University - Round 8 - Part 3: Urele Cham House


Guillermo Chan, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Imelda Vinci, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Marquez Villalobos, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate

Aurélie Beaumont, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Alexandre Beaumont, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become City Planner


Last time we were at the Urele Cham house, Imelda and Guillermo were holding down the fort on their own. Guillermo is definitely attracted to Imelda, but he miraculously behaved himself, and Imelda, of course, only has eyes for Marquez. How will the dynamic change now that there are three more people in the Greek House, including both Imelda's and Guillermo's significant others? We'll find out.

The three teens from Rosebud -- Aurélie and her twin brother Alexandre, and Marquez Villalobos -- arrived much like every Rosebud teen before them had: with their parents in tow and with wide-eyed expectation of how totally rocking college life was going to be.

The twins decided their majors right away, though Marquez decided to wait a little while and see what struck him as interesting. He'd be learning still anyway, he figured, as a general studies major.

Life in the house was calm as it could be, at first, with a bunch of hormone-ridden young adults in the place.

Guillermo and Aurélie were happy to be reunited and able to spend some real quality time together away from the prying eyes of their parents.

And, of course, Imelda and Marquez were ecstatic to finally be reunited. The two of them seemed to have a truly wonderful relationship, even despite the time away from one another while Imelda was at university without Marquez.

The two girls, co-conspirators of a sort, decided mutually that it would be a good thing to go to the campus health center and get set up on some birth control. After all, who could predict what might happen? They wanted to be prepared in any case.

It was a good thing, too. Imelda found that she couldn't hold off any longer when Marquez was so sweet and handsome and loving, right there in the same house with no one to judge them for their actions as being too young or too stupid or anything else.

Guillermo, still a bit sweet on Imelda, couldn't stand the thought of she and Marquez finally "sealing the deal," or whatever you wanted to call it. He thought some similar private time with Aurélie might be just the cure.

What he didn't realize was that the last time they'd gone to a party at the Vinci twins' house, Aurélie had spotted Guillermo reacting positively to a very flirty cow mascot. When he tried to cuddle her, she burst out in a yell.

"You think you can just do whatever you want, and I'm too stupid to figure it out? You think I didn't see how you were talking to that stupid cow, and this time I mean literally AND figuratively, at the Vinci brothers' party!? I can't believe your nerve!!!" Aurélie's face was turning red, she was so furious.

"Do me a favor, and don't even talk to me anymore! I don't need a so-called boyfriend who flirts with any old thing that comes along!" Aurélie shoved herself out of the bed, unable to control her anger any longer.

"I HATE you, Guillermo, and I hate that stupid idiot who flirted with you! Go find yourself some idiot girlfriend who won't notice when you act like a jerk!" And with that, Aurélie stormed out, leaving a very shocked and speechless Guillermo in her wake.

Guillermo, after he recovered, tried to apologize to Aurélie, but she wanted none of it. Guillermo may have been a bully, but Aurélie was one tough chick. He had nothing on her when it came to stubbornness and rage. "Spare me!" she spat at him, stalking away after one of his lame apologies.

Guillermo's ego was bruised, and moreover, he was beginning to get angry. He cornered Aurélie while she was gardening one night and yelled right back at her. "You know what? I don't need all this drama in my life for some stupid blonde. You're not worth the effort, so think what you want, I'm done. And GOOD RIDDANCE!" he shouted as he headed back into the house. Aurélie was so angry, she could have punched him.

When she finally came back into the house, Alex was waiting with concern written all over his face. "Did he hurt you?" he asked softly, reading her expression and doing that thing Aurélie knew meant he was trying to read her very thoughts. "No, other than being a huge jacka$$," she grumbled, and Alex began to rub his sister's tense shoulders. "I'm sorry, sis. Maybe he's not worth it. And he's certainly not worth getting yourself all worked up over."

Aurélie thought about her brother's words as she took a scalding hot shower that night and decided that he was right! Guillermo was nothing worth worrying herself over...especially when there were a million other cute guys like Liam Vinci to spend her time with. She knew Liam had been a little mooney-eyed at her when she'd gone to their party, and she made sure to put on her full charm when she invited him over.

Liam was a nice guy, Aurélie knew. The best kind of guy, in fact: raised right, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful to women and other men alike. She couldn't help developing a little crush on him, even if she simultaneously hoped with all her heart that Guillermo was looking out the window and eating his shriveled little heart out.

Despite all the drama, classes still managed to be attended, and homework still managed to be done. Imelda finished her first semester, junior year, with flying colors as always. She and Marquez had stayed pretty much out of the fight between Guillermo and Aurélie, choosing to be neutral parties as much as they could.

