracks me up, I don't know why. I guess because Amber has turned into such a country girl, and Diego has turned into such a...non-masculine man. Though at least the work outfit is better. The two of them are wholeheartedly throwing themselves into their hobbies these days; it's like they don't know what to do having the house to themselves. Like Catalina and Nerissa, they had a child in college, so they have never lived alone together since they started dating. It's kind of fun to watch them interact and do their own thing now. Only one semi-blooper to share.

For some reason, the "thriving" emoticon cracks me up. It's so rabidly ecstatic, like <:D!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you get a new graphics card?! The pictures in the end of this update seem more detailed than ever before

No, I didn't, but you're right! I don't know why they look so much better. Maybe I just happened to capture the least pixellated shots this round. I'm still waiting on my new card and more ram. I can't WAIT!

LOLOLOL I love the comment about Diego's cheekbones, Lydia looked at me funny while I was softly laughing to myself at the desk. Wow juice that gives badges... maybe I'll have to try that, the only one I knew about was the eggplant juice to skill. Hopefully hobbies are enough to keep you busy next round with Marquez off at Uni.

You can look up all the different juices that you can make online! That's what I did, though when I logged back into the lot, she no longer had the register badge, so...? Not sure what happened there.

Yeah, they're pretty fun, and Amber is such an insane gardener now that it keeps her busy pretty much all the time.

Probably she got only a point towards the badge, not the badge itself

The strange thing was that the badge appeared in her badges screen, but then wasn't there. Unless I'm totally insane, which is possible. :p

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