The Vincis (A) - Round 8


Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Game Designer

Craig Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Bitsy Ray, Popularity Servo, LTW Become Media Magnate

Sadie Chin, Toddler Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Cole Chin, Toddler Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Vinci household, Sadie and Cole were both born and aged well into toddlers. Bitsy got a job in her chosen career path, Journalism, and proved to be invaluable around the house by helping with the children. Looking forward to seeing how the kids and their parents do this round!

The summer started off with a bang for the Vincis. Gretchen got an unbelievable opportunity at work, and though the decision was agonizing, her hard work was rewarded.

That day, she brought home a cool 50,000 simoleon grant, and she was walking on air.

Craig wasn't so lucky in his somewhat less savory career path, and he was glad Gretchen had brought home the bacon this time because he cost them a chunk of income they couldn't really have afforded to live without.

He owed his attorney 5,000 simoleons, but at least he wasn't in jail, he figured.

Along with her grant came the best news of all: Gretchen finally got the big promotion and made it all the way to Mad Scientist. Not only was it fascinating work, but she got a cool outfit and a fat paycheck to go along with it.

Craig shortly came home with a bit of a bonus to try to make up for what he'd lost in lawyer funds, but even better, he got a promotion. It was slow going for him amongst the criminal element...sometimes he suspected he was too nice to really flourish.

Not to be left out, Bitsy also brought home a promotion. Unlike Craig, she had a certainty that it would only be a matter of time before she was on top. Journalism suited her like chocolate sauce suited ice cream.

With all three adults working full time, they sometimes had to rely on nannies to watch over the children when their schedules overlapped, but for the most part, someone was usually home with the children. Sadie had long ago learned all her skills, thanks in no small part to Bitsy's efforts, and Gretchen and Craig worked hard with Cole to help him match his sister's skill.

Speaking of his sister, it was soon time for Sadie's birthday. Gretchen couldn't believe how fast she was growing up as she hoisted the forty-something-pound toddler in her arms to blow out the candles.

Like a flash, Sadie seemed to grow before their eyes into a beautiful black-haired, blue-eyed child who definitely resembled her father.

She couldn't stand her boring haircut, though, so after a quick slice of cake, she got a new outfit and a new hairstyle. Now she finally felt like a grown-up young lady. One thing she did inherit from her mother was that long, swan-like neck that gave her a graceful look.

She and Cole continued to play together happily, Sadie always including her special little brother. Now that she was old enough to go to school, she realized not everyone had a green brother, and she felt proud that he was hers.

Meanwhile, life went on, and so did the careers of Craig and Gretchen, who now somewhat miraculously found themselves on the same schedule.

Gretchen's good luck wasn't to last. Perhaps she'd gotten a little cocky after her last big payoff, or perhaps she just made a bad decision, but it cost her a huge chunk of their family funds.

20,000 simoleons, down the drain. Gretchen was sick. That money was supposed to be earmarked for Sadie and Cole's college fund. She had to swallow back bile when she thought of it.

Craig commiserated with his wife. He had screwed up too. Again.

Fortunately for their bank account, he only had to shell out a few hundred simoleons for a new microwave, and not the painful amount Gretchen had lost.

Despite his poor microwave repair skills, Craig managed to pull in another promotion, easily recuping the money he shelled out for the replacement appliance.

Bitsy, with her logical mind, made good choices all the time at work. In fact, it seemed like she never did anything wrong, much to the mixed happiness and jealousy of her human family members.

Sadie came home from her first few weeks of school, and her grades were only passable, something she wasn't terribly happy with. It wasn't that she thought so much of transcripts and future, she just didn't want to disappoint her mom and dad.

Still, she was a sociable child and frequently brought friends home from school, like Leo Vinci, who apparently was some sort of relation to her, though not through blood...she couldn't figure it out. But she didn't care, as he was sweet and quiet and fun, much like Sadie's little brother Cole.

They became fast friends, and they were nearly inseperable at school from then on.

Gretchen, feeling her age a bit, realized that in her quest for reaching the top of her career had neglected friends and family, which seemed more important to her now, as she drew closer to becoming an elder.

Bitsy came home with yet another promotion, and though writing horoscopes wasn't exactly the sort of thing she was interested in, it was another step toward her ultimate goal.

With a little help from Bitsy, Sadie learned a few tricks that would help her get her grades up. Sadie wanted to surprise her mom and dad with an A+ report card; Bitsy was the perfect candidate to help.

Bitsy excelled again at work, going out on a limb and deciding to try her hand at spreading a little love in the world.