Guillermo, of course, had plenty of time to attend to his studies since he wasn't getting any, and he frequently hid himself in his bedroom studying and writing term papers because he couldn't stand the sight of any of his roommates, hardly.

Aurélie, with a lot of help after picking up the pieces from Alexandre, managed to get a 4.0 as well, something she couldn't wait to call her parents and tell them. It made her feel stronger than ever. She may have had her heart broken, but she could still kick butt and take names.

Marquez, always the good student, even if he wasn't as bright as he could have been, passed with flying colors as well. It was a successful academic semester for the greek house, despite the noted personal failures.

Aurélie, Alexandre, and Marquez decided together what they would donate to the greek house with their first semester's earnings. It was nearly impossible to get done a term paper when the piano and drum set were right in the same room (not to mention just outside the bedrooms), so they decded the greek house needed its very own computer lab, which they had constructed just over the gym. It had five brand new computers, a bookshelf for studying, tranquil colors, a comfy couch, and an espresso machine for all those late-nighters. No one was really shocked to find out the idea had been Alexandre's, but despite his predictable knowledge drive, it was, they all agreed, a wonderful investment and addition.

Somehow, the new private computer lab made those all night study sessions just a little bit more fun.

After a little research on one of the new terminals, Marquez even decided to finally pin down his major, which was a relief since his mom and dad had been asking repeatedly what he was going to do with his college education.

Even Aurélie finally started to feel more normal having eliminated all contact possible with Guillermo. Alex could tell she was feeling better when she began cheating him at chess the way she used to.

She cheated Marquez too...

...but she found he was much less forgiving (and/or gullible) than her twin brother.

In fact, she was very proud of the progress she was making toward mending her broken heart until one night when The Cow had the indecency to actually crash a party at the greek house. Aurélie, no wilting flower, felt her anger explode within her and threatened to pound the cow's face in if she didn't leave poste haste. The cow left.

That night, the only thing that could calm her down and console the torn-off scab of her hurt was Liam. His gentleness and admiration of her, as always, soothed her and helped her continue in her plot to make Guillermo wickedly jealous.

The Greek House parties were, like the ones thrown by Beth Thayer and the Vinci twins, rowdy entertaining affairs with enough pizza to feed an army. Of course, the greek house residents had the advantage of having the sweetest pad on campus, but since all of the Rosebud teens had pledged anyway, they felt it was only right to share.

Later that night, Aurélie made her way to the basement to make herself a drink at the bar, but she immediately turned around when she saw Guillermo was playing pool in the basement hangout. "Aurélie, wait..." Guillermo said, a tinge of both hurt and anger in his voice. She ignored him and continued up the stairs without a word.

Parties and drama aside, the school year came to an end, and the housemates all managed to maintain their impressive 4.0 GPAs.

Guillermo had begun to miss Aurélie...more than he ever thought he would, and he made any excuse necessary to get near her, even if they weren't talking. Aurélie noticed, but she didn't rebuke him yet. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she wondered what he thought he was doing, and what his plans were. He wasn't forgiven, but he had her interest.

And that was when the other shoe dropped. The same stupid cow that had single-handedly demolished Guillermo and Aurélie's relationship did the exact same thing to Imelda and Marquez. Aurélie was in shock...they were always such a perfect couple! Marquez was sick with regret, and as for Imelda? Well, Imelda was ready to crack some cow skull.

Unlike, Aurélie, Imelda knew in her heart that Marquez hadn't meant anything by responding to the flirt. He was the nicest one in the whole house, and she was certain he was just flattered and trying not to hurt the cow's feelings with a harsh rebuke. Nevertheless, Imelda kept to herself for the rest of the semester, with Aurélie as her compassionate companion and Marquez flogging himself with worry and regret over the massive mistake he was certain he'd made.

One night, Marquez finally came to Imelda, breaking his promise to leave her alone and give her time to "process" (whatever that meant), and he broke down, apologizing profusely and promising her that there was no one in the world for him but her, and that he couldn't go through life thinking she didn't know that fact. Imelda, as tough as she was, had an infinite soft spot for Marquez, and after all, she loved him. She forgave him, and they tentatively began their relationship again.

As for Aurélie, she was happy for her friends and their reunion, but she still wasn't sure about whether she could or should forgive Guillermo. Unfortunately for Guillermo, seeing how wonderful Aurélie had been to Imelda only cemented what he had suspected the last few months: he still wanted to be with Aurélie. His hopes for a similar reunion, however, were dismally low.

Another semester passed with another round of 4.0's, and the atmosphere of the house began to relax a bit from the extreme tension it had experienced in the last three semesters.

