The Tanakas (A) - Round 8


Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Homer Tanaka, Child Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Tanaka house, Homer, passed through his toddler years and grew into an extremely outgoing child. Linda got a job in the slacker career track to try and achieve her second LTW: to become a professional party guest. Linda and Jiro both chose secondary aspirations of Knowledge, and we discovered that Jiro actually isn't a half-bad father. Let's see if he gets even better this round.

The round started off with Jiro on top of the world. He was literally at the top of his career: a Hall of Famer with all the money and influence in the world. It really suited his personality. That's why, when a day came that he had a choice, he figured he was one of those super-famous people who could do or say anything and get away with it.

He was wrong. Unfortunately for Jiro, what he didn't realize is that adoration quickly turns to criticism when it comes to fame. He was fired almost on the spot.

He was so depressed that he brought home someone to cheer him up; a particularly fit and pretty co-worker.

Disregarding his promise with Linda that they would have no romantic liaisons in their own home, he took the girl up to his bedroom and proceeded to woo her until he couldn't remember why he'd been upset in the first place.

There was no way, at this age, he could become the kind of casanova he really wished he could be, but being with a beautiful girl who stared at him with moon eyes helped his mood, a lot.

Jiro's date barely managed to slip out the back door before Linda was home with good news: She'd become a professional party guest. Jiro was glad when he heard that he'd brought home a date. Somehow, things just seemed to come easy for Linda where Jiro had to struggle and struggle. He resented it a little bit, even though the income was good for the family.

Her new job as PPG allowed Linda loads of time to have at home. She typically spent it in one of two ways: with Homer or working on her sewing. Yuuna's skill at the old-fashioned sewing machine inspired Linda ages ago, and she wanted to keep up the tradition, even if Yuuna wasn't her blood relation. It wasn't long before she was able to earn her bronze sewing badge.

Much of the rest of the time, she was either playing with Homer or helping him with his homework. He hadn't inherited Jiro's completely spaced-out attitude when it came to schoolwork, but he also wasn't as studious as his mother. He had to work hard, but he liked getting good grades. His report cards averaged about B+ consistently.

In the meantime, Jiro was NOT happy about having to start over in his career path. He'd quickly gotten rehired, but he was mortified to have to go back to wearing that stupid llama costume and be jeered at and the target of flying food in the stadium.

Mercifully, his boss realized that the position was far below him and gave him a promotion. Jiro hated the idea of having to work his way all the way back up to the top, but he'd do it if he had to, darn it. His ego simply couldn't handle Linda being the primary breadwinner.

Homer, when he wasn't studying or doing the smustle endlessly, was busy scarfing down pizza like it was going out of style. He could eat almost a half a pizza that was over two times the size of his head. His metabolism must have been amazing because that boy could shove in the pizza.

His grades stayed steady at school, and he even came home with an A every once in a while, thanks to all the hard work that he and Linda did in the evenings. It was a constant effort for him, but he enjoyed having the bragging rights.

Being as massively outgoing as he was, Homer also tended to bring home friends more often than not, bonding with them fast and hard. He was the only child Linda knew who had over half a dozen "BFFs," as he liked to call them.

Of course, it didn't hurt that guests to the Tanaka house were always treated to fresh, hot, greasy take-out pizza thanks to Jiro's softie ways when his son begged for something.

Jiro finally managed to maximize his lifetime aspiration benefits, thanks to a few other clandestine meetings with co-workers at the house before his wife and child got home. He was playing with fire, but he loved the danger because he wasn't smart enough to realize what fallout there would be if his son ever caught him.

Linda, in the meantime, earned a silver sewing badge really quickly by finally "sewing some curtains for those stupid bare windows in the upstairs bedrooms! I mean," she exclaimed, "anyone could look right in here at night and see what we are doing!" Jiro just waggled his eyebrows at her and winked. Linda rolled her eyes, but she laughed.

Jiro even managed to find a spot of good luck in the summer months, gaining his maximum enthisiasm in tinkering...

...and getting another promotion or two. The firing had done his ego a healthy dose of humble pie. Now instead of being full of himself quite as much, he was simply grateful not to have to wear a llama costume to work every day and pick bits of hot dog out of his costume after games.

Linda convinced Jiro that their finances and Homer's grades were finally in a position to attempt getting him admittance to the most prestigious private school in the city: Rosebud Academy. Homer, much to his parents' surprise, was the absolute star of the show that night. He and the headmaster could barely stop talking long enough for Jiro to give the man a tour of the house or Linda to serve him some lobster thermidor.

By the end of the evening, the headmaster was moderately impressed with the house and food, but Homer's eager chatting had won the night. Homer was accepted right away.

As a family, they put up a perfect front for Homer, though the child could sense things weren't exactly perfect between his parents. Linda got even in her own mind by having a date with Malcolm Landgrabb at the house during school hours.

At least I date guys who leave decent gifts, she thought as if justifying the behavior to herself,
unlike those skanky bar hoes he brings home...

She also used Jiro's obvious jealousy and pretty evident infidelity as an excuse to really dress up to the nines for her work Halloween party. A skin-tight cat suit with tail and mask really grabs the attention of a room. Life wasn't anywhere close to paradise in the Tanaka house, but at least Jiro and Linda could agree on one thing: Homer was the only thing that mattered.

[[Author's Notes: I played this house so long ago, I don't even really remember playing it. All I know is that Jiro is dumb as a box of rocks, and everything seems to come easy as a breeze to Linda. I figured it's GOT to be bugging the guy a little by now. Homer's a nice balance between the two. Not too much else interesting to report here! I leave you with some bloopers:

Very altruistic of you, Jiro. // Oh, I see, you just want to be the only game in town. // Someday, Jiro...maybe just someday, you'll finally be a big boy. // Couldn't you find a more appropriate time, Homer? ]]


That sucks that Homer has to grow up in such a dysfunctional home environment. He seems like a pretty well adjusted kid considering though. I wonder if Linda and Jiro will eventually go their separate ways. I totally had deja vu back to Julio Eich when Jiro got demoted and had to start over in the llama suit. It's so freakin frustrating!

The good thing is that I don't think Homer is aware of anything dysfunctional going on. Linda and Jiro are both SO awesome with him, and he's pretty independent, so he gets great interaction with the 'rents and then goes off to do his own thing. Surprisingly, Jiro and Linda have done a great job of keeping him pretty sheltered from the fact that they only really got married because she knocked up and would both be more happy sleeping with half the town!

Awwww, Julio. RIP, Julio. :'( Sniff, sniff.

That's funny with Jiro's witch-related wants.

It's so weird! I don't know about different aspirations and their likelihood of wanting to become one of the creatures in the neighborhood, but I found that very strange. Maybe he was just too dumb to think of it himself, but when he saw Stella's cool new duds, he thought, "I gotta get me some of those!"

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