The Beaumonts (A) - Round 8


Armand Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Adelaide Beaumont, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Max Out 7 Skills

Alexandre Beaumont, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become City Planner

Aurélie Beaumont, Teen Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Beaumont house, Adelaide and Armand aged happily into elders. Adelaide began making headway on her new LTW, to max seven skills, while Armand continued to work toward his first LTW, slowly but surely getting promotions. Alex, Aurélie, and Abbey all got jobs. This round, the house will change drastically as the twins go off to university. Let's check in with them.

The round started off with some bad news for Abbey: a bad choice at work cost the family a few hundred dollars and a lot of embarrassment on Abbey's part. Fortunately, the money wasn't an issue, though her ego remained bruised for weeks after the incident.

Fortunately, Armand's luck was a little better. He made a wise and mature decision at work, causing him to get the final bump he needed in his career.

That afternoon, Armand came home with a huge bonus, a promotion, and a lifetime want fulfilled. It was a good day.

He felt so on top of the world that he decided it was high time to do something about their sadly inadequate and plain digs. As a surprise to Adelaide, he had the kitchen remodeled - a drastic improvement and a very classy design.

And since they had the money and the need, he decided to do the living room as well. It was about time, he thought, that he treated his wife like the princess she was and upgrade their home to something they could be proud of.

That night, they all sat down for a celebratory dinner in the new kitchen. The look on Adelaide's face when she saw the improvements was all the reward Armand needed to know he'd done right.

Despite goals achieved, life went on. Abbey came home with another promotion and a K9 contribution to their household funds.

Meanwhile, Adelaide continued to work on building her skills. There were some things she was woefully underskilled in, and she wished she'd taken the time to exercise more as an adult. It was ten times as hard for her now that she was an elder, but she had to admit the yoga helped chase away the typical aches and pains of her age group.

Armand, thanks to his great promotion, finally decided that he could maybe focus on something else in his elder years. Perhaps investing or the stock market. They were getting on in years, and though they'd collected a decent nest egg, he wanted to leave something behind for the children.

As for Adelaide, she couldn't think of anything but grilled cheese. She'd heard of strange cravings in different phases of life, but this seemed absurd. She tried to at least "class up" her new obsession by making different varieties of grilled cheese: emmental on toast, brie on a croissant, blue cheese on toasted pitas...she mixed it up a bit.

Armand finally got his gaming plaque thanks to hours and hours of time spent teaching Aurélie and Alexandre how to play chess.

And thanks to some time being freed up for her after graduating high school, Aurélie was able to get a promotion at her job. She was so excited, she didn't even notice she stepped in a puddle Abbey left on the sidewalk.

Alexandre and Aurélie ate lunch together one day, and Alex began talking about moving away to university. "I don't want to talk about it," Aurélie said moodily. She was having a hard time with the idea of leaving Adelaide and Armand, which surprised no one more than her. She was looking forward to university and its freedom, but she still was scared at the idea of being away from her Mom and Dad, though she'd never admit it. Alex let it drop for the time being.

In the meantime, Aurélie kept working, and kept raking in promotions and bonuses. That was another thing she was sad about: having to leave her job to go away to school. She liked working with the animals.

Abbey and Armand both seemed to be on a really positive upswing. Abbey got promotion after promotion and managed to reach top of the pet career.

Armand spent some time with friends. Jill Fleig might have been difficult to get along with, but she sure did have a lot of good wisdom to pass along.

Much to Alex's excitement and Aurélie's mild worry, it was finally time for their first semester of Freshman year at Sim State to begin. Alex racked up an impressive 4,700 simoleons in grant money, and to her ego's pleasure, Aurélie beat her brainiac brother by earning 5,750.

"Perhaps if you had sweet moves like me, you'd have gotten more money," she ribbed him, cheered considerably by "beating" her brainiac brother.

The two of them shipped out one bright Saturday morning with their stuff in tow. Adelaide and Armand were terribly saddened by their departure, but at the same time, the silence in the house was blessed.

Armand, fresh on his redecorating kick, redid Alexandre's bedroom upstairs and then Aurélie's. Soon, the entire house looked like a different place: the kind of classy, adult home that a couple with a healthy bank account could have when there were no small children running around.

As they cuddled into bed, the sounds of silence all around them, they had to admit to themselves that they'd really accomplished what they'd set out to do in Rosebud...and it was a great feeling.

[[Author's Notes: This round was actually pretty uneventful. The most interesting part was giving their pathetic cheapy little house a makeover, which it DESPERATELY needed. Now they don't have a karaoke machine on their front lawn, clapboard kitchen cabinets, or hideous bathrooms. Yay for the Beaumonts. Now they're living like a respectable pair of elders. :) No bloopers for these guys this time, unless you count the fact that Aurélie looks like she wet herself with excitement for her promotion... Stay tuned for Gretchen, Craig, Bitsy, Sadie, and Cole!]]


Nice job redecorating the house, it looks really good! I'm liking Aurelie more and more, she's all bark and no bite and it's quite amusing. Congrats on getting Armand his LTW (finally!) it feels like it takes forever with the CAS adults. I'm excited to see the twins at uni :)

Thanks! It was about time, and it was really fun. Haha, as for Aurélie...she kinda cracks me up. Wait until you see what she gets into in college, it's pretty funny.

About Arnaud: I KNOW, RIGHT? It felt like it took sooooo loooong. Now he and Adelaide can finally settle in and enjoy their retirement a bit. Or semi-retirement, as they're still working their jobs for the money but only a few days a week since they're both TOC. :)

I also can't wait for you to see Alexandre's makeover for uni. He's so adorable!

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