Guillermo was even finally able to admit to himself (and swallow his pride enough to accept) that he wanted to be with Aurélie forever; he wanted her to be his wife. It was a terrifying prospect for him, especially since she still wasn't particularly warm to him...even if she did look at him and offer a greeting when they passed one another in the kitchen.

Guillermo knew the only thing to do was throw himself upon her mercy. He brought her flowers, apologized profusely and earnestly, and promised that if she would give him another chance, he would never even look at another cow again. This last bit was calculated to make her laugh, and he was hit the mark. That night, even Aurélie was unable to deny that all this time trying to make Guillermo jealous and trying to get even with him was only a result of the fact that she still loved the big jerk.

They reunited and officially became a couple once more, both of them considerably humbled and a lot more grown up. With that good news, the entire household seemed to take on a feel of relaxation none of them had experienced in it before. All of the residents were actually happy.

At the end of the spring semester, Imelda and Guillermo ecstatically accepted their diplomas and became the latest summa cum laude graduates of sim state.

Alexandre, Marquez, and Aurélie still had two more years to go, but there was still a party-like atmosphere in the air as the whole house decided to send off Guillermo and Imelda in style. A graduation party was planned and all of the pledges and friends of the greek house were invited to see their senior members off.

What Imelda told no one was that the graduation party was going to be more than just a send off: it was going to be a beginning. With no attention to traditional rules, she popped the question to Marquez while still in her cap and gown.

It's an understatement to say that no one was surprised that he delightedly said yes.

The REAL surprise game when Guillermo, too, knelt down on one knee and, terrified, asked Aurélie to please consider him as a husband, when she graduated and rejoined the Rosebud community.

Only Alexandre and Imelda knew or had suspected Aurélie's true heart on this matter, and neither were surprised when she squealingly said yes.

Thus, the semester ended with two happy unions and one hell of a party. All's well that ends well.

[[Author's Notes: MAN. Not only did this house take forever to play, it also took forever to blog! I'm so sorry for the length of this post, but I at least hope it was interesting thanks to the new university autonomy rule! I wasn't sure what was going to happen, which was kind of refreshing for a change, but I have to admit that I'm a softie and am glad that all turned out the way it was supposed to in the end. I don't have too much else to say about this house other than I LOVELOVELOVE the new computer lab (I want one!), and I'm looking forward to a calmer existence in Urele Cham next round, when there will only be four residents, and none of them will be dating. :) I have a lot of bloopers for this round, so please enjoy!

Dudes, I know you're on the outs with your girlfriends, but this is still a little weird. // Munchies, much? // Just making sure you're earning your money, ma'am. // This happened every time Guillermo had a positive interaction with Aurélie. Apparently, Guillermo wasn't the only one with a little crush. // Sal forgot to leave a forwarding address. // Synchronized studying. ]]


My Sim what a jerk Guillermo is! Aurélie deserves better. I'm amazed that Family sims can create so much drama. And what happens to poor Liam now??

Hahaha, Liam has better things on his horizon. He has like 8 nice points, and Aurélie only has one...just like Guillermo. They are a mean match made in heaven! I was going to let Aurélie hook up with Liam since things exploded between she and Guillermo, but the tug of Guillermo was too much for her, I guess! This was all their doing this round... they have a three-bolt attraction, so I guess once the (unaccounted for due to the simple cow-flirt) fury of Aurélie subsided and Guillermo got over his bruised ego from being denied, they couldn't help themselves.

omg, so much dramaz... I'm glad everything ended up all right by the end though. I'm excited to see how dysfunctional Guillermo and Aurelie's relationship will inevitably be. They kinda remind me of some of our more red-neck patrons that come in, lol. I feel a little badly for Alex being the 5th wheel in the house, hopefully he gets a little more screen time next round. I can't wait until Marquez and Imelda make some spawn, it will totally be squeeeee time with their potentially beautiful offspring ;)

I know!! I kind of enjoyed the drama because there is usually so little in my hood. I REALLY need to figure out how to work autonomy into the normal hood rotation that doesn't make me twitch. Maybe if I designate a certain number of hours a day as "free time"... we'll see.

Their babies are going to be beyutiful!! I just know it. :)

Serious that the purpose of the cow in uni??? Also that's a funny blooper with Imelda. I really love Imelda and Marquez.

Haha, I'm convinced that the cow is nothing but trouble! I don't mind it coming in and pulling sprinklers and belching in people's faces, but it's so annoying when every time the cow flirts with someone, the other half of the couple flips out! I thought about getting the mounted cow-head that I've seen for download that will scare the cow off, but I haven't decided whether I love or hate the drama yet. :)

I love them toooooo! I can't wait until they breed!

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