The Beaumonts (B) - Round 8


Arnaud Beaumont, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Steffi Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Bastien Beaumont, Child Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Beaumont house, Bastien aged from an infant to a toddler and a toddler to a child. Steffi began gardening, and Arnaud finally managed to get a job in the culinary career, with the hopes of achieving his LTW. Let's see what happens.

With all the time Steffi spent in the garden in the springtime, she managed to get her silver gardening badge before the hot summer days began to beat down and scorch her tender plants.

Bastien came home after the first few days of the new school year and already had an A+ report card. All that studying he had done paid off, and this was even more difficult material since he was in the Rosebud Academy now.

Socially, he had no problems either. Not only was he a bit of a middle school heartthrob (blonde hair and blue eyes was a killer combination), he also made good friends with a lot of the boys who were in his grade. Bastien was a regular socialite at Rosebud Academy, and though he didn't recognize it, he was primed to be in the most popular crowd in high school.

The boys he hung out with loved him as much as the girls. He was a man's man and a ladies' man all at the tender age of 10. Steffi and Arnaud couldn't imagine what he would be like when he finally became a teenager. It was too terrifying for a parent to contemplate.

Arnaud, finally in his career path of choice, still continued to write his novels, which had dutifully and mercifully supported him and his family when Arnaud had no other income. The royalties were starting to skyrocket as his name became more recognizable on the bookstore shelves.

In fact, after one particularly well-selling novel check came in, he and Steffi decided to celebrate by spending a romantic evening together while Bastien was at a friend's house.

What they weren't expecting was that Steffi's secret hopes for another baby were to come true after that fateful night. As soon as she began to feel the tell-tale morning sickness, she knew that there was another tiny bun in her oven. Arnaud, family man that he was despite his difficult-to-control impulses, was delighted. They both really hoped for a girl: one of each, then.

After some particularly fruitful networking on Arnaud's part, he was finally, FINALLY promoted to celebrity chef. It felt like he'd wanted this position for his entire life, and now he could honestly say he'd earned it. Through being fired twice and demoted once from positions within the field, he'd finally proved that he had the knowledge and the passion to become a true chef.

Arnaud felt another emotion that surprised him, mingled in with the happiness at finally having achieved his lifetime goal: bitterness. This line of work had chewed him up and spit him out and never really appreciated all of his numerous talents. He'd made it...and now, he was leaving it. "Always leave them wanting..." he told himself as he submitted his resignation. He was going to enjoy his life now that he'd gotten rid of that nagging drive to be the best in the culinary world.

He recognized that he still had to provide an income for their family, so he decided there was something he COULD do, and enjoy, truly, while still remaining tangentially involved in the culinary field. He took his previous experience with novel writing and transferred it to a series of wildly popular restaurant guides. Of course, he still wrote a food-themed mystery (his bread and butter) from time to time still, but the restaurant guides were his new passion. Perhaps he'd even write a cookbook!

Steffi continued to get bigger and bigger, having to bend and twist around her belly to reach the plants in her greenhouse that still needed tending, despite whatever her life circumstances may have been.

And Bastien continued to make friends at school, only ever bringing home the boys because at this point in his life, attention from the girls was more of a hassle than an intrigue.

Late in the summer, it came time for Steffi to give birth. She'd been ponderous with child the whole season, and she shrieked out to Arnaud that it was TIME.

By the end of the night, Steffi had gotten her new baby, she and Arnaud had gotten their wish, and Bastien had gotten a new baby sister: one miss Bijou Beaumont, a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby to add to the Beaumont name.

[[Author Notes: Okay, I have to admit something. I wasn't going to let Arnaud and Steffi have another child, despite Steffi's wants for one. However, the moment I saw how utterly freakin' adorable Bastien is, I knew I had to try for another. I really wanted a girl so there could be a matching pair of blonde beauties in the neighborhood, but I would have been glad of a boy as well. I got my wish, though, and voila, Bijou Beaumont! Yay! I hope she's as gorgeous as her brother.

I saw something in this round I'd never seen before. The trash can option "Salvage." // Steffi digs around. // And apparently finds some...clothes? // Also, why does every sim choose to spy on his neighbors when I fail to command their every move!? ]]


Hey, you can't deny when sims make pretty kids! You always want to beautify your hood, haha.

Bastien is adorable. I only ever end up with socialite girls, the boys that want to socialize only want to, well, yeah with girls, LOL!

I play a round ahead of my blogging, so after I blogged this, I played their house in round 8, and Bijou is so adorable as a toddler! Ditto Bastien as a teen. I'm trying to keep the Beaumont blondes around as long as I can in the hood because I know that blonde hair will go as soon as I marry in a brunette! At least these kids will have red hair recessive, though, so it'll be easier to keep the recessive traits around!

I have a lot of recessive blonds in my hood, so I can get surprises in the next generation.

Bastien is really adorable, I couldn't agree more. I also love that haircut for boys, I use it way too much

Isn't he cute!? I really hope he doesn't grow out of it because it seems so often that the child phase of sim life is never really representative of how the kid will look as an adult. I've had so many ugly kids turn into good-looking adults.

Re: that hairstyle. Me too! I'm kind of addicted to it.

Yay Arnaud FINALLY got to the top of the culinary field. How long before he turns to elder? He has to be close... Bad Shannon for going against your sims wishes and making them have another baby! lol! Hopefully Bijou is as adorable as her brother. I have my suspicions of Bastien but I will keep them to myself. That salvage option is funny, I'll have to keep and eye out for it.

I know, right!? Jesus, it took him long enough. He'll be an elder next round!

No, it wasn't against their wishes! I was going to deny Steffi her want to have another baby, but when I saw how cute Bastien was, I decided to let her have another! This is one time when I actually did follow sim wants, lol.

I want to know the suspicions!

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