Short Hiatus

Okay, so.... my computer kind of did a blow-uppy sort of thing, and I can't even get to the desktop right now. If I pay Dell a shit-ton of money, they'll help me try to recover my files for the neighborhood, along with the other massive amounts of music and photographs I have on my computer, which is good and bad considering I don't exactly have a shit-ton of money to be handing out.

Not sure what the fate of Rosebud is now. I'm hoping I can recover files and get my computer back on track, but even if I fail, I'll be getting a new computer and a new 'hood, so just watch here for updates on what's going on.

Hope I'll be back soon. My uni update was going to be so good! Sob. Send happy thoughts to my PC, and I'll hopefully be back with some sort of update soon.



I emailed you an article on how to recover your files... you shouldn't pay Dell any money -- they should be able to walk you through it for free (considering they overcharge for computers IMO)! Also, when you buy a new computer, whoever you buy it from can probably xfer your old files from you hard drive onto your new computer, I know Apple will do this for FREE! I'm assuming Staples or Best Buy will too if you decide to buy from them. Anyway, Good Luck ::happy thoughts!::

The only problem is that with Dell, my hardware still has a warranty on it, but my software warranty has expired. They seem pretty confident that reinstalling windows will solve the problem, but obv. if I do that, I will lose everything in the reinstallation, which I REALLY don't want to do.

I know that Ian could probably get the files off my harddrive for me, and that I should be able to reinstall windows with no problems myself, but I'm contemplating paying Dell for one year's worth of software warranty for this reason: for $199, they will give me a year's worth of software support, which means my current issue would be resolved, AND I could call them for help with upgrading the machine a little bit for better graphics and speed with my simmies. Also, for that $199, they will service any dell in the house, and both my parents have Dells that are currently having issues. Sooo, what may end up happening is that they pay a hundred of the cost, I pay a hundred, and we all have software service for a year from now. It seems like that might be a good deal for us since Mom and Dad's computers are also having issues. They would charge me $129 for a one-time service fee (which I would never do given the resource I have in Ian), plus that's thirty bucks more than if I split with my 'rents and get a year's worth of service! Sooo, I'm thinking that's probably the way I'm going to go. I might still get Ian to help me recover the files because I get the feeling it will be quicker and easier to have someone local that I know do it than to be on the phone for 12 hours and having Dell try to explain to me how to do it. I dunno, I've got to think over that one. But I guess I'll be getting an external harddrive now so I can backup there. (The dude on the phone was so nice...he was like...really? Don't even buy it from Dell. You can get it anywhere, 320 Gig, for $79.) I'll let you know how things go.

Right now, I'm just weeping for being in Sims withdrawal! And I was just getting ready to write the uni update I was so excited about, waaahhhh!

Sigh, I know. I think I should be able to recover everything, but it's such a drag waiting during this long holiday weekend!

Oh, my heart goes out to you. Its especially frustrating with a long weekend, and when you had a good update in mind. I hope everything is resolved soon.

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