Thankfully, her recommendation didn't lead to a mass of unhappy, drunken nuptuals and angry letters, and Bitsy gained a bit of charisma...something that was hard for a robot to achieve compared to human beings' tendency to have some natural charisma.

Her smart decision also led to another promotion and bonus. She had little interest in sports, almost less than she had in astrology, but at least this position was a more "serious" journalistic endeavor. She could work with it.

Gretchen, disappointed with her recent failing at work and anxious to get into a more relaxing line of work, decided to change careers completely. She wanted to be a game designer. It would be a fun career and would give her more time at home with the kids, which she desperately wanted.

She quickly came home with a promotion, though the skill set for this job was a bit different than her last one, to say the least.

Craig, too, came home with another promotion, and this time the position intimidated him a litle bit. It would be tricky, but if he ever hoped to be a criminal mastermind, he knew he had to master the job.

He had better things to worry about at the moment, though. Namely, Cole's birthday.

With a quick blow-out of the candles, Cole grew into a handsome, though painfully shy young child.

He met with the same sort of success in school that Sadie did her first few weeks, but that would shortly change. He was a naturally bright child.

Sadie finally got her wish and got to surprise her parents with that A+ report card she'd been working so hard for.

Craig and Gretchen decided that since she was doing so well, and Cole rapidly catching up, it was perhaps time to call the local headmaster and see about getting the children into private school.

Of course, with two very knowledge-driven parents and such bright children, it was no problem getting them accepted. Sadie and Cole were officially the newest members of the Rosebud Academy.

At work, Craig was faced with one of his most difficult decisions yet. He knew this was where he could really make a name for himself in the business.

He succeeded in making a name for himself...unfortunately, it was Loser. He lost another five thousand simoleons, and worst of all, he was forced to lie low until the storm blew over. He was demoted all the way back to pickpocket.

Fortunately, Gretchen and Bitsy were still making good progress in their careers. Gretchen was having to skill all the time to keep up with the new and different problems she was faced with at work, but she was having a ball.

And last but not least, Bitsy got a huge promotion to investigatory journalist. Finally! This was the kind of position that could really skyrocket her and attach some fame to her name in the journalism world. She was on her way.

[[Author's Notes: Wow, sorry this was such a long entry, but it felt like so much happened this round! I'm surprised by how much fun this house is to play. Sadie and Cole have absolutely stolen my heart; especially Sadie. And Cole has NO outgoing points. He is so shy, he's negative shy. Sadie is the only kid he really approaches to play, so it's sweet to see them interact. Craig is a total screw-up at work, lol, and it doesn't seem to matter how much I have him skill or how good a mood he is when I send him off to work. He's just an unlucky guy, I suppose. Bitsy is his polar opposite, never getting bad chance cards. I'm looking forward to seeing this family next round. I think Sadie's going to be a beauty when she turns into a teen. :)

Linda gets spied on again. Poor Bitsy looks terrified. // Nummy nummy soldier toy! // Does anyone have this picture in any of their houses? If so, have you ever noticed that it moves!? I thought I was seeing things, but it's an animated picture. I don't know if this is one of those things everybody knows and I'm just dumbly figuring out now, but I thought that was pretty cool.]]


Wow Sadie is stunning, so much for you not letting townies breed -- she looks great! I'm excited to see how the kids do as they get older, Cole is going to be a sweetie I can tell. Too bad about Craigs demotion, that stinks, at least Bitsy and Gretchen are still bringing in good money. So do Sadie and Leo actually have the "family" icon or will there be a budding romance sometime there in the future perhaps?

Speaking of Sadie, wait until you see her as a teen. Actually, I can't wait that long; I want to share now! Sneak peek! Isn't she gorgeous? Le sigh.

Yeah, the demotion sucked big time, mostly because I hate "re-doing" careers.

I don't actually know if they have the family icon...I don't think so because they're not actually related. Their last name is Chin (not Ray, as I need to fix in this entry), and they have no blood ties whatsoever with the Vinci family. I don't know if there's a relationship in their future. Right now, Leo looks a little weird, so I'm not sure I want to mix his genes with Sadie's, though the other Vinci boys have turned out very handsome. We'll see. :)

I'm into December, yay! I had not noticed the picture moving. And you did have serious bad luck with chance cards (except Bitsy)...I guess they're doing okay financially anyway.

Haha, usually I have pretty good luck, but this household seems to be missing the knack for choosing wisely. I guess Bitsy is exempt because of her superior robot skillz?

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