The Villaloboses (A) - Round 8


Vincente Villalobos, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Rock God


Last round at the Villalobos compound, Vinnie adopted a new dog as a playmate for Pequito: Alegra. He reached the TOC in the culinary field and achieved his first LTW, quickly getting a new job in the music business to work on his second LTW. He also did a lot of woohooing and brought his total number of simultaneous loves to 19. How many more woohoos can he get this round? Let's see.

Alegra, though a welcome addition to the family, had a lot of things to learn. She was a naturally boisterous dog, active, and enjoyed doing things she shouldn' chewing, peeing in the house, and being generally filthy. Vinnie enjoyed spending time with her and teaching her new skills. Dogs were such wonderful companions. They never asked questions and didn't require anything from you but food and an occasional scratch behind the ears. That was all it took for undying devotion.

Of course, that didn't keep him away from the fairer sex of his own species. His regular schedule for a day looked something like this: dogs, work, girl, girl, sleep. Then wash, rinse, repeat.

Vinnie soon found himself in a place he'd never been in before, however: he'd run out of girls. He's exhausted every viable and available female he could or would romance, and he didn't want to start doing repeat business with any of them. So he called up the neighborhood matchmaker, tossed her a thousand bucks, and hoped for someone who was remotely viable as a new romance. It didn't take long for him to realize that the one place you DON'T want to be frugal is when dealing with a matchmaker. The date wasn't a disaster, but Vinnie certainly knew he wasn't getting anywhere and quickly ended it.

At least it gave him enough aspiration rewards to choose a new secondary aspiration. Pleasure was the only thing that made sense.

After all, he enjoyed quite a bit of pleasure most of the time.

Of course, Vinnie had an actual full-time job, not just his position as a full-time philanderer. He was doing well there, too. The promotions weren't exactly rolling in, but he was keeping up and slowly making progress. He didn't care as much this time as he had when he wanted to be a celebrity chef. That was his real lifetime goal. Becoming a rock god was just a good way to meet girls.

Sometimes he cut it dangerously close with his liaisons. Les liasons dangereuses, indeed! They would often be so closely timed with their visits that they would pass one another on the sidewalk.

Date #2 for the evening: "Mmm, you look sexy in boxers with mussed hair, and do I detect the cloying scent of pheromones and astroglide in the air? HOT."

To his horror and surprise, Vinnie began to feel the aches and pains of his...erm..."active" lifestyle. He was middle-aged now, after all, in his early forties, but still. He wasn't exactly the 21-year-old punk he was when he'd had his first experience with his professor at Sim State. He happened to glance at the old lamp in the front yard that had been sitting there since Santiago was still alive, and he began to wonder. "Can you make me young again?" he asked the genie. "Not even I can do that, but I'll see what I can manage," the genie replied.

The genie managed, amazingly, to shave a few years off Vinnie's life, and he felt like he was thirty-five again. He immediately got on the phone and invited over a date, eager to try his rejuvenated limbs and libido out.

It wasn't an unpleasant improvement, he discovered.

Sadly, Vinnie's somewhat happy-go-lucky life (if you could call it that when he wasn't really happy) took an unfortunate turn. Thanks to a woman you couldn't have PAID him enough to touch, he was fired from his position as a concert pianist. He was numb with shock.

He was absolutely crushed as he climbed out of the beat-up old junker they'd sent him home in that day. He couldn't believe it. He'd never been fired before, and he was surprised how shitty it felt. In fact, it brought back a lot of memories of how he'd felt when his parents had abandoned him so many years ago. He supposed, sadly to himself, that he had been fired once before. That night, the only company he wanted was his dogs.

Determined not to wallow in his own misery, though, it didn't take but a few days before Vinnie was online searching for a new position. He'd be a rock god if it killed him, and then he'd rub it right in that nasty Luchesi woman's face.

After all, there was good stuff in his life to look forward to. He'd have his job back AND continue to be a stud. Take that, world. He'd prove Vincente Villalobos wasn't someone you fired.

[[Author's Notes: Ah, Vinnie is such a joy to me after playing so many family households. I really love it when his turn rolls around in the 'hood. Eat, sleep, woohoo, work, play with dogs. That's his life, and though he really isn't the most expressive person in the world (and in fact seems mildly depressed and disillusioned with life most of the time), he makes me happy. I might eventually give him a live-in girlfriend who is a three-bolter from the matchmaker if he ever achieves the romance IW. It just seems so sad and pathetic for him to be in the house all by himself, to die alone. Maybe I'm projecting. Oh well. Regardless, I love this house. And in case anyone is interested, this is Vinnie's total tally of lady loves, in order of their appearance:

1-Prof. Sopie Boyle
2-Kimi Tanaka
3-Rebecca Das
4-Heather Huffington
5-Prof. Dierdre Trottier
6-Gina Leong
7-Vicki Das
8-Linda Leelaporn
9-Mehrissa Harris
10-Anna Barakat
11-Jessica Goldman
12-Marisa Hanby
13-Lucy Lee
14-Lisa Ramirez
15-Kiera Hanby
16-Steph DiNozzo
17-Calista Tang
18-Joy Creelman
19-Andrea Hogan
20-Marisa Bendett
21-Amanda Carlson
22-Tiffany Sampson

Hope to get at least five more this coming round!

Don't hold your breath, sweetheart. // What did Vinnie ever do to you!? Oh, right, most likely he did your girlfriend...oops. ]]


That no 8 sounds like a professional ;)


Hahahaha, I know, right? That name cracks me up. She's one of the secret society members in my uni neighborhood, so she was a college bang.

Nice job working toward the IW. May I suggest taking him on vacation, you should be able to reach it with the regular round and a vacation thrown in there (just be careful b/c vacation townies show up all the freakin time on any lot you visit).

You read my mind, lady. Next round, he manages to bag three more loves on his vacation to Twikii Island. :)

Pheremones and astroglide. HAHAHA. Also, poor Vinnie for being fired...I hate when that happens.

He so cracks me up. :') And he's only ever been caught cheating ONCE, which to me is an amazing feat.

I know, poor dude. I think I'm going to send him on vacation to extend the round next time, give him some play time after being fired, and see if he can nail some island babes. :)

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