I am officially updating this blog from my very own, renewed computer! It's working again, and that is super-fantastic, but I still have to reinstall a lot of program files (Microsoft Office, Gimp, Fraps, allll my Sims, Skype, etc. etc.). It may take me a while, but I'm back on track. I might need some help once I reinstall Sims 2 to get my game files back in the right place, but I'm pretty confident that won't be too difficult. Right now, I have a backup file from December (the thought of reverting to which kind of hurts me), but I'm going to email my rep and see if there is a way to extract the most recent game files and plop them into the reinstalled game. He got all my files back AFTER a reinstall of Windows, so he ought to be able to get that. Keep your fingers crossed, folks!